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Interview with Kinghorn

Kinghorn flew into Lush Stories on a wing and a prayer, but seems to have landed unscathed. His particular writing style is unique, both in the stories he has submitted, and in his "interesting" forum posts.

In this interview, we get to know the man behind the whole Kinghorn character a little better. Enjoy the read folks!

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Love is the answer to most of the questions either directly or indirectly I suppose. For me there is also a question of sheep and shepherds. I think Lush is for shepherds. I like intelligent people who can think for themselves, who are creative, imaginative and who in their own way are working to make a contribution to life.

So writing is a form of consolidation of thoughts and ideas I think.

I learnt a lot from Socrates through Plato, so I like to question and test. Imagine. Socrates used to drive people round the bend. He highlighted injustice. He was a cool guy. A war hero. He was also a big drinker. Then the crooks that ran Athens at the time killed him. That still makes me feel sad and uncomfortable and still has had a big impact on me. Mainly because in our larger society we haven’t learnt from that yet. We haven’t really got the injustice thing under control properly. So that is about human nature I suppose.

Socrates concluded that there will only be justice when philosophers rule. For him a philosopher was; a lover of knowledge, joyful, an insatiable polymath, not a dry and dusty specialist. I agree with that.

I feel very honoured to be invited to the interview. In a way I would like to try to make people think for themselves, question and test. I love humanity. I never want to upset or offend anyone. I would like to point more people towards embracing fully a love for humanity. To identify injustice. To teach about love and beauty and to participate in happiness. Out of anything in life we seek, happiness is always the best option, particularly when we understand happiness and pleasure are different things.

Inside all of us we have our own personal special book. It is a constant in our changing life. The other books we read sometimes lead us to our own special book in some way.

For me in real life my liberation came early. I ran away. With all my strength, and with all my might. I fled school, home, Scotland.

I had adventure in mind. Education was education. I chose to educate myself.

I had read Rudyard Kipling. The guidance was simple to follow. The Jungle Book explained to every child. If would come later.

I read in the dictionary. “the ability or result of an ability to act utilising knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight”. Wisdom seemed simple enough. I would travel and gain wisdom. Now for me wisdom is just love and knowledge. The other fall under them.

As I ran. Catch 22 in hand. Milo Minderbinder was my friend and guide. And so no matter where I travelled, with Milo I prospered. The world opened to me, as it had for him…..

“April had been the best month of all for Milo. Lilacs bloomed in April and fruit ripened on the vine. Heartbeats quickened and old appetites where renewed. In April a livelier iris gleamed upon the burnished dove. April was spring, and in the spring Milo Minderbinder’s fancy had lightly turned to thoughts of tangerines”.

…….through Joseph Heller.

…..Adam Smith, wrote music, in a simple formula that took over 1,000 pages to explain :

(Salary x business profit x real estate x interest) = Wealth…….

So life is about Multiplication in lots and lot and lots of ways. If not all ways.


What are your turn-ons?
I like flirting with women a lot.. At the gym. In restaurants. There aren’t that many good restaurants here. So it is often the same faces. There is quite a bit of White Mischief, which continues in Africa.

Erotic writing is about beauty. A celebration of life. Blissful happiness, as in some ways it is one of the pinnacles of happiness; orgasm and its achievement. So that is beauty or a component of beauty. It is exceptionally sad that society is not more open on the topic.

Most porn that I have seen seems to be poorly written. Generally missing the essence of many things, beauty usually, femininity in the woman, an erotic edge, bad timing, bad music, location, photography……there is no essence generally, no celebration. Not like the Bolero....

I believe in female liberation. I like or rather love liberated, intelligent women. For me that is a big turn on and much more important than looks. With liberated, intelligent women, that can also be funny…..then I fall in love. And then if they are adventurous…….


My favourite work of art is
I have a copy of van Gogh’s Sun Flowers, which I commissioned from an art student…….I think the original defines beauty in a way….so it is one of my favourites……..

Favorite Movies
Heat. De Niro. Pacino. Because I like the justice and injustice paradox.

Ideal holiday destination
I have travelled a lot, both as a kid and as an adult. Ideal places. Paris. Cote D’Azure. Montreux at the Jazz Festival. Stockholm. Edinburgh sometimes. New York. Big Sur. Laguna Beach. So many places in North America, too many to mention. Cape Town – Camps Bay, Umfolozi Game Reserve in Natal. The restaurant on the top floor of the Peninsula in Kowloon. The Kandahar at the Oberio in Mumbai. Saslik in Helsinki. The Grand Hotel in Cap Ferrat……..the restaurant is amazing….particularly in summer, outside under the trees, Provence in general I love. The old city in Cairo.

At home I cook
Cooking requires as good sense of smell. A sense of measure. Balance. Harmony. Freshness. Then everything is good. Sometimes spicy can be good too. Food is similar with music for me. I don’t set categories or limitations. I try to be open and take in as much as possible. However live jazz can be amazing, particularly if there is a dance floor and you have the right partner.

The hardest thing I've ever done was
The hardest thing I’ve ever done was to cut loose and break free. I was scared initially The first few weeks on my own were really tough, when I was in France. I’m glad I did because I really got to know myself. Sometimes I have to conform now. That is also tough. I started out on my adventure washing dishes. It was the best job I have ever had. It was in a restaurant near St. Tropez.

I don't like talking about
There is nothing I’m not comfortable discussing. I don’t like anything that is unreasonable. I never want to hurt or offend anyone or anything. Children need protecting and often woman as well.

On love

I love lots of people at the same time. Just like I read books. I have over 30 books beside my bed. I read parts and put them down and read other parts in other books. (I am extremely lucky to have a maid who puts them all back every day. That is South Africa for you). Mainly because I love life, I don’t think it is cheating. It is just in my head. So I can enjoy a beautiful painting, story or woman. When I see beauty in a woman I try to tell her. Some misread it and think that I’m hitting on them. Sometimes I am.

I am straight. I’ve never engaged in group sex, and have no real plans to. I think for me love and sex have to be together. Then if you have love for the person you are with then it can be magical. For a while once I worked in a gay bar when I was young. I like gay people a lot, they are often good fun. Often they see things from a different perspective. But I have never been attracted to a man sexually. I don’t judge on these things, I am just straight.

I am happy within myself. I often try to look at things from different perspectives or in other people’s eyes. However I’ve never thought of being anyone else, but if I could it would be Socrates…..because he will live forever.

Thanks Kinghorn for your time.