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28 Jan 2014 16:37

Had a terrific weekend photography a most lovely woman. Going to post some of her pics here now.

02 May 2011 18:36

ok friends, take a peek at my last story....'Redwood Storm'!!! It's in Lush's summer contest and I need comments and votes!!!!!!!

28 Apr 2011 16:52

Hope all my friends will read my latest story 'Redwood Storm. and vote. It in Lush's story competition

13 Mar 2011 17:11

First story postedm awaiting approval on next two. Hope you enjoy

12 Mar 2011 20:23

Have a backgammon tourney to attend tomorrow. Need my rest

12 Mar 2011 19:43

str8, 61, heterosexual male, long time swinger, avid freelance photog. Write erotica as a hobby