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Interview with LadyX

LadyX is a popular author here at Lush, the recipient of three Editor's Pick awards and a frequent poster in the forums. She is well known for her artistic imagery found on her profile page.

We hope you enjoy the interview.

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Favourite author(s)
I don't have one. To tell you the truth, I haven't read that many books since I was in high school, and that's been over 2 years now. I read the ones that we were tested on, and I did enjoy a few of those, but until just now, I have not made a habit out of reading a lot. At least not enough to really have a favorite writer. I think if I had to pick one, it would be Hunter S. Thompson, and even though I have only read one of his books- "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", I have also read about his life. He went by the seat of his pants, he jumped head first into everything he did, and he always maintained a smart ass point of view. In a way, he could experience it deeply enough to write about it, and put us there with him, but smart enough to stay outside of it, to comment on it from outside of it. I'm sure there are lots of writers like this- I'd be interested to read them, too. But that quality in him is one that I admire.

Favourite book(s)
This changes for me. I like biographies if I can bring myself to read them. I like to learn from other people. My favorite fiction book is "Everything Falls Apart" by Chinua Achebe. I can never explain it and give it justice. I think about that book a lot, and thats not true of many books.

The book that changed my life
I think everything I read affects me- if only for a few minutes afterward. Some books affect me permanently, but I don't think a book has changed my life. Not yet, anyway.

What are you currently reading
I picked up a book called "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro. I've barely started it, so I'm not sure how it will go.

I'm inspired by...
Things that turn me on. To me, anything can be sexual, not just genitals, or kisses. Places can be sexy, so can times of day, activities. Sex is everywhere, and it unlocks my creativity. I look at artwork, and I find it extremely sexual, even pieces that on the surface have nothing to do with sex. Sex is powerful, and a huge part of who I am. It's my fuel, which is another way of saying, it's my inspiration.

I started writing because...
I have things to say, and I've always told stories. I was inspired by other non-published people who wrote things I really enjoyed. I got interested in stories by writers here at Lushstories as well as other places. I figured if they could do it, I could too. I had a lot of help with my first two stories, not with storytelling but with grammar. Then I found my feet, and with the help of some editors and friends I trust, I feel pretty good about my ability to write, but know I have a long way to go. I wasn't a bad English student in high school, it just took me a little while to shake off the rust.

Aside from writing, what occupies your time
I work a lot, and sometimes all night long. Other than that, I spend more time online, either at Lushstories, or reading and looking up other stuff, than I probably would want to admit. I also like to lay out and swim, and I love to go out, either dancing or just going to eat and hang around somewhere.


How did you get in to writing erotica?
I stumbled onto this site, and quickly found a writer who really caught my attention. That led to a few more, and soon I realized that I could easily take the fantasies that pop up in my brain and turn them into stories, even if the process of writing and creating something good wasn't going to be easy at all. I love to bring stories to life, and create people out of characters. I've said it before, but to take a story and charge it with sex and all that goes with it only makes it more meaningful, and more reflective of who I am.

What's your favourite writing genre and why
My favorite erotica tells stories of explosive chemistry and collisions between people, not just people hooking up. I like scandal, conflict, and struggle- not so much physical as emotional and mental. This can occur in lots of categories, but my favorites are Group Sex, Taboo, and Interracial.

Where do you get your creative juice/story ideas from?
So far, they all come out of my head. I've always come up with these imaginary worlds, I think it started as a way to send myself someplace else as a kid, but it hasn't ever stopped. I take some of my characters from people I know in real life, or at least parts of them, and my own sexual experience is my best reference for writing about sex.

What are your turn-ons?
Strength, nakedness, confidence, wetness, sunshine, dark skin, late nights, dirty talk, a little pain, flirting, silk, breath, stress release, and intelligence.

What are your turn-offs?
People who won't just say what they want, selfishness, passivity, closed- mindedness, know-it-alls, condescension, and stress.


Music I frequently listen to
Hip-hop- both old and new, some soul and R&B, plus rock and pop. I think my tastes run pretty wide, a good song is a good song. I don't listen to much country, or classical, I don't think I relate to those very well.

Favorite Movies
I love action movies- and my favorites are the two Kill Bill movies, Fast and the Furious, the Bourne movies, and Collateral. I saw a movie called Ronin the other day, too, and that one was great. Give me good suspense and some excitement and I'll be happy.

I also like movies with a message, and movies with good drama, like Boyz N the Hood, Do the Right Thing, Gran Torino, and Hotel Rwanda. If I'm in the mood to just sit and watch a movie, I'll watch damn near anything. I enjoy watching movies in general, and if I get bored, I'll just switch to another one. I rarely like chick flicks- I think they're crappy and sentimental for the most part, and I'm not really sentimental.

Which websites do you regularly visit
I make the rounds to a group of news sites, like,, and a few other local sites from places I care about, like the gulf coast, and California, which is where I'm from. If I'm in a gossip mood, there are lots that I'll check, like,, and, just to name a few. I'm also a sports fan, at least of my teams from Oakland, so I will look at to check scores and headlines, and for sports gossip. And lastly, I look at clothes online a lot. I know it sounds stupid, but the new lines, sale coupons, etc. are always online, so I can prepare for my shopping ahead of time.

What would be a perfect weekend for you
A perfect weekend would involve a house on the beach, where I could either sit on the porch and watch the waves hit the land, or sit inside and enjoy the same view. It would involve great, fresh food and liquor that went down smooth all night. It would not involve hard drugs, but some weed would definitely be in order as it got later. It would involve multiple men and multiple orgasms, and the next day, it would involve sunbathing, a big calm pool of the cleanest water, then a hot shower before dressing up and hitting the town for a glamorous night out.

Ideal holiday destination
Probably someplace I've never been. Whenever I see places in Europe in movies, I always want to go- but then I know that movies are fantasy, the real places are different. I'll take someplace along the Pacific for starters, but I think I'd like certain places in the Caribbean just as much. I love cities, and I love being on the coast. If I could have both, or at least be in one and near the other, I'll be happy.

At home I cook
A few things edible, but mostly nothing at all. I'm a chronic eat-out person, I buy most of my meals by far. I have instant noodles, oatmeal, bread, frozen veggies, etc., and I'll cook those things sometimes. I'm trying to learn more about traditional cooking, but so far, I've done almost nothing. I have good intentions for it, but lots of things are more important for me than how to cook for myself. Until I make it a priority, I can always get great sushi take-out in a restaurant that's about a five minute drive from my apartment. I've probably eaten my weight in raw fish this year.

The hardest thing I've ever done was
The hardest thing I've ever done was deal with my brother's death. He was my best friend and my protector. I knew when he was gone that I'd have to protect myself. It was like losing half of me, like losing the fuel to your car, and suddenly realizing you'll just have to figure out something else to run the car on. I don't know that I'll ever get over it, and I don't think I should. A piece of me is buried 6 feet under.

Most surprising thing people could find out about you
It might be hard to tell online, but I'm really a girly girl. I have my nails done about once a week now, and I'm a total clotheshorse- I love to shop. I could hang out in Sephora all day, just trying on makeup, lotions, etc.- and nearly have! I love to be sexy, and have tons of fun creating different looks for myself.

I don't like talking about...
My personal feelings about others. I've never been good about that, and I don't see the purpose in it. My feelings are conflicted almost all the time, and very private. If I need advice, I'll ask for it, but I'd rather keep personal emotions to myself most of the time.

What I find amusing is
Kids TV shows. It started with just one, then I started watching a couple of others, too. I don't set my DVR or watch online or anything, but if they're on, I watch them while I surf the net, etc. I guess I like the innocence and the clumsy little lessons they build into every episode. I usually laugh at least once ever 10 minutes or so, and my roommate used to think I was crazy- which I am.

What I don't find amusing is
Abuse of power in society. Whether it be government, or corporations, or a dominant race- here or in other countries, I hate seeing what amount to high crimes being committed in plain sight while everyone sleeps! One day, we'll wonder what happened if we don't wake up, join together, and demand more.

If I wasn't me I'd like to be
Somebody with enough money to never having to worry about pissing 'them' off again. I'd want to be somebody who knew the right connections, but wasn't bound by them. I'd want to be well-known enough to draw microphones whenever I made clear that I had something to say, then I would lay down the truth for all to see. I'd watch 'them' freak out as they realize they've had to tables turned by one of their own, but I'd sleep the deepest sleep in ages, knowing I'd just changed the world. They would try to discredit me, and they would fail. I'd be the most influential activist in this country's history, and I'd force those with power to make life just a little bit easier for everyone else from that point forward. I'd save others' lives and blow the whistle on the thieves and criminals as much as possible. I'd change the world.

I often wonder...
What would've happened if my Mom hadn't died when I was 3. What kind of parent would she have been? Would she have been my best friend? My enemy? I like to think we'd get along just great- sometimes I think she's calling me from wherever she is now, even though I don't really believe in heaven or hell. Would she have stayed with my Dad? She'd have to be crazy to do that, but who knows I just wish I'd known her better.

Thanks LadyX for you time. We thoroughly recommend you have a read of LadyX's work.