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Incest Fantasies

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Incest stories are concerned with relationships among siblings, other family members or closely related persons. Incest is defined as sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. Incestuous relationships are illegal in many places around the world - the following stories are purely fictional, written by people who are turned on by such an idea.


Fucking My Daughter While Being Cuckolded by My Wife

I visit my daughter at college and end up fucking her while my wife is cuckolding me.

It was traumatic for my wife and me when our daughter, Caitlin, left home for college, which is a two-hour drive away. We have been a very close family and my wife, Dana, and I had a hard time letting her go. Caitlin came home to visit as often as possible, and especially on holidays, and we visited her when we could. She was required to live in the dorm during her first year, so it was hard...Read On


Father and Daughter Fuck the Neighbors

I am a college freshman who fucks my dad after he cuckolds a neighbor.

The last year has been rough for my father and me. My name is Molly, and at the time of this story I was eighteen years old and it was the end of the summer before my freshman year in college. My father’s name is Dan, and he was forty-three years old at that time. He preferred that I call him by his first name. We had just moved into a new condominium complex in the Atlanta area, following...Read On


Fathers and Daughters Fuck While Camping

I fuck my daughter's best friend at church camp and end up fucking my daughter too.

My wife Kathy, and I were forty-two years old and living in the Little Rock area at the time of this story. We had moved there right after graduation from college for me to take an engineering job at a medium-sized manufacturer in the area. I had progressed well and was promoted ten years ago to be VP of manufacturing. Kathy had been able to stay at home to raise our daughter, Molly, who...Read On


Lustful MILFs and Their Teen Sons

My best friend is an black girl and we had girl sex, and fucked our own and each other's sons.

I always considered myself to be lucky to grow up in a vacation wonderland in New Hampshire, and even luckier to be able to live there as an adult. My father established a lucrative real estate agency in Laconia, and we lived in a beautiful home on Lake Winnipesaukee. My name is Ellen, and when I was five years old and just going into the first grade, an African-American family bought the...Read On


A MILF's Craving for Teenage Testicles and Cum

I relive my old memories of sucking cocks and balls by sucking my sons and their friends.

It has always been unsettling to me to read magazine articles or true online stories about families having incestuous relations, especially those involving either of the parents and their kids of either sex.  I just couldn’t understand how a parent could subject their child to sexual advances, although it made sense that some children might find it erotic and enjoyable.  But now, I’m...Read On


Watching My Daughter And Her Best Friend

Spying opens up unimaginable possibilities.

My daughter, Holly, had asked me if she could invite her friend, Natalie, over for dinner. Of course, I said yes. Natalie is such a pretty girl. She is 18. The same age as my daughter. Her dark hair  flows down her back and she has small perky breasts, which were usually visible through her top, since she rarely ever wore a bra. They have been friends for a couple of years now. Actually,...Read On


Addicted to Teenage Cock and Cum - Part One (Football Players)

I get caught watching my son stroking a cock and I end up sucking his and numerous other cocks.

My name is Ed, and my wife Sue and I were both forty-one years old at the time of this story. Our son Tommy had just turned sixteen years old and was starting his junior year of high school.  He's a good athlete and a starting defensive back on the football team. Tommy was fortunate to get a starting position since we had moved to the Atlanta area from Indianapolis just in time for the...Read On


Fathers and Black Friends Fuck Teenage Gymnast Daughters

Teenaged high school gymnasts fuck their black and white fathers.

My wife and I were born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota and our family moved from there to a suburb of Baltimore in the summer when our daughter, Kayla, had just turned sixteen years old and was going into her junior year of high school. She had been taking gymnastics since the first grade and was one of the best gymnasts in the state, so we were hoping that being in sports would help her...Read On


I Impregnate My Lactating, Latina Daughter-in-Law

I look after my son''s wife when he is out of town, and I end up impregnating her.

My son Tommy and his wife Sofia also live in the Houston, Texas area.  He’s a field engineer for a large oil company there.  He is twenty-seven years old and Sofia is twenty-five.  They have a six-month-old daughter who Sofia is breast feeding.  My name is Matt, and my wife Sandra and I are in our late forties and live only about ten minutes away in another suburb of Houston.  I work as...Read On


Soccer Team Doctor and MILF - Part One

I become a soccer team doctor and end up fucking my son and the other boys on the team.

It was very difficult for my son, David, to make the boys traveling soccer team in our small, suburban town near Miami.  But after many years of effort and practice he made the team.   I am a family physician and agreed to be the team doctor free of charge, but he made the team before I agreed to provide medical services. The previous team physician, Maxwell, was my partner in our...Read On


Feels So Right, It Can’t Be Wrong: Chapter 1

If she wanted to seduce her kid brother, and she sure as hell did, it was now or never.

Horny, nervous, and half-naked, Kelly Layton peeked through the open bedroom door. Inside, her kid brother lay stretched out on his unmade bed, reading a paperback.   But he’s no kid, thought Kelly. Not anymore. Though still just eighteen, with his athletic build, dark hair, eyes the same steel-gray as their father’s, and a smile that could get him laid in a convent, he looked all man. ...Read On


Eating Creampies from My Friends' Incestuous Mother

I watch my teen friends fucking their mother and end up sucking her pussy and their cocks.

I have recently been thinking about the sexual experiences earlier in my life that have molded my somewhat perverted, bisexual desires. I love to perform oral sex of any kind. Early on I developed a ravenous taste for pussy juice, cum, and even piss. That ultimately led me to my cuckold and cock sucking desires and fantasies. This story chronicles an experience I had while in high school...Read On


Soccer Team Doctor and MILF - Part Two

I continue fucking my son and the otherboys on the soccer team after being impregnated..

In Part One of this story, I describe how my name is Alexis, a thirty-four-year old family doctor who is the team physician for a traveling soccer team. My husband, Ed, traveled all the time for his import/export business and his little cock isn't very satisfying anyway. My son’s name is David and he is sixteen years old and on a team made up of sixteen and seventeen-year olds. I was...Read On


MILF Teen Leader and Slut

I am an assistant scout leader and I end up fucking the black leader and all of the teenagers.

The national Boy Scouts organization has numerous, excellent programs to help young men develop leadership skills. Our church was looking into establishing a troop for our boys, to help keep them from being tempted by gangs. The problem was we are located in a smaller, largely-minority, lower-income neighborhood in the South End district of Albany, New York. Our church is composed...Read On


Halloween Hayride MILF - Part One

I chaperone a high school hayride in costume and unknowingly end up fucking my son and his friend.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Alabama, and I have always been like a kid when it comes to enjoying Halloween. Our family likes to wear elaborate costumes for any seasonal parties. I usually take my inspiration from recent movies. My name is Sarah, and my husband Ed and I are forty-year-old white couple living in a suburb of Mobile. We moved here from Minneapolis right after...Read On


Lactation Inspires Big-Cocked Political Bedfellows - Part Two: Father and Grandfather

I am convinced by my father's friend to fuck my father and grandfather.

My name is Abigail, and in Part One of my story I explained how my husband, Ed, and I were thirty years old and owned a farm. We were in financial trouble due to a bad year for our crops. An old friend of my father, Franklin, and our family, named Big Jim, was a major political player in the county, and he had been trying to get Ed to run for State Representative. His daughter, Kimberly, and...Read On


In Need of Daddy’s Cock

Amanda caught a glimpse of a cock. The trouble was, it belonged to her Dad.

It was an ordinary Wednesday night. I was walking past the bathroom, the door was ajar, and I happened to look in as I walked past. I saw it. It was just huge. I stopped and stared for a while not believing its size. In the thirty seconds it took me to look and study the cock in front of me, the switch inside me just flipped like the click of my fingers. I rushed onwards to my bedroom,...Read On


Mom's Second Chance

Mom's fun in the sun turns to son's fun in Mom.

I rolled out of bed fairly early, even though there was no real reason to.  I wouldn’t be starting college until the fall, so I could have slept in if I wanted to.  The view out the window when I opened it was still strange to me.  Born and raised in Iowa, the sight of the ocean off in the distance on a summer morning in Florida was a far cry from what I was used to. Mom had told me the...Read On


I'm daddy's little slut - 1

Dad caught me with my boyfriend's cock in my mouth... and I got the punishment

I was enjoying my life even before turning eighteen, but a few months back when I turned 18, I got some more rights and freedom to do whatever I wanted. Dad always had these rules of no parties, nights out, and boyfriends before turning eighteen but I never followed them. I also never let my dad know about the things I was doing behind his back. I used to sneak out of my house and spend...Read On


Mom's Stocking Stuffer

Mom's stockings inspire son's Christmas stuffing.

It started out innocently enough – but I guess it always does. As long as I can remember, Mom had always greeted me and wished me goodbye with a little peck on the lips.  Naturally, I tried to avoid it as I got older out of embarrassment, and by the time I was a teenager, it was something rare that only happened at home. That changed when Dad walked out on us.  Mom was devastated, and I...Read On


The Camping Trip

A family camping trip turns into something very special.

It began as a simple family vacation, a camping trip out in the wilderness. But the problem was we failed to check the weather forecast before we set off. During the three-hour drive through country roads venturing into the sticks, the skies steadily grew dark and grey. Within minutes of our arrival, the heavens opened, leaving us all scattering for shelter in our four-wheeler truck,...Read On


Halloween Hayride MILF - Part Two

I discover that I had unknowingly fucked my son and his black friend, and do it again.

In Part One we learned that I am Sarah, a forty-year-old woman living near Mobile, Alabama, married to a man named Ed, who had lost interest in sex.  I have always had a high sex drive and even fucked my neighbor for a while.  I agreed to be a chaperone for a hayride, and my costume was the Mystique character from the X-Men movie.  I look amazingly sexy in that outfit with a full-face mask,...Read On


Watching My Daughter

Dad spies on his daughter masturbating and discovers more about himself than his daughter.

I shouldn’t have done it really. It was a kind of a game that went a little too far, but here I was watching the laptop screen with my cock in my hand and I was as stiff as fuck. I was pumping it urgently. I wanted it to spurt all over the fucking screen at the sexy slut I was watching on the monitor. The slut, was herself, openly masturbating and sticking her fingers into her pussy...Read On


His Erection

Right in front of his sister’s eyes…

She’d sat on the sofa in her brother’s apartment, drinking a cup of coffee and waiting for him. He was unaware that she'd come visiting and, when he eventually appeared, they both got a shock. He’d come from the bathroom into the living room— and he was totally naked, not even a towel in hand. Startled and embarrassed, he stopped in his tracks and stared at her, not really knowing what to...Read On


Winning over my son

Showing my son that his step-mom has nothing on me.

My sixteen-year old son had just returned from his father’s house and it seemed like he had enjoyed his time over there. He loved being with me and it was good that he could still enjoy spending time with his father every other week but what I didn’t like was that he was easily influenced by his step-mom, Sara. I was ready to fall asleep when I heard him open his backpack in his room. He...Read On


Feels So Right It Can’t Be Wrong: chapter 3

Now come over here and let your horny big sister show you how to make her very happy.

Kelly woke in her brother’s bed cuddled next to his nude body. The sheet barely covered his morning erection. She thought about teasing him awake, it struck her as the big-sisterly thing to do, but then rolled onto her back, stretched, and immediately dozed off and slipped into yet another rerun of her dreams.   Like most of those she’d had recently, they involved sex. Unlike the usual...Read On


Feels So Right, It Can’t Be Wrong: Chapter 2

Now be a good boy while your wicked big sister puts her personal brand on your manly butt.

  Now be a good boy while your wicked big sister puts her personal brand on your manly butt.   After a lot of poking, prodding, and teasing, the siblings managed to disentangle and get off Jason’s disheveled bed. Before he could pull Kelly out of the room, she noticed the sheets. “Whoa. Halt. Stop. Sorry, but those sheets have to go.”   Jason protested but she remained adamant as only...Read On


My Son

I don’t know how it happened – it just did!

I don’t know how it happened but it did. Once minute I was the doting mother of a temper-tantrum filled teenage boy that only grunted his displeasure at anything I did for him, and the next – Well, the next , is history. I would have to go back a few months. To the time when Robert was moody and tetchy at just about everything. I had to move for my sanity, out of town and away from just...Read On


Beth Visits her Uncle for the Summer

Beth and her Uncle get to know each other again.

Beth was so angry at her parents, she could scream. "I just turned 16 years old! I don't need someone to baby sit me for the summer! I can't believe you are doing this to me!" Her parents, Jon and Heather, were opening a new office in Europe, and would be gone for about 2 months. They had agonized about taking Beth with them, or leaving her at home. Taking her along was not a great option,...Read On


Army Wife Gets Lonely

An army wife falls for someone she really shouldn’t have

When I tell you the bare bones of my marriage, you’ll probably think it’s a stereotype and, in many ways, I suppose you’re right. We met in school where I was Amanda, the head cheerleader and swimming star, and he was Michael, captain of the football team. See, what a conventional image! Anyway, we dated throughout school and, at eighteen years old, we decided to get married. That was...Read On