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Interview with Curious2c

Curious2c is one of our most popular authors. We sat him down on the virtual couch and asked some probing questions. If you would like to have an interview with Lush, please contact us.


Favourite author(s)
There are so many I’ve read long ago and recently that I have a difficult time making a choice. I guess though, my favorite author was the late Louis LaAmour. He had a way of bringing the reader into the story so that they could experience everything as if they were there in the time.

Favourite book(s)
Again, many books that I’ve read could be considered ‘favorites’ of mine. I will say that one book I’ve loved most of my life would be ‘The Works of William Shakespeare’.

The book that changed my life
Wow. Phases of my life have been shaped by books but none really have ‘changed’ my life on their own. Reading as much as I could in as many varied ways as I have, almost every book I’ve read has helped in one way or another.

I started writing because...
I felt a need to fill a gap in what I considered too many stories that are one-wayed towards either men or women. I need balance in my life at times and the stories I read online were, at the time, too one sided for my taste.

When you write do you follow an outline you make up or do you follow the characters on their journey?
I try to follow an outline, but usually what ends up happening is my creative juices flow and I just write as the characters will me to.

Do you 'people watch'? Study people in real life situations and figure how you'd write about them?
Yes. It is my personal best way to come up with ideas on things.

Do you have a full length novel hidden deep inside you that is screaming to be let loose?
Yes I do. Perhaps someday.

Are you happy with your end result when you post it or submit it to the site of choosing?
Every story I’ve written once submitted and out there, I’ve found things that I wish I’d either fixed or added or left out.

What are your least favorite scenes you've written?
Incestual ones. Having raised kids, and never having done anything remotely like that, nor having had ‘feelings’ to do something like that made those parts of certain stories I’ve written difficult. I wrote them only to ‘push myself’ into other areas. I am trying to learn and become a better writer, and I feel in order to do that I have to push down ‘limits’ that I may have. Gay sex scenes have been difficult for the same reasons too by the way.

Are your stories something you'd like to live? Why or why not?
Oh man…well, in some cases yes, I’d love to live parts or some of my stories. In other cases no way in hell would I want to be even remotely in the situations characters have found themselves in my stories.


How did you get in to writing erotica?
Same reason I started writing actually. I thought that I could do as well as some and not as bad as others…and felt a need to fill some gaps.

What's your favourite writing genre and why
It would be ‘loving wives’ or cheating or adultery. Mostly because I’ve witnessed, heard or been around situations where other peoples lives were coming apart due to spouses indiscretions. Having been married for over 26 years and knowing the pressures that can come with being ‘spoken’ for…it’s only natural I think, for me to write about it.

Where do you get your creative juice/story ideas from?
Real life situations I’ve heard about, seen or witnessed. Over the years I have seemed to be a listening post for some that wanted to talk about their marriages, Significant Others, or issues they were having. I don’t talk around about what I’ve heard, but I do use some situations in my stories. None that have trusted me with their private lives could see themselves in my stories I’m sure…since my stories are combinations of all instead of individual.


Which websites do you regularly visit/do you have a home page?
Lush, of course, though I started my online experience at, Literotica, Stories online, and eroticstoriesonline.

At home I cook...
Why yes I do as a matter of fact. Stuffed chicken breasts, Steak, Shrimp, Salmon, Halibut, and many other things. I love to cook, grill, and barbeque.

The most surprising thing people could find out about me is...
I didn’t start writing until I was in my forties? That I hated school with a passion? That I like to shoot guns?

Thanks Curious2c for you time. We thoroughly recommend you have a read of Curious2c's work.