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Incest Fantasies

Incest stories are concerned with relationships among siblings, other family members or closely related persons. Incest is defined as sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. Incestuous relationships are illegal in many places around the world - the following stories are purely fictional, written by people who are turned on by such an idea.


Mother Knows Best

Jean finds her perfect lover

Rory stretched his naked body out on his bed. Slowly he stroked his seventeen-year-old cock. He was careful not to stroke too fast; he didn't want to cum yet. The sounds of his forty-year-old mother masturbating in her room floated through the thin wall separating their bedrooms. Jean was every schoolboy's dream of a sexy older woman. A little over five-foot-three, slim, blond, and...Read On


Cathy and my Sister chapter 4

I remember lying on the bed, with Cathy's hot mouth on my cock

Derek The weeks flew by, and thankfully the weather wasn't too bad. Angie had taken some of the pressure off us as her presence allowed me to spend most days on the site. It was a fair bit easier than I'd expected because of the jobs the plant would bring to the area, the building regulations weren't enforced as harshly as they might have been. Really all it consisted of, was three floors...Read On


The Next Few Weeks

His cock has done wonders for her outlook on life

I'd been in a euphoric fog all weekend. I'd never had orgasms so strong, long or frequent as my son had given me. I was just going through the motions of living because my mind was thinking about the height of pleasure he provided. I felt so contented. I was really calm about the whole thing, which is totally abhorrent to my personality. I guess it was blissful acceptance. I couldn't find...Read On


Cathy and my Sister chapter 3

Shag me, Shag my fucking Arse Hole

It cost me another dress for our visit to my sister's house, but the prospect of seeing her and Cathy together made it very worthwhile as I thought she looked absolutely stunning in it. Completely backless, it stopped just above the swellings of her buttocks and at the front, it plunged almost to her navel, leaving most of her lovely big breasts free of any restraint, she wore hold up...Read On


Starting Work at a New Company with Kelly, Part 5

We end a weekend of debauchery with an orgy on a boat.

It was around noon on Saturday when Deb woke me up. I didn’t see Kelly or Jack. Deb and I scrounged for some food. I found out that she was thirty-seven years old and that Jack was forty-eight. Deb could have passed for ten-years-younger without question. I came up behind Deb and she leaned onto the counter as I fucked her from behind. I brought her to orgasm and then dumped a load into her....Read On


Persuading Mom To Pose, Chapter 2

Mom explains her past and he shows her that her history doesn't matter...

Once my eyes had feasted on Mom's big luscious breasts, it was my mouth's turn. I took one of her fat tender morsels into my mouth, sucking and nursing on it like I did as a baby. Mom moaned as she felt my tongue rolling over and circling her nipple and I could feel it harden and grow in my mouth. I pulled my mouth off it for a moment blowing cool air softly across it and it stiffened...Read On


Cathy and my Sister chapter 2

She slipped a hand under my skirt as she kissed me

Cathy's Story. Back in our hotel, we went out onto the balcony with a drink, and I started to tell him about my little adventure with Angela, my sister, "It was a Saturday night, and she'd just moved into my flat with me, she was just a few days past her sixteenth birthday. She was gorgeous, darling. We were having a drink to celebrate her freedom in leaving home, and as she sat opposite me...Read On


Another Barrier Broken: His Story

This might really happen.

After my meager success with the mom, I began planning an afternoon lunch date at a nice hotel with our room reserved for some fucking afterward.  I took a half-day of vacation and left about eleven to surprise her with a lunch date. When I arrived home, the house was quiet. I heard a noise from the kitchen. When I appeared in the doorway, I must have startled her because she gasped - no...Read On


My Sex-Packed Holiday (Incest Version) - Chapter 8 - Taking it Up the Arse

I felt the knob-end of his rock-hard erection pressing against my tight little arse-hole

Back from our visit to the cider farm, I left my mum and dad to look after our purchases, and went back towards my room. I was feeling a bit sticky between the legs after my impromptu fuck, and felt the need to wipe myself down a bit, especially the trails of pussy juice down my thighs. But I didn’t actually make it, since as I was turning the corner I bumped into Abi coming out of her room....Read On


My Boyfriend Cheats On Me

My boyfriend cheats on me, and I have a moment of weakness with someone I shouldn’t

When I was sixteen, I met my boyfriend, David. We were in the same year at school — he was captain of the football team. I was captain of the swim team and also played tennis for the school — but we didn’t really know each other. That changed when my best friend, Lisa, dragged me to a party. David’s team had just won the league, and they were celebrating. My tight figure seemed to catch his...Read On


Unexpected Turn of Events with Son and his Friends - Part 2

The crazy night continued... only to get crazier.

Time flew by and I was running low on my third refill. I guess the boys had really sweated me out. I went back to the dinner table to get something more to drink. One of the boys queued up behind me to get a refill himself. My drink was further up the table so I had to lean over. When I did, my butt lodged perfectly up against this boy's blissfully flaccid penis and balls. It felt weird but...Read On


Crosswinds Chapter 4

A dark tale of futanari (dickgirl) sisters and their plan to inseminate the world.

Maddi breathed a sigh of relief as the blue minus symbol came into view. She tossed the pregnancy test in the bathroom wastebasket and folded her arms as she contemplated. From her seat on the toilet she took her time rolling her brown tights over her tapered legs. “This is crazy,” she whispered, rubbing her temples. “She’s so in my head right now.” Maddi couldn’t help but crack a smile as...Read On


Lisa's Favorite Son (Part 1)

Daniel's mom has a new boyfriend... His brother!

Lisa's heart pounded with excitement as she took the left onto her street. She felt like a giddy teenager, sneaking out of work early, something she hadn't done in a long time, to go home and get laid.  This would be her and Brad's last chance to fool around without having to sneak and worry about getting caught. They were picking Daniel up at the airport at four. Once they did their sex...Read On


A Mother's Desire

A young mother loses her husband in a car accident and finds a new lover right in her own house.

As a sophomore in college I met the most amazing man. We dated throughout college and soon after graduation we married. After our third year of marriage I became pregnant and delivered a beautiful baby boy. Our life together was amazing we dedicated ourselves to each other and the sex was always amazing. Who could ask for anything more? That was until the night of January 14, 2015. The...Read On


Another Barrier Broken

I was taking the breakfast dishes out of the dishwasher when I caught a glimpse of a figure standing the doorway. Fuck! I gasped. My heart was racing. I guess my fight-or-flight adrenaline had kicked in. Thank god, it was only my son. Panting, “What are you doing home this time of day?” I asked. “I’m here to take you to lunch at the best hotel on the bay.” I’m not stupid. I knew what...Read On


Cathy and my Sister

You look Fucking Gorgeous

Cathy and her husband owned and ran the small hotel I was staying in, and I found her intensely interesting. She was quite a large, voluptuous woman, not at all the sort I'm usually attracted to. Her husband was small and skinny with a personality that matched his stature. I disliked him on sight. Cathy was the complete opposite; a lovely, lively, sexy woman who seemed to flirt outrageously...Read On


My Sex-Packed Holiday (Incest Version) - Chapter 7 - A Cider and a Fuck

Who doesn't love a quickie fuck?

Not surprisingly, my dreams that night were filled with disturbing fantasies of sex with my brother and Abi, not to mention Sally, both my parents, and several of the hotel staff. I woke up with a start to find the top sheet on the floor and me sprawled naked on top of the bed with my legs apart, showing off everything I’d got. I put my hand between my legs and slipped a couple of fingers...Read On


Confession Chapter 17 & 18

Stay at home mum no longer wants to be a stay at home mum and makes a life changing decision

The next few days were miserable. I just couldn't move past the melancholy that had come down over me. Geoff was being his usual self now, sullen and avoiding my company. I knew why of course but I just couldn't see how we were going to move past it. I found that I just didn't want to know anymore. Previously I would have fretted over it and wondered what I had done wrong but now I knew...Read On


Unexpected Turn of Events with Son and his Friends - Part 1

If incest could really happen... maybe this is one of the ways it would.

Hi, I'm Jenny. What I'm about to tell you, happened not so long ago. I have been a single mom since my husband passed away, a few years ago. I am a young mother with a reasonably attractive physique. I have two children. We have a decent life. We are not poor but we are not exactly rich either. Can't really complain much. However, the one thing that's probably missing in my life is...Read On


The Line Has Been Crossed

A dinner date gets a little too exciting

Against my better judgment, I accepted a dinner invitation from my son. My husband was working a double shift, and my daughter was spending the weekend with her BFF. As soon as we were seated, he ordered a bottle of wine. We drank a couple of glasses while perusing the menu and another bottle during a delicious dinner. My son is a very good conversationalist. He's very romantic and...Read On



A lonely father catches his daughter in the midst of her summer fling

You haven't seen beauty until you've seen my daughter riding along Country Route 18 in July. We own the land on the whole stretch of road between Wendell's farm and the Amish community up north. All you ever see on that road are haywagons and buggies. And my daughter, Katherine. I swear the only reason anyone else rides that road instead of the wider route to the south is for the hope of...Read On


The Start Of Something Incredible

How things started between me and my big sister

My big sister, who was two years older than I and twenty at the time, would get on top of me with her jeans unzipped and begin dry-humping me through my underwear.  As she worked herself against me, I would use my knees to slowly slide her jeans lower until she was grinding her crotch against me only covered by our underwear. The more she would work against me, the harder I would get and...Read On


Persuading Mom To Pose, Chapter 1

His desire was to be a photographer.... and his mother was the perfect subject!

I was a junior the year that this story takes place. I was about halfway through the school year and the second quarter was drawing to a close. In a couple weeks, I would have a change in some of my classes, and I was looking forward to one in particular. You see, in my school, there were some classes that ran the whole school year long like the basic classes—Math, English,...Read On


Beth Comes For A Visit

My mam’s best friend comes to visit us, and it turns into the most fantastic time ever.

As an older teenager, I truly loved my life because I was living the dream, that’s for sure. I loved being with all of my women, but my mam was my favorite and the one I was with the most. I knew what we did was wrong, but we loved each other and we kept it private. It didn’t have anything to do with anyone else. I must admit, though, that it made me laugh when I heard my friends saying...Read On


Picture Perfect Ch. 6

A father and daughter form a partnership. The business? Her slutty body!

After taking Miracle's virginity a week ago now, Brandon and her had sex several more times. Of course he was still plagued by feelings of guilt for sleeping with his youngest daughter, but it was the most incredible love he had ever experienced because of his true feelings for her. Not to mention, she was innocent and beautiful. I’m already deep down the rabbit hole, whether I like it or...Read On


The Game

We’d been playing the “game” for years now. Only these days the gameplay seemed more for our convenience than anything. Last time my sister came to my room and spooned me from behind while she pressed her pussy against my tailbone. I could feel how urgent it seemed for her to grind against me. I suggested that we remove our clothes. After we were naked, she reached down and loosely wrapped...Read On


The Boring Mother?

Mom saves my summer after I suffer a fractured leg

My summer vacation had gotten off to a great start at a long-anticipated sports camp in Montana but it ended just a few days into the first week after I got in an accident and fractured my right leg. I was forced to go back home for a ruined summer away from my friends and all the fun. My father and step-mom were out on their anniversary vacation, which left my biological mother, Ann, to...Read On


Confession Chapter 15

Stay-at-home mum has her brother in the backyard

I hurriedly dried myself then reluctantly slipped my dress over my head. I went out to see if Beth had arrived home yet. I stepped into the kitchen and looked around but the only person there was Ben, who had a very large grin on his face. “Is she here yet?” I wasn't sure why I was whispering, other than feeling like a naughty little school girl. Ben laughed and pointed up to the wall....Read On


Mom Prefers Alpha Males

My bully crushes my dreams.

In life, you have your dreams and then you have your realities. My biggest dream as a sixteen-year-old was my beautiful mom, who gave me so much love, but my reality was that she didn’t belong to me. It wasn’t a straightforward incestual fantasy that many sons have for their moms. No, this was different as it was my eighteen-year-old bully who had claimed my mom. What the hell was I supposed...Read On


Confession Chapter 14

Stay-at-home mum finally gets some alone time with her brother

It was Friday morning and Geoff had said his goodbyes first thing, He didn't, however, take the time to give me a kiss goodbye. I knew I should be pissed at him about it but I was just finding that I cared less and less. He had to go to work but was leaving straight after work to go to his work conference. Jerome seemed a bit down and after Geoff left I spoke to him about it. “What's...Read On