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new poem is gunna be up for anyone who cares this time its a real love poem

20 Jun 2011 20:48

A top is up and running, somewhere

14 Jun 2011 12:16

problems have been solved my poems are posed as stories. i am seriously considering revising the spacing in "A Top" any comments?

13 Jun 2011 22:50

so apperently posting poems didnt turn out like i hoped....

13 Jun 2011 22:42

A Top A snow covered mountain top resides a soilidary tree long abandoned.

Deep cuts that peirce to its center bleed out sap, that runs down to the snow.

Its needes slowly changing from comforting green to a dreary brown in longing for the tree that stood next to it

Now, there is only a deep frost coated hole.

there is no more warmth for this tree.

13 Jun 2011 22:40

i think i might post some of my work, poetry, on here if no one minds. i would love comments to impove my writing.

13 Jun 2011 22:12