First Time(1)


Game, Set and Match

A Tennis game that turned out to be Ace !

I had just started my second year at college doing my A-Levels, it was my last year. I was now 18. Whilst having a coffee in the canteen in the crowd i saw a girl I recognised from school just a year or so ago. When she saw me she smiled, Leanne her name was. 'Hello Leanne" I said Leanne had just started a course just a matter of a few weeks ago, she was at the same school as mine for...Read On



Lunch On Me

Not the type of Restaurant she was expecting

I met Jackie while I was working in an Accounts office for an engineering firm. She didn't work within the same office as me, which is a good thing in a way, because I don't think I could have concentrated on the job in hand for 1 hour let alone 8 hours a day. She worked just about a few meters outside our office across the corridor. She worked for a parent company of ours in an office all...Read On



Heaven for Men

Jayna offers a Masseuse and Personal service to men from her own home.

I suddenly got a hunch for hiring a personal service from a female masseuse one day. I had not been to or invited one to my house for quite a long time. Obviously we all know they don't come cheap but I just received my annual bonus from work so i thought I would treat myself. I looked at the personal service adverts in my local newspaper and a few other magazines. Most of them all...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Talk Sex on the Air

Late night Radio host chats to a local Masseuse.

I am a talk show host for one of the regions local radio stations. I have been on the radio for 12 years now, but never have I enjoyed the job more so than the last 4 years. I have been hosting a show which runs from 11pm to 2am which we host 'Hot Talk' The show allows people to come on and talk about anything related to sexual matters. Their Experiences, what they like, what they...Read On