The First Time I Saw My Sister Naked

Sometimes good things just happen...

The first time I saw my sister naked, I remember my knees trembling andmy throat becoming suddenly dry. Pictures of naked women abounded on my password-protected computer, of course, but to this point in my life I had not seen a real naked woman. Maybe when we were both younger, we had inadvertently seen each other but it was certainly not anything either of us remembered. Our normal...Read On


The Second Time I Saw My Sister Naked

it just gets better...

It was late, and I was fast asleep, but when I heard my door creak open I awoke. I blinked my eyes open but did not move, to see who was entering my room. I couldn't see much in the dark, but I heard footsteps, and then the door shut quietly. The footsteps grew closer to my bed... I smiled to myself, and closed my eyes. I knew who it was. She walked so carefully right up to my bed, and...Read On