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Incest Fantasies

Incest stories are concerned with relationships among siblings, other family members or closely related persons. Incest is defined as sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. Incestuous relationships are illegal in many places around the world - the following stories are purely fictional, written by people who are turned on by such an idea.


Times are Changing [Part Six]

Nathan and Nicole finally have sex, but boy was it worth the wait.

Nathan thought he’d find conflict in his heart as he watched his nearly naked daughter beckoning him to follow her. Her allure had continued to grow ever since their night in the motel and quite frankly she was right. They both wanted and needed it. Nobody would ever find out and it would probably only be a one time thing, so really, who were they hurting? His heart hammered in his chest as...Read On


Times are Changing [Part Five]

Nathan and Nicole arrive at their new home, and things quickly heat up between them.

The van had arrived at their new house a few days ago, and the friends and family Nathan had asked for help had set everything up for their arrival. He was a good dad, but also an appreciated friend. He was well liked and kept in touch with many of the people he’d met while at college, and during his time in various workplaces. He was a giver, so everyone who had helped with the move wanted...Read On


Times are Changing [Part Four]

Nathan and Nicole continue on their journey, both physically and emotionally

Upon waking up Nathan forced himself away from Nicole’s naked body. He quickly realised that at some point last night when they were both asleep, his cock had sprung free of his boxers, and been resting perilously close to his daughter’s sex. What if he had accidentally raped her in his sleep? Panic set in as her moved the covers just enough to look at Nicole’s shaven lips. There was no sign...Read On


Times are Changing [Part Three]

Nathan and Nicole find it difficult to ignore their growing feelings.

“Sweety, we can’t…” Nathan remarked from the floor of their motel room. He’d checked his phone for the time, and discovered that his daughter was still awake too. “We can. Why can’t we?” Nicole sighed as she rolled over onto her side, and looked down at her father. He was adamant about sleeping on the floor, but neither of them had been able to get any sleep so far. “Because fathers...Read On


Times are Changing [Part Two]

Nathan and Nicole stop off at a motel, but things are starting to heat up between them.

The drive to their new home was well over thirteen hours, and as the clock began rolling towards 1AM, Nathan felt sleep trying to claim his body. They were barely halfway through their cross-country adventure, and so he decided he need to stop. Nicole was fast asleep in the passenger seat beside him, and her hand had slipped away from his moments after she’d drifted off. Nathan had put...Read On


Initiation Day

It was Maisie’s eighteenth birthday and she knew exactly what she wanted as a present.

Maisie had been awake for three hours and it was still only six-thirty in the morning. She had become bored looking around her tiny bedroom, choosing her makeup for the evening, putting it away and pulling it out again. She could hear movement next door in her father’s room and excitement got the better of her. She burst open the door and ran into his room, bouncing on the bed. “Can we do...Read On


Hoping To Thrill Kaylee

Their sex session comes to a conclusion where Joy becomes ready for Kaylee.

I suddenly had my two moms polishing off my face with their tongues. I felt as light as rain and filled with incestuous joy. As odd as it all seemed somewhat, I couldn't think of anything better happening than having Kaylee and her mom there with me. "I think I hit the jackpot with you two." "Are you ready to milk it a little more?" Cindy pondered. "Yes," I responded before kissing her. ...Read On


Dad and daughter enjoy a threesome

Dad and father-in-law have a hot threesome with teen daughter

I had become firm friends with Anthony, the dad of my daughter’s boyfriend, since we had first met his family and the meeting had turned into a sexy group session. With my daughter Hollie and his son Matt away at university, Anthony had become a regular visitor to our home and it was always fun, even if my wife Clarissa was away, me and Anthony would invariably enjoy some hot guy-on-guy fun. ...Read On


Sue's Sex Toy

When the parents are away, Sue will play

My sister, Sue, is two years younger than me, but from the moment she started enjoying sex with me, she was always the one in charge. As far as she was concerned, and still is, I was her sex toy, for her to amuse herself with and for her to play with.     I did not mind this in the slightest and loved her games. Probably because her main pleasure seemed to be making me come. From the first...Read On


Diane's Daddy

Things escalate quickly when Diane washes her father in the bath.

Sixteen-year-old Diane sighed with exasperation and glanced down at her father. "Come on, Daddy, don't be so silly. It's nothing I've not seen before." "But you're my daughter. And when have you ever seen me naked?" replied Diane's father, Terry. The predicament he found himself in was, to say the least, embarrassing. "You've sulked in that chair ever since you returned home from...Read On


Times are Changing [Part One]

Nathan and his daughter Nicole are moving house after a difficult divorce.

The divorce had been incredibly messy with Nathan’s wife taking the lion’s share of everything, despite the fact that she had been the one cheating. Their marriage had been a rocky one with very few positive points to take away from it. Nicole was one of them.  “Did you check every cupboard, Sweetheart?” Nathan called out to his eighteen-year-old daughter, as he stuffed another suitcase...Read On


Daddy's Lessons V

Mat wakes up before Abby, her long, light brown hair spread over the pillow, pouty lips parted as she sleeps. He stares at her for a while, absorbing her chaste face. He ate her out for the first time last night. He’s worried about how much he liked it. She also touched his dick for the first time - the first one she’s ever touched - and he’s afraid how much he liked that, too. He knew...Read On


Milfy Battle Ch. 3

Mom and aunt compete over young Ben

  Chapter 3     Things were going swimmingly between Ben and his aunt with the added sexual element to their relationship, but his mom was a whole different matter. She seemed to be working even more than usual, which he thought was her way of avoiding him. Is she afraid we might cross the line again ? He thought as he prepared her breakfast. Even if that were the case, she...Read On


My Sister’s BFF

Julie was friendly, sexy, and affectionate and seemed to be available.

I was home from college for the summer and planned to do nothing but swim, work on my tan, and try to get into my sister’s pants. A couple of years ago when she was sixteen, we’d been watching a movie and cuddling as always. She had her head on my lap and I was running my fingers through her short blonde hair when I got a tremendous hard-on and Amy felt it. “Bill! Are you getting aroused?” ...Read On


Daddy's Lessons IV

Mateo and Abigail are both loving their new routine. After touching her for the first time, she wants him to do it every day. Abby will get up in the morning and go straight to her dad’s bed, climb under the covers, and start kissing his neck. And every morning he grabs her, rolls her over, and puts his hand inside her, giving her her morning orgasm. She’ll go to school and he’ll go to work,...Read On


More Sweet Peach

Tia’s graduation gift keeps giving.

The fly crawled along the ceiling, reaching the light fixture, and stopped to look down at me. I thought I could see him smile with appreciation for Tia’s nude young body. With a nod, he flew away, out the open door, and disappeared into the hallway. I rolled onto my side and looked at my beautiful young daughter, now a grown seventeen-year-old woman, and took in the sight before me. Her...Read On


Milfy Battle Ch. 2

Mom and aunt compete over young Ben

As soon as his aunt, Laura left, Ben's mom made him sit on the couch to give the promised massage on the shoulder she had accidentally injured working him out. After retrieving massage oil from her room, she emerged from the hall to the right to see him in only boxers. “This isn’t a strip club, Ben.” “I figured you could give me a full massage.” “I’m not in the mood right now, and...Read On


Saturday Afternoon

He fulfills his love's favorite fantasy.

He wakes spooning her with his nose buried in her hair, smelling the scent of her shampoo that lingers in her thick auburn curls. Inhaling deeply, he never tires of her. Raising his head to check the time, the room is oozing with the smell of their sex they had hours before. Her naked sexy ass blocks the view of the clock. Their small bedroom has touches of both of them. Pink replica...Read On


Salma and Kelly Part 2

Peter puts his plan to work on seducing his sister

Peter sat by the table on the terrace of his house fixing his glasses with some tape. Everyone in his life had told him to buy new ones, but he refused. The glasses were the same he had used back in college to edit his first porn video and he felt they were the reason for his success, his lucky charm. He had changed the glass a few times over the years as his eyesight changed. Checking that...Read On


Fucking My Moms For Kaylee

The naughty night continues where Kaylee learns from her moms just how please a woman.

After three minutes, Cindy's lips calmly drifted off mine. "What you are going through is completely understandable, Joy. Even though you've been with Kaylee for a year, you are still getting used to being in a lesbian relationship. Now, you're naked with two nude MILFs, and now your mind is being twisted around. Up is down, black is white, and Girlsway has all guy on guy porn, instead of...Read On


Milfy Battle

Mom and aunt compete over young Ben

Chapter 1 Ben walked up to the front door of his two-story house, and before he could open the door, the agitated voices of his aunt and mom hit his ears. Wonder what they’re arguing about this time? The two women were thicker than thieves, but that also meant the occasional bickering. Going inside, he saw them standing in the middle of the living room. While the argument raged on, he...Read On


Daddy's Lessons III

Mat wakes up first, Abby’s arm draped across his body. He waits for the guilt to come, surprised when it doesn’t. Helping his sixteen-year-old reach orgasm is wrong and he knows it. Last night he let her watch him masturbate, which is also a big no-no, but doing these things with her makes him… Happy. Perhaps it’s because relations between them are forbidden. Everyone wants what they can’t...Read On


A Bride chapter 29 The Finale

Get 'em off

It wasn't until much later in the day as mum sat beside me holding my hand that I realised what had been staring me in the face all day and my heart sank. I knew I'd have to be very careful how I asked, so I suggested that we could go for a walk in the corridor. "All right darling," she said quietly, "but you're still very weak so we can't be long." Just along the corridor from the ward,...Read On


Wicked Initiation

A teen girl is initiated into an elite club... in a most forbidden way.

“Be at my house by three-fifteen,” Vanessa said. “It’s time for your final initiation. After today you’ll officially be one of us.” She held up her wrist, dangling the thin chain bracelet with a single pearl, enticing the girl with the ultimate prize. Kaitlyn nodded her agreement, eager for the final challenge yet apprehensive. The last test was always the hardest. It was designed to be...Read On


My Beautiful Daughter

My daughter tried for a year to seduce me before she finally did.

My wife and I divorced three years ago and we have joint custody of our daughter, Tracy. She spends the summers with me and during the school terms, she’s with her mother. Tracy was always a beautiful girl with gorgeous red hair and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. And the older she got the more beautiful she became. When she spent her summers with me, I’d take her to Disney World,...Read On


A Bride, Chapter 28

The next day we got up early and ate a leisurely breakfast in the garden whilst putting ideas to each other and once again it was mum who came up with the winner. "I think I know how we can get them built free of charge." "You're joking aren't you?" "No," she giggled like a little girl. "Realistically there's enough room for about five rows of four chalets right?" "Right." Jill and I...Read On


A Bride, Chapter 27

I watched mum step out of her panties

Shopping with those two was a revelation, between us we had three shopping trolleys and we filled them all to overflowing, even then mum turned her charm on a lad and sent him for another one. I was the muggings who had to push two bloody trolleys round the place trailing after two very horny women dressed in identical denim shorts and tight pink vest tops, who giggled as they discussed...Read On


"Oh God, Mommy!"

Mom and son get it on and...

My husband left me for a younger slut at his office. I got the house and alimony plus support for my sixteen-year-old son. I was devastated at first but my son has been great. He is a handsome young man and he takes care of the guy things around the house. Well, not all the guy things at first, but that leads me to my problem. I have been looking at my son more as a man rather than a boy....Read On


A Bride Chapter 26

Tommy, she's licking my bum

"Tommy it's beautiful." She wrapped her arms round me and kissed me softly. "It's only a cheap one, Jill," I said. "I only had fifty pounds on me." They looked at each other and something passed between them, something that I wasn't a part of. "What?" I asked, and mum squeezed my hand, "You've forgotten Tommy, when we were in prison, fifty pounds was an amount of money we could only...Read On


Her Brother Having Sex with Kelly

Steve walks in on us again and stays. The first night he jerked off on her, the second, they fuck.

It was March of 1981. Kelly came home for the weekend from college. It was a coincidence that her folks were out of town for the weekend to a bowling competition. Her dad was pretty good back in the day. We wouldn’t have the house to ourselves because her twenty-three-year-old stoner brother, Steve, still lived there. Steve spent very little time in the house though. Kelly and I hadn’t seen...Read On