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Topic Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted 11 Jul 2016 07:41

'Rise' by Skillet

Topic what's on your t-shirt?
Posted 01 Jul 2016 23:17

The phrase I Drink And I Know Things with the House Lannister sigil

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 01 Jul 2016 23:08

Jack & Coke

Topic Super Bowl XLVI
Posted 02 Feb 2012 10:56

As a fan of both teams, I'm a winner either way :)

Topic Your top 10 celebrities you love to have sex with.
Posted 14 Sep 2011 13:29

Honorable Mention: Christina Aguilera, Monika Pedersen (formerly of Sirenia), Jessicka Addams (Jack Off Jill), Jessica Biel, Miranda Lambert, & Gretchen Wilson

10. Cristina Scabbia
9. Cote de Pablo
8. Lindsay Vonn
7. Danica Patrick
6. Gina Carano
5. Dita Von Teese
4. Natalie Portman
3. Pauley Perrette
2. Noomi Rapace
1. Anna Paquin

Topic Kitty Play
Posted 17 Aug 2011 09:08

Not a kitty, but I've developed a strong interest in puppy play. It's just a really fun fantasy for now...I'm still slowly warming my boyfriend up to trying it.

Essentially the same thing.

Topic Kitty Play
Posted 17 Aug 2011 08:52

I recently entered a relationship with an amazing woman (who I happened to have met on here). We've been talking for some time, and last night, she told me that she was into kitty play. I've never been with a woman who was into it, and she (at least not in person) has never been with a guy who was into it. It's a new idea to me as I've never really found myself in a BDSM-type relationship or situation. I would classify myself as more of a Dom than a Sub just based on the few times I've dabbled, and she's absolutely Sub. But there's something about it that just works for me.

I'm just curious how many women actually are into kitty play.

Topic Alphabet Movies...
Posted 04 Aug 2011 08:03

Eat Drink Man Woman

Topic Would you donate your body to science or for organ donation?
Posted 04 Aug 2011 07:52

Already registered. Told them to take everything they can.

Topic whats enough sex
Posted 04 Aug 2011 07:26

Well lucky for your girl. I wish I had that problem. I'm the one who wants it 24/7 and my man isn't up for it.... wtf?

You seriously need a new man then.

Topic Athletes are wonderful
Posted 27 Jul 2011 09:26

Gabrielle Reece, one of my favorite female athletes ever

Danica Patrick, F1 & NASCAR Driver

Lindsay Vonn, Olympic Gold Medalist in Skiing

Gina Carano, MMA Superstar

Cristiane 'Cyborg' Santos, MMA Superstar

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 26 Jul 2011 10:08 a heartbeat

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 07 Jul 2011 10:21

Fiesta Pagana by Mago de Oz

Topic Favourite Disney Movie
Posted 07 Jul 2011 07:31

The Lion King , with Fantasia close behind.

Topic Happy Birthday SassyCheerGirl!
Posted 23 Jun 2011 09:10

Happy birthday Sassy!

Topic What's for dinner tonight?
Posted 22 Jun 2011 16:33

Made a lasagna and bought a case of Budweiser and a six-pack of Guinness. Saving the Bud for a later time.

Topic Where was the craziest place u had sex in?
Posted 21 Jun 2011 07:28

In a Jacuzzi filled with nothing but Skittles. And, yes, I tasted the rainbow that night.

i am SO jealous now!

Wow, Rachel. I thought I'd never see the day where you're jealous of me.

Topic Where was the craziest place u had sex in?
Posted 20 Jun 2011 16:24

In a Jacuzzi filled with nothing but Skittles. And, yes, I tasted the rainbow that night.

Topic vancouver 2011 riot
Posted 16 Jun 2011 12:32

They're all fucking morons.

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 16 Jun 2011 07:55

Halestorm - 'I Get Off'

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 13 Jun 2011 10:25

Pearl Jam - 'Dissident'

Topic Did anyone see?
Posted 10 Jun 2011 09:02

He can experiment on me. Anytime. evil4

oo! is that an open invitation? i've always wanted my own test subject to experiment on! *gets out the mad scientist kit*

So does that mean I didn't meet the program requirementscrybaby

Topic Phone sex
Posted 10 Jun 2011 08:29

Yes, and it can be ridiculously hot. I usually end up with “just been fucked” messy hair and legs like jelly after a particularly long, wild session… and I’m often a little ‘sore’ the next day too.

To make it exceptional, you definitely need to be doing it with someone you connect with, and who is good with dirty talk, uninhibited and skilled with role-playing and fantasies/storytelling. And it’s not just about talk… it’s also about both of you directing the physical actions of the other person.

Having toys, lube, vibrators and other kinky things ready-to-go is a must.

You can actually get very creative with it… drunken

I'll gladly volunteer my services the next time you want a phone session!

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 10 Jun 2011 06:19

En Vogue - 'Free Your Mind'

Topic The Hot Ebony Chick Thread
Posted 09 Jun 2011 11:25

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 09 Jun 2011 11:18

Q103 here in Albany. Right now, 'My Hero' by Foo Fighters is on.

Topic How many countries have you been to?
Posted 09 Jun 2011 09:54

I've lost track of just how many.

I spent an entire summer backpacking through Europe. I've been to Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Canada, numerous Caribbean countries, and more that I can't think of at the moment.

Topic Great Film Scenes
Posted 09 Jun 2011 07:39

I love this scene so much that I've got it as a ringtone on my phone.....and it doesn't hurt that it fits the aura of Lush

Topic would you fuck the person on top of you
Posted 08 Jun 2011 13:35