Carmen and Lauryn - Part I

Lauryn's fantasy finally comes true.

Carmen is my best friend and my roommate. I’ve known her for about 3 years now. She’s a real cool female and she has me crackin’ up all the time. Carmen is 5’2, brown skinned and has a bangin’ body. I always wanted to know what she looked underneath her clothes. She has nice full breasts and a nice round ass. My name is Lauryn and I’m a stud. I have short curly hair, but it’s a mohawk right...Read On


Carmen and Lauryn - Part II

As I remove the handcuffs I can feel Carmen’s breath on my neck. Her lips softly kiss my neck and I tell her to bite my neck. The handcuffs are removed and she alternates between bites and kisses, my clit is throbbing and waiting for attention. Carmen licks my neck up to my ear...I can’t take it anymore and flip her over so she is on top of me. She takes the hint and pulls down my shorts...Read On


The Best Surprise

This is my first story so feedback is appreciated!

I’m sitting at home just chilling and watching The L Word. Damn, those sex scenes between Alice and Tasha are so sexy! I’m horny so I reach into my boxer briefs and start rubbing on my clit. I’m soaking wet and I cum in a matter of minutes. I can’t wait til my girl gets home so I can fuck her. A thought crosses my mind…why wait til she gets home? It’s almost time to pick her up from work so...Read On


The Best Surprise Part II

Part II...Part III is a possiblity if I get good feedback!

We finally arrive home and I’m eager to see what my surprise is. We get out of the car and I pick up my girlfriend and run into the house and run up the stairs. I throw her onto the bed and start tearing her clothes off. I have all of her clothes off except her panties. I reach to take them off and I hear a voice that sounds very familiar. I turn around to see one of my friends standing in...Read On

Love Poems(2)


Exploding Passion

A poem I wrote for the special lady in my life

I crave the juices of your love Fill my mouth with your desire Sweet sounds fill the room as I take you higher I want to be deep within you Feel your warmth and wetness Wrapped tight around my fingers Your legs are trembling And your breathing increases pace You push my face deeper into your love The speed of my tongue and fingers quicken I want you to explode with pleasure You reach your peak...Read On



For the woman I love

I want to please every part of your body Do things I have never done solely for your pleasure I will fulfill your desires and needs Just thinking about it has my mouth watering I am thirsty for your love Let me drink from your most private place I can’t wait to enjoy the sweet taste My touch will send shivers down your spine Your love is now mine Deep kisses on the lips Trailing...Read On