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Well here goes.... I'm a single white, straight male that loves to worship tight arses. Im 30, blue eyes, brownish black hair, slim and 5'10-11 (as a guess hahah) I just go all weak at the knees when a girl bends over, spreads her arse cheeks apart, and orders me to lick her tight butt hole. I really have no boundaries, and am willing to do anything in return for this. I love kinky sex!!

Anything taboo gets me really horny, very quickly and basically I have no inhibitions, the dirtier the better ;)

Like I said, i love anal, and i have a real thing for girls wearing black leather chaps. My wildest sexual experience was sex in a herse parked on the side of the road with blacked out windows... or was it the first time i let a girlfriend use her vibrator on me. Then again there was that time when we were having sex on a punt, floating down the Thames in oxford during the day. Or the first time she bent over, pulled her skirt up, and asked me to stick my tongue up her arse mmmmm..........

I guess I'm the shy, creative type (though I'm starting to think and find that I’m not as shy as I was or once thought I was). I can be a strange mix of confidence, shyness, and arrogance at times. And people can miss interpret my passion for over confidence but they couldn’t be more wrong. I would never say i was macho i guess... pig headed possibly, passionate, and fiery. I can also be very single minded when i try and do something I put my heart in. And my heart i wear on my sleeve i guess.. leaves me open to be hurt, but i would never want to be any different.

I'm artistic i guess (have to be for what i do) but i wouldn’t claim I was an artist! I’m possibly a really complicated person who thinks he is simple... or it could be the opposite way round... I’m still deciding.

Photography for me is capturing one single point in time, and with that being able to show love, sensitivity and drama. It’s the same with camera work. I try to live my life as honest as i can be, though it’s hard to be 100% honest without hurting people at times. My humour I guess can be pretty dry, and I can be a dirty person at times! I believe each time you meet, date, and fall in love with new people it helps to realise what you are looking for in that other.

Behind the camera i tend to forget any hang ups as I get so involved and passionate about what i do, and will quite happily stand in front of thousands and be ok. But then i can be scared of rejection and have to fight so hard to find the courage to talk to a stranger or girl that I’m interested in. Maybe at work it’s because you end up in your comfort zone? don't know Though i did last month give my number to a girl I ran up to on a night out... was the 1st time since i was 19 that i had done that!

Relationship Status:
oxfordshire, United Kingdom
My interests would be filming, photography, editing, cooking, making Doc's, Driving very fast, Lord of the Rings, Meeting the Dalai Lama again, Homer's books, being rude to celebrities, disliking Chavs, being slightly elitist, travelling, Tibet, watching and discussing films, Cafes etc What's the last best thing I read? 'Haruki Murakami' The wind up bird chronicle.
Favorite Books:
Homer or anything by Murakami, Classics like Dracula etc to modern stuff like Stieg whats his face? Many years Reading Lotr, and the last book I finished was Shelly's Frankenstein, and now reading Attila the Hun.
Favorite Movies:
Warriors, the Fountain, 300, Assault on precinct 13 (the original not the crappy remake ffs), the Fog, For a Few Dollars More, Doom generation, Video Drome, Old boy, Audition - anything by Tartan Asia Extreme, The Machine Girl, Ghost in the Shell, Hero, Transformers (Have to admit to this one), Blue Velvet, Bad Lieutenant (the Original again, Harvey is just amazing!), leon, Amelie, American werewolf in London, the Thing, Kill bill 1 and 2... Death proof also. The list just goes on really! Fav directors are Sergio Leone, Cronenburg, and Lynch etc
Favorite Music:
Stuff I listen to atm :) Dylan, Cash, CCR, G n'R, Nirvana, the Doors, Edith Piaf, Elbow, Hendrix, AC/DC Evanevanesscencesese, Zeppelin, Limp Bizkit, My Chemical Romance, Nickelback, Rage against the Machine, Rolling stones, etc etc


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Topic: Would you fuck the person above you?
Posted: 21 Jan 2011 16:03

Guess its asking to be burnt down, but yup :)

Topic: does a man's physique turn off women?
Posted: 20 Aug 2010 16:21

Shake her hand, gently, when they first meet and look her in the eyes not in the boobs. Have clean teeth and breath and fingernails. Polished shoes and clean hair.

OMG i'm supposed to polish my shoes? I still struggle with laces, damn it!

Topic: Double Penetration
Posted: 09 Aug 2010 16:58

Okay, this is just about the most erotic thread I've had the pleasure of reading on the forums.

haha I was just thinking the same also haha all I need to do now is find two males for a bit of fun<img src="/images/emoticons/director.gif" alt="director">

Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge..for good o'l blighty :)

Topic: Being stared at by men on the street?
Posted: 09 Aug 2010 16:47

I dont mean to apear to stupid.. but what is the difference between looks and creepy lears? :)

Does it differ depending on who you are getting it from?
Does walking in front of a guy at work and knowing he is watching you bum wiggle consititue as a lear or is it scary at all?
Is it more if he's being to obvious with staring at your chest? (for the record I dont talk to chests.. just to make it clear)
is it age dependant?
can I look at a 16-18yr old and it still be ok compared to someone closer to 30?
what are the boundaries really? It can be kinda confusing for a guy....(well me at least) I gave a big smile to a woman at a petrol station today and got a nice one back in return (this isn't something im usually brave enough to do)..
and how can we judge if its ok to check you out or not? Its a mine field!! hahah

Topic: types of girls
Posted: 09 Aug 2010 16:18

Would love to photo an emo girl.. but think i might be getting to old for that age group doh! You forgot posh totty catagory too.. thats always a good one :)

Topic: having sex during your period?
Posted: 15 Jun 2010 16:00

Personally I don’t understand why some people have issues with it, if I’m into a girl then I’m happy no matter. I’ve never really seen it as a problem.

Having said that a lot of my male friends are freaked out by it (not me sticking my cock into a girl but period sex.. just to clarify lol) and I am a dirty sod so maybe I’m not the best person to comment.. hmmm

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From Jazz to Jizz

I’m no author, and as such you will have to forgive my grammar and prose. I just wanted to share these experiences with you that I had last winter with a girl who came into my life with an explosion of passion and heat where none was looked for. Extract from my journal, dated 11-11-2009 AM “........... Loneliness is a strange creature, does it create as much as it destroys – forcing...

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thanks for the add
23 Feb 2011 07:45
Nice to chat, look forward to your advice re photography ! x
17 Jan 2011 12:34

Hey!! Thanks for the add!! Looking forward to chatting and sharing soon!! - M
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Strangely I feel old all of a sudden!
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