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Interview with KnightOfPassion

KnightOfPassion is one of our most popular authors. We sat him down on the virtual couch and asked some probing questions. If you would like to have an interview with Lush, please contact us.


Favourite author(s)
That's quite a list: Douglas Coupland, Jasper Fforde, PG Wodehouse, HG Wells, Peter F Hamilton, John Steinbeck... that's probably enough, or there won't be space for the rest of the interview!

Favourite book(s)
For the sake of brevity, I'll limit myself to three: "Microserfs" by Douglas Coupland, "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and "Lake Wobegone Days" by Garrison Keillor.

The book that changed my life
Coupland's "Generation X" when I was fourteen. It is, essentially, a paean to the power of storytelling, and it is as rich, smart, subtle and compelling as anything I have read since.

What are you currently reading
On my nightstand as we speak are Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre", Peter F Hamilton's "Judas Unchained" and Stephen Fry's autobiography "Moab Is My Washpot". I have read all three of them before; I tend to return to books again and again. It's like spending time with an old friend.

I'm inspired by...
Excellence. Nothing inspires me to write more than reading something beautiful.

I started writing because...
I can't remember a time when I wasn't writing, so I guess the answer to that question lies somewhere deep in my subconscious. I'd go look for it, but it's pretty dusty back there.

Aside from writing, what occupies your time?
Does "thinking about writing" count? Let's see... I play guitar, I'm an enthusiastic gamer, I enjoy excellent wine - and, if I'm honest, mediocre wine too - and I run and cycle a lot. Oh, and I podcast (*cough* gratuitous plug *cough*)!


How did you get in to writing erotica?
As strange as it may sound, by writing letters. I've had several long-distance relationships over the years, and I discovered early that as much as my girlfriends enjoyed the hearts-and-flowers romantic letters, they really enjoyed the ones that dripped with sweat and cum - y'know, metaphorically. From there, it was a short step to cybersex and, ultimately, writing erotic fiction.

What's your favourite writing genre and why?
I enjoy pushing myself, and trying to find new, sexy angles on old ideas, so I try and stay away from writing in one set genre. Having said that, I guess I have my recurring themes: young women blossoming into their sexuality, domination and control, and, of course, romance.

Where do you get your creative juice/story ideas from?
There are two very different parts to this question: my inspiration comes from all the usual sources (dreams, fantasies, roleplay) and a natural ability to ascribe the naughtiest motivations to any observed action; my creative juice, the impetus to write, comes from my wonderful readers. While I would continue to write if no-one ever read my work, I am driven to write more frequently by the support and the generosity of the people of read my stories. You guys are awesome!

What are your turn-ons?
Potentially, everything - I can't think of a single subject or theme that couldn't be made sexy with enough talent and hard work - but I'm generally drawn to somewhat romantic, illicit, wanton sex, infused with a certain humour and intelligence.

What are your turn-offs?
Poor writing - as a specific example, I can be enjoying a story up until the point where someone orgasms by screaming "I'm cuuuuuummmmmmiiiiinnnnnnggggg!" and then... well, I close the browser window with a sigh and go on with my day.


Music I frequently listen to
I have my media player churning through my collection all day as I write, so I hear a lot of Barenaked Ladies, Counting Crows, Tori Amos, Bach... plus a lot of stuff I've accumulated over the years and haven't got around to deleting.

My favourite work of art is
Seeing Canova's The Three Graces in the National Gallery of Scotland was a life-changing experience.

Favourite Movies
I don't get the time to watch many movies, so they have to be very special for me to make it to the end, let alone watch them twice. My top three are Amelie, Dogma, and The House Of Flying Daggers, although the order is somewhat fluid.

Which websites do you regularly visit
Lush Stories, of course; my LiveJournal; and a host of porn and news sites.

What would be a perfect weekend for you
A Saturday spent in bookstores and coffee shops, followed by an extravagant orgy that lasts until dawn, and a Sunday spent sleeping, reading, and cuddling with an obliging partner.

Ideal holiday destination
Oh, there's a deserted island somewhere that has my name on it...

At home I cook
Every day, because I live alone and otherwise I'd starve. My favourite recipe at the moment is roasted sea-bass with rosemary and lemon.

The hardest thing I've ever done was
The same thing as most other people: I've told someone that I love them, without knowing for sure if they felt the same way about me. That's hard. Everything else is just dangerous or inconvenient.

Most surprising thing people could find out about you
Despite being a geek, a writer, a fan of good wine and generally hedonistic, I'm actually in pretty good shape.

I don't like talking about
Inconsequential things. Like a lot of geeks, I have little patience with small talk. Why waste time? Instead of commenting on how warm the weather is, tell me something that you love, or something you hate, or confess the terrible secret that would end your life if your friends knew about it. Life is short. Let's make it interesting.

What I find amusing is
Bill Bailey, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Eddie Izzard, Jon Stewart, Flight Of The Conchords,, my friends - lots of folks!

What I don't find amusing is
Anything that tries to be funny without being smart. You don't have to be making jokes about quantum entanglement to make me laugh, but it needs to be a step above slapstick.

If I wasn't me I'd like to be
Stephen Fry. I'm prepared to tolerate being flamboyantly homosexual in exchange for his brilliance and wit.

I often wonder...
Why so many talented and magnificent artists, writers and musicians are struggling to make a living when people like Dan Brown and Damien Hirst are wealthy and famous.

Thanks KnightOfPassion for you time. We thoroughly recommend you have a read of KnightOfPassion's work.