Please cum in

Wait for me

Clarisse was learning how to manage her stress lately. She had read somewhere that listening to audio books could be useful at redirecting stress. The odd thing about audio books and Clarisse was, she only listened to erotic mysteries, and they seemed to keep her even more horny than usual, which was a bit much.  When she arrived at Amanda's house after the hellishly horrendous traffic this...Read On




Every Morning

Jan is my wife, and even though we are both over thirty five years old, I think that she is still hot. But after eighteen years of marriage you think you know someone, right? I thought I knew her every secret and desire, but boy was I wrong. Elaine, our neighbor, was over one Saturday morning for coffee before she and Jan went out for their morning power walk. I usually did not get up to go...Read On


Finally getting some chocolate pudding

Who knew it could taste that good?

Hillary was a young woman who was lined up with the typical values of her peer group. At nineteen years of age she had found the path to finding her personal path to bliss. Her first dorm room mate was instrumental in expanding the awareness of how broad the scope of self pleasuring could be. Amanda was already in their dorm room by herself when Hillary came home that first Friday of the...Read On


How long can you do that?

you really want to?

My wife Carmen is an account specialist at the local division of a major retailer. She was so good looking, that people often asked me how a guy like me could end up with a babe like this. But since we were now in our late thirties, we did not hear these kinds of comments any more. When Carmen came home last Friday, she mentioned how it had been a good week and how something way out of left...Read On

Oral Sex(1)

Tit for Tat


So Sandy and I were watching T.V. the other night and the female villain was going through the predictable moves of intimidation and indiscriminate flirtations. Sandy said to me, "Frank, let's do something outside of the norm, let's invite some folks over and place some sex toys in obvious places that our guests would find." I said, "Sandy, that sounds good but perhaps you want to...Read On