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Most bio's only show what ppl "wish" to be, I feel it's best to not judge them based on that. If you see Me around the chat channels, be prepared. I say what I think without holding back, many will think I'm an ass because of this, but often they will figure out I was right. I'm not here to make everyone like Me, but I feel I will earn most peoples respect. The way I see things... if Y/you are in this life, there is always more to learn, new ways to see things, and an unwillingness to grow is the first step toward death.

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rescara.. as My purpose here has been served and My plane leaves in a few hours I think My time on lush is over .. you still know how to contact Me should you need advice, but I think you have already received what you needed.


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Topic: Punishments
Posted: 17 Apr 2013 17:14

First I must say... I never punish My slave without her fully understanding why... and with the exception of 1 time (you'll see it in a minute) she has always accepted her punishment graciously and agreed it was needed. I've always explained why she would be punished... then usually waited a lil while to not only cool down Myself, but also so she would have time to think about what she had done. Personally I feel that punishment is a way to leave things behind U/us... much better than the normal vanilla way of holding onto things to bring into the next argument.

After being with My slave a year or so ... she began letting things distract her .. a bad day at work or an argument with a friend would lead to small but noticeable infractions. Time after time I would ask her what was bothering her yet she would say "nothing". I'm not a heartless bastard... she has always known that part of her duties is to inform Me of her problems so they can be dealt with. Several spankings, floggings, paddlings later ...she finally told me what had been bothering her over the last couple weeks.

First I sat her down and dealt with that problem.. then came time to punish her for keeping her problem to herself and letting it interfere in O/our lives for 2+ weeks. When I told her that she was about to be punished, she said "you're being unfair". That moment was a true test for Me to not react in anger... punishment in My opinion should never be given in anger. I left her kneeling in the dark, told her she needed to think about what she had just said and what had led up to it, and I went to another room to figure out the proper punishment. When I returned, she begged Me to punish her....she had realized that for more than 2 weeks she had allowed herself to be distracted to the point that she was unable to focus on U/us.

The nightmare begins: I had decided that I would take half the time she had been distracted.... and thus began her "Cycle", 7 days of hell. ANY lil infraction during those 7 days was an automatic 10 lashes with My heavy flogger... which accumulated til the end of the day and were all delivered together... PLUS an additional 10 swats with My paddle... after that... she was denied entry to the bed...and had to sleep on the floor. She was denied orgasm for the entire week. I think, for her, the worst part of it all was not being allowed to sleep with me at night.. she so much wanted to at least feel comfort from Me then.

when the "cycle" was over.. we had a nice long talk.. I made sure she knew she was forgiven and that it was all behind U/us. If you ask her to this day... she will shudder at the thought of another cycle... and then she will smile, knowing that what she learned from it was well worth it... nothing comes between U/us anymore.

Topic: .
Posted: 16 Apr 2013 16:43



if she's "pretend"ing and "act"ing....she hasn't submitted yet

smack that -Akon feat. Eminem
figured you out - Nickelback

...it's never truly stated but you can follow it in this song

bubbly - Colbie Caillat

Topic: Aggressive vs Dom
Posted: 13 Apr 2013 16:28

I think one thing W/we all must remember is instant access sites like this are the equivalent to a free concert in the park (with a lil more nudity). Even ppl who aren't really into the music may stop in just to check it out ..and if they see someone there who they think is hot...they may ACT like they enjoy it more to try to hook-up.

Not to mention the fact that there are a huge percentage of ppl who are "occasionally kinky" instead of "Lifestyle Oriented"

Topic: RACK vs SSC
Posted: 13 Apr 2013 14:46

since everything is open to interpretation ... is there truly a difference between SSC and RACK? to be safe...you must be aware of the risks.. insane people wouldn't even consider the risks.. both are consensual.... and anyone not into kink wouldn't know either term

I'm no newbie to this life.... and I've seen ppl debate this topic before....but it's always seemed to me that the terms are interchangeable I'm just glad MOST ppl choose to use one or the other in their decision making process

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