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Just a quick update. James took his first step this morning. Of course he has braces on his legs and still cannot talk but a very few words, but he is making progress.

17 Sep 2013 09:27

Hello to all of our friends. Sorry we have not been on line lately but I have been at the hospital for the last several weeks every day checking on my loving husband. He was on a haul across county and had a major accident and had to be life flighted. The highway patrol said he was basically a hero because he avoided two cars that were stalled on the freeway and if he would have hit them he would have probably killed all of the persons in the cars, five of which were children under 7 yrs old. He is paying for it though and had to have six back surgeries and now has some feeling in his legs and arms again. Hopefully he will heal soon and be back in the saddle soon. If you can, spend just a moment and think about him. I love him with all my heart and we will be back on line as soon as possible.

13 Aug 2013 15:29

Hello everyone, its been a wonderful day. Hope everyone else has a great day, evening, night and ........................ I know ours will be filled with cumming events

12 Dec 2012 15:07

Just posted part six of my tasks that were given to me by my loving husband/master. I hope everyone who reads this series has fun and finds the same excitement I felt and enjoyed while completing these tasks.

10 Dec 2012 16:24

It has been a great week. Getting ready for a very nice and hot family Thanksgiving and we wish each of our Lush friends a wonderful and sexy Thanksgiving too. Hugs, kisses and licks to each of you.

20 Nov 2012 14:50

Its been a wonderful week and hopefully the weekend will be just as exciting. Going to go up to our little cabin in the mountains and have a little family fun. Maybe even will get to enjoy a little naked skiing. Hope all yall wonderful people have a nice sexy weekend too.

16 Nov 2012 16:14

I just finished writing and submitting part II of my tasks given to me by Master James. I hope it is approved and all of you lushies like it. Thanks for the wonderful comments on my first story.

08 Nov 2012 14:23

Wow, what a wonderful and exciting weekend. Got to go to the country cottage with my wifes boss and his wife and we had a really good time. I took my wifes boss out fishing while she and the her bosses wife stayed at the cottage and visited. She worked her special magic and from what I could tell she took her bosses wifes girl/girl virginity. On the way home she told me all about it and now she is to bring her bosses wife over for lunch one day this week so she can learn more about our lifestyle. She is coming over on Friday, hopefully she will be open to other new things she is going to learn.

30 Oct 2012 13:58

New task, "Have to help seduce my bosses wife." Should be interesting since she is straighter than an arrow and dresses so conservative that she almost looks prudish. She is a very hot and sexy lady though, and I am going to enjoy this task greatly.

01 Oct 2012 15:48