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Topic Last Two Letters ....
Posted 17 Dec 2011 07:43

luv ya

Topic Your opinion of an overused saying or statement.
Posted 09 Dec 2011 09:36


Topic How do you handle not having sex for a long time?
Posted 01 Dec 2011 13:14

... and i thought Lush & Lushettes would not present such problems for my life. She loves but not in love it seems shes in "like" with me, no interest. Maybe one day I'll get the nerve til then my mind listens & I talk.

Topic Has anyone ever?
Posted 14 Oct 2011 14:12

jeeze, people don't? took the class...How to get thru a day 101.

Topic The sexiest part of a woman's body
Posted 14 Oct 2011 14:06

The first time I look into her eyes and hearing her brain work its magic.

Topic How far can we count?
Posted 25 Apr 2011 13:10

86 we done?finished? Eighty SIXED?

Topic Would you rather...
Posted 12 Apr 2011 12:01

WYR make love or get fucked.