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looking to get into trouble today... in a good

01 Jan 2012 12:13

First New Years that I actually get to enjoy in a loooong time.... Can't wait for 2012...... Looking to meet a lot of new and fun people....

30 Dec 2011 13:04

Looking for anyone that wants to chat....

14 Jul 2010 20:14

so i've wanted to work in the porn industry forevery, came up with a great idea. instead of hiring professionals and paying a ton of money for one long movie. I decided to find real people like me that would want to do a dvd of one 20-30 min scene and split the profit of each sale 50/50. First movie is done and ready to sale....just need a few more ladies that wanna make some money. 26 Jun 2010 17:34

So I've forever wanted to work in the porn industry forever. Came up with a great idea. Instead of hiring professional and paying a ton of money for one movie. I decided to find amatuers and others like me that would like to do a quick 20-30 min scene per dvd and split profits from each dvd 50/50... guess what... its a hit. Already have a few people wanting to do it. Finished my first movie.

26 Jun 2010 09:25

looking for a daughter or little sister...

15 Jun 2010 21:18

Feeling very naughty and evil today... anyone wanna share in the mood and have some fun.....?????????????

11 Jun 2010 14:13

Hey go check out my story and tell me what you think about it... i'd love to hear what you think

10 Jun 2010 21:52

hey check out my story i just posted and tell me what u think... appreciate it

10 Jun 2010 11:17