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Interview with xXxFuckDollxXx

xXxFuckDollxXx is a fairly new member of Lush, and is an outgoing fun Londoner. She sports possibly the largest signature we've ever seen here at Lush, and has posted a few of the most entertaining thread topics to date. Enjoy the interview.

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Favourite author(s)
I prefer autobiographies on inspirational characters.

Favourite book(s)
Nelson Mandela - Road to Freedom

The book that changed my life
Games People Play and GO MAD (Go Make A Difference)

What are you currently reading?
None... no time

I'm inspired by...
my dirty imagination!

I started writing because...
I had these fantasies and wanted to unleash them on the world

Aside from writing, what occupies your time
Work!!! Travelling; The boyfriend and general socialising


How did you get in to writing erotica?
I read a story on another site and it turned me on so I did one too

What's your favourite writing genre and why
Reluctance as I am a control freak in real life and this is a taboo in my conscious

Where do you get your creative juice/story ideas from?
My Psychologist is still trying to figure it out

What are your turn-ons?
Nipple Play; Power role play

What are your turn-offs?
Toe Sucking.... *puke*


Music I frequently listen to
RnB; Soul

My favourite work of art is
My Parents by David Hockney and of course... BANKSY

Favorite Movies
Brewsters Millions - Shows you how much hassle money can bring

Which websites do you regularly visit
Lush... where else? or and Facebook; Ebay (addicted) and Pogo (Love online Monopoly as no one else in real life will play me)

What would be a perfect weekend for you?
Anywhere with the Boyfriend where he can access a TV!

Ideal holiday destination
New Zealand - want to go

At home I cook
Cook? I can do a great pasta but everyone thinks it tastes yukky

The hardest thing I've ever done was
Absail!! Never again

Most surprising thing people could find out about you
That I write sex stories

I don't like talking about
pedofiles; child cruelity

What I find amusing is
everything, i laugh my ass off on a daily basis

What I don't find amusing is
hypocritical people

If I wasn't me I'd like to be
Nicole from Pussycat Dolls

I often wonder
if things are fate

Thanks xXxFuckDollxXx for you time. We thoroughly recommend you have a read of xXxFuckDollxXx's work.