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Topic Do you really care about size?
Posted 29 Nov 2012 11:10

I've never found size to be important. All the guys I've been with are w/in average range, and then one who was way bigger-the 8inch. It didn't do
much for me. However, I am unable to cum with ANYTHNG inserted-fingers, vibrators... Make any sense? So I ask because I'm a little odd that way.
And it sort of bothers me how hung up (pun!) on this men are, since I think there are so many other things to focus on that would make
it a whole lot more fun.

Topic Staying single because relationships are "too complicated"...
Posted 29 Nov 2012 11:07

I HAVE met a guy like that. Exactly. And he's negative and decided all the women who left him are bitches and he has so much to offer. But he's hoo..I have no sympathy after spending time with him because he's
got nothing to offer in the way of personality or fun. Only wants to say women are all bitches. Whatever. We can be bitches. Yeah. And I'd probably either cheat on this guy or at least leave him, but that's not how I roll with
all men. He's gotta learn to take responsability.
sorry..went off that latest thread a bit and back to the original.

as for single? I love it. I didn't date for about 4yrs. perfectly happy. Finally, at everyone's urging, went out with a guy (that loser above) and see how well it went? I was happier before all that. Not complicated. To me not necessary. to be happy. But I know I'm in the minority.

Topic boyfriends
Posted 29 Nov 2012 10:49

would you ever enslave or cuckold your bf
no. Sorry. I don't really get it. My husband is into that, though... so I know a lot about it.
I don't get the humiliation part. I suppose it's weird since HE wants it-so what do I
have to loose? But I find it a turn off. sorry. no judgement.