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Interview with Submissioness

Submissioness has published several stories here on lush, in the First Time and Love Stories categories. They have received very high scores, underlying her obvious talent.

We hope you enjoy the interview.

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Favourite author(s)
Stephen King.

Favourite book(s)
Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings.

The book that changed my life
The Servant by James C. Hunter.

What are you currently reading
Nothing in particular.

I'm inspired by...
Dreams, movies, watching people and the way they react to certain things/situations.

I started writing because...
I love sex and every emotion that can be associated with it. And I love to create my own fantasies and share them with others.

Aside from writing, what occupies your time
Facebook, waiting tables, making pizzas, watching television with my husband.


How did you get in to writing erotica?
When I was a young girl, maybe 12, I began to fantasize about men and women being together. They weren't sexual at first, not for a long time, but I had a particular fantasy that I kept building on like a story in my head about a girl who came home and found a man in her bedroom in the dark and he was very kind and sensuous with her. He had a crush on her and wanted to get to know her better. So it was like a stalker turned love story in my mind. It went on for years. Then, I began coming up with other stories. In high school I wrote down, then typed up a rather lengthy story that could probably be as long as a book. It is actually pretty good and I am thinking about rewriting it and adding it to my current collection. It is called Knight and Dae.

What's your favourite writing genre and why
I like Romance for the raw emotion, I like reluctance, and I like First Time because of the innocence and the experience teaching the inexperienced is a huge turn on for me. And that's probably because I was a very late bloomer. I didn't have my first french kiss until I was 18! Then I had a boyfriend when I was 19 (he was 26) and he introduced many things to me despite my reluctance to because I was so incredibly shy!

Where do you get your creative juice/story ideas from?
Sometimes I just lay in bed thinking of things and situations that are a turn on for me. Story ideas stem from those thoughts. Then, much like I did when I was young, I play the story out in my head before I ever pick up a pen.

What are your turn-ons?
Monogamy, mild submission, mild humiliation, first time, reluctance, teacher-student, experienced teaches inexperienced. But most of all, high sexual tension. LOVE IT!

What are your turn-offs?
Sheesh, incest, bestiality, violent hate, BDSM (I just don't get it).


Music I frequently listen to
Hip Hop/ R&B, top 40.

My favourite work of art is
Anything by Salvidor Dali.

Favorite Movies
Apollo 13, Wild Orchid.

Which websites do you regularly visit
Facebook, Lushstories, College Humor, The Onion.

What would be a perfect weekend for you

Ideal holiday destination
Ireland, Greece, Boston... Anywhere where I can find wonderful old buildings and history.

At home I cook
Very little. Most of the time I cook baked chicken and mashed potatoes.

The hardest thing I've ever done was
Dealing with the death of my 17 yr old friend who was killed in a drunk driving accident. A drunk illegal alien ran a red light and she died at the site. It's still hard to talk about. RIP Charity

Most surprising thing people could find out about you
I am a fan of WWE, I am interested in ghost hunting, I'm obsessed with Disney's Sleeping Beauty (I have collected over $800 worth of merchandise), I don't take medicine because it's bad for you!

I don't like talking about...
Cyber sex. Not interested.

What I find amusing is
Dry humor, slapstick humor, quick wit.

What I don't find amusing is
Clichés. Overused. Just not funny anymore. “That's what she said.”

If I wasn't me I'd like to be
A rich housewife taking care of 3 children.

I often wonder...
If I actually could publish a book of my work like so many people keep suggesting that I do.

Thanks Submissioness for you time. We thoroughly recommend you have a read of Submissioness's work.