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Topic Bare, trimmed, or bushy?
Posted 06 Apr 2015 20:03

I prefer bare, but don't mind a trimmed pussy. I like being bare myself.

Topic do you give or only recieve?
Posted 06 Apr 2015 19:55

Give. Where's the fun in it if I'm only taking?

Topic First car you fucked in?
Posted 06 Apr 2015 15:35

I haven't had sex in a car yet....

Topic Lush at work?
Posted 04 Apr 2015 19:49

I don't work with computers at my work, and even if I had access to one there, I wouldn't. Just not into risking my job.

Topic Most guys won't EVER taste their cum, why?
Posted 04 Apr 2015 19:44

I taste mine on occasion. After all, I wouldn't want to miss out on a sexy kiss after she's finished sucking me off and I should be prepared for what I taste like. And since I'll also have her taste herself on my cock or fingers, turn about is only fair.

Topic Curious about what men really want.
Posted 01 Apr 2015 19:04

It's nice to come home to a warm hug, smile and a kiss. A welcome home, and that you missed me. Let me love you both mentally as well as physically and open up to me on how I can best achieve that. Be my best friend, take interest in the things I like, join me in activities I enjoy. Console me when I need it, and guide me when I'm lost. Let me be close to you, let me be your rock. Let me know you can't bare to live a life without me. And let me do the same for you and return the favor in its entirety.

Topic Lips in or out?
Posted 01 Apr 2015 18:29

They both are erotic in their own ways, and I enjoy looking at and pleasing both. No preference here.

Topic Can it be too big?
Posted 22 Jan 2015 18:19

I'm rather petite.. I might have second thoughts but then again I wouldn't waste my time on a guy who wasn't sensitive to my needs. Any volunteers???

I'll volunteer to see to your needs! :D

Topic The A to Z of sex
Posted 18 Jan 2015 07:07

G is for gag.

Topic Do you enjoy being eaten out?
Posted 16 Jan 2015 15:22

I couldn't say with any certainty since I haven't experienced it yet but I have an active imagination and just thinking about it drives me crazy sometimes.

I'd like to offer my personal services to further research in this study! :D

Topic Skinny dipping with the lush member above
Posted 15 Jan 2015 04:45

Would jump in the pool with her in a heartbeat ;)

Topic Who do you attract?
Posted 08 Jan 2015 18:55

I look about ten years younger than I am, so sadly the only girls that have ever let me know they're attracted to me have been in high school and still too young for me to allow the conversation to go beyond the nerd shirt I'm wearing that day, or the place we happen to be at. I guess for some reason the younger look doesn't go over well with women my age dontknow

Topic Guys, be honest: can breasts get too big?
Posted 08 Jan 2015 18:28

Yes, both tits and ass can be too big. There's just a certain point where they don't fit with the rest of the woman's figure and its more distractive than attractive.

Topic teen or milf
Posted 08 Jan 2015 18:21

Not wanting to sit on the fence but I say both for differing reasons, The sexy M.I.L.F. for their experience and the teen to be able to pass on my experience to.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Plus they both have their differing physical appeals, and variety is always a good thing.

Topic Her orgasm or yours?
Posted 08 Jan 2015 18:10

For me, bringing a woman to an orgasmic state is the ultimate reward in a sexual context. I have always focused on pleasuring my female partners, and I've spent many hours pampering them to this end. The more I make them scream, squeal, squirt and beg, the better. Fact is, the more she enjoys the experience sexually, the more I am satisfied mentally. Otherwise, "Jizz happens!"


Can't really top anything you said here. Being able to satisfy her totally and completely, and many more times than once, is simply one of the greatest things in the known universe.

Topic NEW questions concerning the Membership options
Posted 04 Jan 2015 09:50

Considering that a good portion of the member base I've seen is of college age, and they either don't have a steady income or whatever income they do have goes straight towards food, textbooks and other school supplies, gas and whatever other necessities are needed just to get through day to day, $10 is A LOT of money, especially if its not going to those necessities.

I think many of the people stating that its not are forgetting that fact, or maybe they just simply haven't had little to no money before? Either way, I think some of the responses have been a bit harsh from this view point.

And considering that Free members will be able to receive friend requests, but not have the ability to actually communicate with those friends directly without paying, I find a bit confusing. If anything I would have expected chat rooms and perhaps part or most of the forums to be restricted, and I can understand image posting restrictions. But ALL forms of one on one communication? To me that's my biggest hang up, because if I were a new author and had a free membership, I wouldn't be able to directly thank the people that took the time to comment on my stories, or collaborate with someone else directly on a story for ideas or anything of that sort. But maybe that's just me?

Topic why do men always want to stick their cock in someone's ass?
Posted 03 Jan 2015 20:26

I don't.

Topic NEW questions concerning the Membership options
Posted 03 Jan 2015 08:47

Taking a deep breath .. there was a glitch upon implementation of the new changes which meant some people had issues ... those problems have been fixed. No member who joined prior to 1/1/15 will be affected by these changes until after 30/6/15.

The semantics of a timeline mean little should they decide not to pay. And as a pessimist I assume most will opt not to, if not decide to retire entirely from the site once the deadline hits.

I'm also not pleased that I won't be able to hear personally from ALL members who read my stories and wish to comment more personally rather than on the story itself. In fact, that's how I've gained most of my friends.

While I find myself both lucky and thankful to have been grandfathered a Bronze Membership due to my stories (and since I'm in the middle of writing a series of stories that all hasn't been in vain) I'm concerned about the direction of exclusivity that the site is heading toward. Soon a back and forth conversation won't be able to take place with any Free Member, thus making new friends somewhat harder, and keeping old ones an anxious thought in the back of your mind.

I don't know. Maybe it won't turn out as bad as I fear, but still the restriction of an easy two way communication of any sort between two members, regardless of membership level, is unsettling to me.

Topic NEW questions concerning the Membership options
Posted 03 Jan 2015 08:12

Instant Messaging is online messages/bb's/black boxes/whateveranyoneelsecallsthem. PM's are private messages, i.e. using the Mail feature.

edit - and before anyone asks; private whispers in the rooms are available to everyone!.

So I did loose direct contact with all of my friends... how fantastic...

Topic NEW questions concerning the Membership options
Posted 03 Jan 2015 07:58

Please read the announcement:

Well I Can't find anywhere about Online Messaging. Just PM and IM's (which I'm assuming is online chat?)

Topic NEW questions concerning the Membership options
Posted 03 Jan 2015 07:19

I'm assuming I skimmed over this question/answer in the old thread, but if we have friends that are Free members, are they no longer able to contact us, or is there something in the profile settings that would allow for this?

Topic Breast feeding in public?
Posted 30 Dec 2014 15:48

I see no issue with it. Those that do need to educate themselves better in the natural functions of the human body.

It sounds like this man didn't want to go through the "embarrassment" of explaining what was going on to his son. I know someone that said that she had a man come up to her and her husband and complain about them HOLDING HANDS in church, and how he had to explain it to his young niece (though he apologized the following week)

Topic Masturbating/Sex before a workout
Posted 30 Dec 2014 15:26

I usually find myself becoming horny during a workout, so it would be better if I could find a lady willing to take care of me afterwards. Masturbated once before hand and I found it a bit of an energy downer.

Topic Yahoo messenger
Posted 30 Dec 2014 15:16

Yes, but rarely use it as there is only one or two friends that I use it to communicate with.

Topic Men & Women.....cowgirl or reverse cowgirl....which do you prefer? why?
Posted 30 Dec 2014 14:51

Cowgirl, I get to see the pleasure play across her face while she rides me and play with her tits. And it's easier to pull her down for a kiss.

Topic Road Head
Posted 30 Dec 2014 14:41

No, never had it done, but I wouldn't mind having the opportunity to experience it.

Topic Peach pussy
Posted 30 Dec 2014 14:40

Why wouldn't it turn me on?

Topic sore balls
Posted 30 Dec 2014 14:37

On occasion when doing sit-ups in the nude, I'll have to readjust them to prevent my thighs from crushing them, but that's generally the only time it's an issue for me that I recall.

Topic One for the gents: Boxers or Briefs?
Posted 30 Dec 2014 13:54

Boxer Briefs. I've recently gone toward the Brazilian style route.

Topic Look for in a girl?
Posted 19 Dec 2014 19:03

Intelligence is definitely a turn on. In fact, I find it a must. No, she's not going to know everything about everything, but she does have to have a brain. The ability to carry on a conversation.

What do I look for? I find that's something that isn't always a constant. Some women are able to pull off certain styles, looks, acts, differently than others. What I find attractive can sometimes differ from woman to woman.

What I notice first? Again, depends on the woman. Some women are curvier or show more cleavage with clothing style, so I'll notice hips, breasts, ass, first. Others slimmer, or more conservative in dress, so face, eyes, smile.