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Interview with Javaceles

Javaceles is one of our most popular authors. We sat him down on the virtual couch and asked some probing questions. If you would like to have an interview with Lush, please contact us.


Favourite author(s)
S.M. Stirling. Heinlein. Asimov. Bradbury. William Gibson - see a theme here? I love sci-fi. My favorite author of all time, however, is Patrick O'Brien. I read the Aubrey and Maturin novels over and over.

Favourite book(s)
O'Brien's Aubrey and Maturin novels.

The book that changed my life
Midori's Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage.

What are you currently reading
Two Knotty Boys Showing You The Ropes.

I'm inspired by...
Beauty. The beauty of sunrise, a mountainside, a bird, a smile. Music - the beauty of the soul singing through the air. The sound of a creek burbling merrily to its self. The sigh and smile of a satisfied submissive.

I started writing because...
I have always written. It is an outlet. It is expression. It is freeing, yet it can completely enslave me. It is how I make sense of my world, and how my world makes sense to me.

Aside from writing, what occupies your time
Hiking, fly fishing, running, Japanese rope bondage, four-wheeling.


How did you get in to writing erotica?
It is a way for me to process and understand the things that I and my submissives do - and that what it is that we do is not wrong, is not abuse, is not deviant. It is just different.

What's your favourite writing genre and why
In the context of this forum, it is BDSM. Why? Because I live it, I breathe it, it is how I love and am loved. I am a Dominant male and I treat the gift of submission given me with great care - writing about it helps me understand how I can flog my darling slut and still feel she is the most precious thing I own.

Where do you get your creative juice/story ideas from?
Real life. Scenes I have done or am planning to do. Discussions about BDSM and the D/s relationship. Other people's ideas. A rock formation I saw on a hike. A tree that would make a good anchor. The way a pretty girl looks in a tight dress.

What are your turn-ons?
Confidence. I want a confident, well spoken woman who can ask for what she desires. Fire. Passion. Maybe even a little sass.

What are your turn-offs?
A doormat. I like to meet my match, not a wet match.


Music I frequently listen to
David Gray; Tricky; Massive Attack; Soundgarden; Pearl Jam; Amy Winehouse; Wayne Shorter; John Coltrane; Portishead; Charlie Parker; Mother Love Bone.

My favourite work of art is
Anything by Dali or M.C. Escher.

Favourite Movies
Master and Commander; The Princess Bride; the original Alien; 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Which websites do you regularly visit
Craig's List; The Drudge Report; Lush Stories.

What would be a perfect weekend for you
A secluded cabin in the woods with a trout stream, beams in the ceiling for suspensions and a willing slut or two.

Ideal holiday destination
see above.

At home I cook
Slow-roast bar-b-cue, the most killer seafood chowder ever, chili that burns both ways, steaks, chicken, pretty much anything I set my mind to.

The hardest thing I've ever done was
To understand that leaving red marks and bruises on a willing sub was not abuse, it was ours and we shared it because we both enjoy it.

Most surprising thing people could find out about you
is that although a big, burly and aggressive Dom, I am really quite tender and loving.

I don't like talking about...
nothing, really. I was raised to communicate. It is part of why I write.

What I find amusing is
the way my submissive dances when I hit her with a buggy whip - but I am a sadist, remember?

What I don't find amusing is
stupid people. People who judge before learning all the facts. People who can not live and let live.

If I wasn't me I'd like to be
"in an octopus's garden, n the sea." Really. I like being me. Strife, heartache, joy, laughter and all.

I often wonder...
what I could do if I had the wherewithal to do it. I am certain we all wish we could be rich. What COULD I do if I was? Why does cheesecake taste so good? If I use my belt on that cute girl's ass, what would be the sound she makes. You know, things like that.

Thanks Javaceles for you time. We thoroughly recommend you have a read of Javaceles's work.