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There isn't really much to tell I usually like telling about myself if someone asks me rather then making a big long profile.so If anyone wants to know anything all you got to do is ask.

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Video games, Anime, Movies, Tv shows, other women, girls with a sense of humour and good personailty.
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Footloose,Dirty dancing,Road House,Independance day,Enemy of the state,and bad boys 1 and 2.
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Archer,Chigago fire, Chigago pd, House,Law and Order, Low winter sun,and the Killing
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09 Jul 2014
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03 May 2015
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Topic: Name Six Horror/Suspense Films you Have Really Liked
Posted: 17 Apr 2015 22:08

2.The Exorcist
4.Final destination
5. End of days
6. Jeepers creepers
7.Last House on the left.
9.Drag Me to Hell
10.Halloween Resurrection.
11.See No evil.

I`m sorry I couldn`t really just Pick 6 there`s so many good horror ones that I liked that just kept going sorry.

Topic: In your Opinon who is Better at Sex, Men or women
Posted: 17 Apr 2015 21:59

In your opinon who is better at sex In your experice Men or women and is there any difference to sex Between men and women,cause the way I usually hear stories that some girls fake the sex between men because they usually,lack passion and sences and always skip right to sex no kissing no nothing,other stories I hear about women having sex with another woman is alot more fun and exciting,passionate and sensual.for example take kissing when seeing a women kiss another it seems like its more passionate,then when man kissing a woman it looks kind of sloppy and forced kissing.
This is what I herd I don`t know if any of you had those expeirences with men,or women,me I usually perfer a womans touch,for couple reasons,1 they are alot more gentle and soft,easier to connect with and lot more fun to be around then it is with a man,Name some men that can actually sit down and listen to a woman talk,about her ex;s or something personal.It also seems like women understand what you go through then men do.Its easy for men to say òhh yeah just shurg it off and move on` when they don`t get what happend. I don`t mean to insult men or anything like that`s not what I`m doing Just asking which are better at sex men or women.

Topic: I need some advice and alittle help
Posted: 15 Apr 2015 10:58

No this isn't what im going to submit just doing a rough draft thats all and dont worry im not sumbiting my story like this was just showin what i had a small preview am I still aloud to swear in my story ahah

Topic: I need some advice and alittle help
Posted: 15 Apr 2015 10:20

when talking about my characters in my story can I just stick with main character or how would i go about introducing other characters to the story?.I set up a cabin scene in part one of a story I did,but just foucsed on her and her fiancee and problems there going throught,but there's another character that is the other woman of one of the characters say mistress,can i switch between characters? like do alittle bit of one character and then bring in the other? i wanna show what i got in my story so far but i don;t know if I'm aloud to post part if it here.one more question can i put swear words in my story too,not alot but some? I'll just show a small preview if some of you have read the first part of my story, Moonlight romance you'd get the idea of where im comming from. plz dont flip out or anything im still testing the waters to writing stories.

With her face in her hands lucy sulked and cried realising her fiancee Sarah has been
Unfaithful to her for last 3 months,she said to herself Even tho the sex was amazing last night
I still have no idea If It is true about Sarah and person I am thinking about for her sake She
better not be cause if I find out that it is true not only will I break of the engagment I will
tell the secret I have known for four years about this certain person.

Lucy stood up from her chair and began to pick herself up,Still wearing her short red booty shorts
blue tank top,no bra her hair up she started to clean up around the cabin,Still her fiancee
being unfaithful still weighing heavily on her mind about who she is cheating on her with?
she spoke uncertainly." I can't say for sure If it is her but there is only one person
in the world that I know that would wear that type of perfume, I don't want it to be true
but in the back of my mind womans intuation is speaking high volumes that It has to be my sister Jamie.

this is what i mean I introduced lucy and her fiancee,but now i wanna bring Jamie into the mix but I don't know how to go about it.
should i wait abit,till she finds out if it is the sister or switch characters and bring Jamies side of the story..

Topic: what would you do If you were in my situation?
Posted: 08 Apr 2015 10:32

I'll start of by saying this I'm sure some of you had gone through same thing I have,at one point in your lives I know that this does happen everyday in life but you never expect the one that would screw you over would be one person you never thought would hurt you. My story is this I have been friends with this person for more then a couple of years always talked to me about everything and anything,advise etc anything she wanted to ask me i tryed my best to give her advise, hech I even got close to her at one point before but i was navie and foolish at the time and didnt take the hints that she was interested in me,thats On me and i regreted that day ever since,fast forward to 2015 this year everything with her went down the drain person and mentally for her,i was always the one she'd run to helping her best i could with passing of her mom,etc trying to keep her smiling or atleast laugh but i know thats tought when family member dies,so she come's home to where i live, she lived in another province in canada where im at but was from same place as me.once she got down here, she was always around me at my place every time i don't mean to sound like a an ass but she is a bit of bullshitter.
So we got pretty close when she was down there, kissed cuddled,she even rubbed my,crotch a few times too so it gave me hints or the Impression that something could come out of this that we'd end up together.And I have never been with anyone in real life for maybe 3 years maybe. she told me something that found odd,she talked about a certain guy she hooked up with before she knew me her exact words about that "I will never hook up with him again" fast forward couple weeks later and whats happens? you guess right she ends up being his girlfriend,I didn't find out anything till 3 days later everyone else that im friends with knew she was with him again except me.what really got me mad,is that she kind of played me for a fool,she says i was afarid to tell you to make things akward and didnt want to loose me as a friend,so calmly even tho i was stirring mad inside i said "its ok be happy im not mad even tho i had to lie but couldnt keep it up i kept getting more irrated by it each time,i said why would you say you wouldn't hook up with that guy,and then do the exact oppsite and get in a relationship with him.I mean come on do you see what I mean about her type She's all talk says one thing one minute and then next does the exact oppsite,i think she does it for attenion i caught on to that a few times but,i didnt say anything. do any of you know that type of person? the most thing im upset about is that I never once thought she would be the one to screw me over like she did,it felt like I was just a cling on to her when she was done with me,she moved on well kind of downgrade if you ask me cause the guy she is with.isn't all that much good looking sorry to sound mean again. basicly she traded me in for a dick hahah.feel alittle insulted.I mean how would anyone else react if a close friend did the same to you what,my best friend did to me?

sincerly Karen

Topic: Would You Consider?
Posted: 15 Jul 2014 08:08

actually she only recently found out about it,cause her girlfriend by accident went to get a shower, and my friend just happend to go on computer to check her email stuff like that noticed that her gf did not sign out,she called me bawling her eyes out when she seen it,askin what should she do confront her, or wait cause my friend dosent really know what cybering is cause she never herd of it before, she usually just goes on a chats like you or i would in real life nothing other then that.now my friend's gf diffrent person all together, she Is abit of an Internet whore" i hope that don't offend anyone here.me I think she is just worrying about it to much in my book,cause everytime something goes wrong with those two its like Im the ref and dragged in the middle,and I dont wanna be at that,I mean what could i tell her everytime I try to be honest with her,she gets pissed at me dont talk to me for a week and starts talking like nothing happen

Topic: Would You Consider?
Posted: 15 Jul 2014 06:52

I need some advice on something maybe,someone can Help me out or shed some light on it for me,I have this Friend of mine that she has a gf for about over a year or so and she just now found out her gf has been coming on line and fooling around with other people on line she considers it as cheating,Me personally I think she's giving it to much into anything and worrying about it,I said to her If your gf loves you enough and then you should already know that you are number 1 compared to girls on line,she messes around with by me meaning of messing around, cybering , So I ask would you or Do you consider cybering as cheating? yes or no.

yours truley karen.

Topic: Something Guys and Girls can answer if they choose to
Posted: 13 Jul 2014 11:54

In your opinon who is The highest Paid player In each sport example The NHL Football/soccer Basketball, who would you pick between the 3 Top superstars form each sport League I mentioned would you say its Sidney crosby,Lionel Messi,or Lebron James? my opinon i think its Lionel messi I am sure he is a good player but is Millons of dollors worth it just to play a game of soccer, Hockey or basketball what ever happend to,players that would go out and Love to play the game for fun and the sport it seems to me like everything has to do with money, My other opinon on Brazil is that i think there will and passion left them after they got beat pretty badly by Germany and they Lost thier edge to win bronze sure gosh if it was me id be happy to say i got play for something. but I dunno I dont speak for everyone just giving my two cents.

Topic: Someone questioning my Sexuality
Posted: 12 Jul 2014 21:13

screw him. i think you're awesome. Big Hugs what does it matter to him? why should it be any of his business. as long as YOU know who are are and are comfortable about yourself, screw anyone who has a problem with it. btw, here, we welcome you with open arms for who you are, not for who you are attracted to. welcome to Lush, Bliss. :)

for the record, i liked guys too, once upon a time. now, not as much. sounds to me like you were just settling into yourself. Thank you very much :) oh i knew who i was attracted to much it was the way the guy made it sound like,and nit picked,and twisted what i said, to make it sound bad,and all it was over is cause back when i was younger I use to watch wrestling,like the WWE kind of stuff I didn't think me liking wrestling was a big deal to anyone.how many girls would you know like wrestling. thats how the whole sexuality thing came about.

Topic: Someone questioning my Sexuality
Posted: 12 Jul 2014 20:55

I Have not done forum like this in such along time,but this was kind of eating at me all yesterday,and through out today so here is my story I'm not sure if this is the right call or not but it kind of did piss me off,Here's my story Some guy from a diffrent chat site asked me a question about my sexuality I politely tried to explain that at one point in my life I use to like guys back when i was teenager, through 14 to1 17, I liked guys yes,but i eventually started to find myself attracted to girls more then I did then guys mostly and this guy couldnt get that fact that I had to hide my sexuality from my family cause well back then 7 yrs ago no one really herd of anyone being lesbian or bi or gay.so It was kind of hard subject around my family comming from the old school kind of way,I didn't really fully come out of the closet untill I was 19 mature,and new what i wanted in my life and New what my sexuality was,and this person kept finding loop holes,and nit picked everything I said trying to make me look like i was bad for saying i liked guys back then but then turned cheek and liked girls,i wasn't born with iti just came natural when I mature and got older,what got me is that he kept nagging and trying to make it out as a big deal,and made me feel bad like I was wrong for comming out sooner then later,reason why i held back was because my dad was too old school my mom was ok with it,just my dad,and when I did come out with,It didnt really go over so well,that's kinda why Im at odds end I don't know if I made the right choice or wrong choice in comming out at 19.knowing a guy would never understand why. and I apologize My grammar isn't that very well so please bare with me.

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Moonlight Romance Part 1

Lucy sat alone by the lake with the moonlight reflecting off of the water. Her arms hugged her smooth tanned legs as a tear slowly fell from her face. She was troubled because she knew something was not right with her girlfriend Sarah. “I don’t know what is going on,” she thought. “I better find out as soon as I can.” Lucy slowly stood up, stared at the moonlight and wiped her teary...

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Twilight dreams V.2

It’s an unusually hot night I am lying in bed alone thinking of you. Listening to slow, soft music , my mind slips into solitude, eyes closed. Air from the fan embraces my naked body. We had spent a beautiful day together, and then took our separate ways home. Now the memories of the time spent together fill my head and I smile to myself. Oh yes! The time spent together was too short, as always....

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Boo Miss you

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Boo Miss you

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I would say somthing sweet and amazing, but no words can describe you. Your one of a kind and trying to say how beatiful and amazing you are would not do you justice. All i can say is your a addiction, a sweet lovable addiction that anyone would be lucky enough to taste once .. Your words, your softness, your beatiful eyes.. everything is just perfect.

Posted: 15 Jan 2015 10:02
I know I've shirked my duties somewhat the last couple of weeks with regards to maintaining contact with many friends here at Lush. My deepest apologies and I do hope to have more time to spend here soon.
In the meantime, know that you are all very special to me, or you I wouldn't call you a friend

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Happy New Year Sweetie
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hehe.. oh shh you.. dont make me spank you again xx
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Oh Shhh you.. This 24 yr old still has you wrapped around her finger.. do i need to remind you of the closet again

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