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Topic Computer Building Help
Posted 02 Feb 2017 12:42

My son has built three computers using PCPartPicker

It helps to verify what components play well with others then gives you links on where to buy the components at the lowest prices.

I am in IT and I am impressed with the site. Latest build was for my wife and she loves her new computer.

Topic Favorite football team?
Posted 19 Jun 2013 23:51

Seattle Seahawks

Go Seahawks!!!

Topic Ask the person below you any question
Posted 04 Jun 2013 22:55


Where did you lose your virginity?

Topic What do you think is the worst song ever written?
Posted 04 May 2013 23:43

Anything by REO Speedwagon! If you are too young to know them, then you are very, very lucky.

Topic Is squirting gross or hot?
Posted 06 Nov 2012 13:46

Incredibly hot! Should e taught as part of sex ed

Topic Songs that make you go GRRRRR - post songs you dislike here.
Posted 29 Sep 2012 03:24

Anything by REO Speedwagon. If I am listening to the radio and they come on, I can't change the channel quickly enough!

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 29 Sep 2012 03:22

It's 3:21 in the morning here - just the clock ticking away and the sweet sounds of my family sleeping.

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 29 Sep 2012 03:20

Just posted a new story! Fingers crossed that it will pass muster with the powers that be. Fingers and toes crossed that readers will actually enjoy it

Topic Are you Romantic?
Posted 29 Sep 2012 03:17


Topic A little game, three truths and a lie post 3 truths and a lie about you and we guess the lie
Posted 26 Sep 2012 10:44

1. I have fished in Alaska
2. I know a woman who had sex with a dolphin
3. I love Sushi
4. I have fucked a woman in a large commercial cooler

Topic What would you do if you came across this one day?
Posted 24 Sep 2012 10:03

First - take picture/vid with iPhone. Second - post to Lush. Third - strip and join. Fourth - see first, second and repeat third

Topic Uneven Boobs....
Posted 21 Sep 2012 14:15

Most guys are just thankful to see a pair of boobs that size difference doesn't matter.

Topic mouth, ass or pussy?
Posted 21 Sep 2012 14:13

All three, please! Each has it's own draw for me. ;)

Topic How kinky are you? TEST
Posted 13 Sep 2012 08:48

Pretty kinky!

I'm 67% kinky!
"Your kinkscore is pretty high. Most likely you're up for trying anything at least once, which show open-mindedness. You're probably a great lay, so just keep doing that thing you do!"

Topic Would you donate your body to science or for organ donation?
Posted 12 Sep 2012 09:48

I am a registered organ donor. I hope that someone else can benefit from me when I go...kicking and screaming.

Happy to leave it to science as well. It might prove useful to show them what a screwed up perverse mind looks like = )

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 12 Sep 2012 09:42


Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 12 Sep 2012 09:42

Steeley Dan - their first album, "Can't Buy A Thrill". Spectacular album. Favorite song is "Reelin' in the years"

Topic Can Romney/Ryan get elected?
Posted 10 Sep 2012 09:38

Personally, I think both sides are totally screwed up. I know this may come as a surprise to many. Let me first say that I do believe the US is the greatest country in the world and am absolutely proud to live here. Our natural resources, workforce, manufacturing base, spirit, and public pride are second to none.

Unfortunately, the great hope that the US public had in Obama was, IMHO, completely wasted. I believe he had the opportunity, while the Dems had the majority in both the executive and legislative branches to do some great things...and blew it. That is not to say that the depth and breadth of the global melt-down was not far worse than anyone cared to admit, or that the Republicans had more than their share of blame, but Obama had an opportunity to do what a true leader is supposed to do...LEAD...not take us down the path of healthcare reform (that is a different crisis that still needs to be addressed).

However, I just cannot believe that the Republicans under Romney/Ryan are going to be able to do any better. The Republicans seem to think, again IMHO, that they have no responsibility what-so-ever in the problems we are facing today.

So, my quandary is this, do I think we will be better off keeping the same folks in office, knowing they blew it big-time with their first go-around; or do I punish them by voting in another, ineffectual party? Neither one looks good to me...but I do plan to vote come November as I believe no vote is worse than an informed and considered vote. I know there are many who will vehemently oppose anything that is put forth as an opinion here, but I have enjoyed the dialogues that I have read so far.


Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 10 Sep 2012 08:15

Am just about to start writing my next story on Lush. It has been on my mind for a while now and it is the perfect time to get it started...and that is making me very happy =)

Topic Name That Movie Quote
Posted 06 Sep 2012 13:40

Funny, you like samurai swords... I like baseball.

Also from Kill Bill Vol. 1

Topic Name That Movie Quote
Posted 06 Sep 2012 13:38

Revenge is never a straight line. It's a forest, And like a forest it's easy to lose your way... To get lost... To forget where you came in.

Kill Bill Vol.1

Topic How do you feel about a trans-girl considering herself a woman?
Posted 31 Aug 2012 13:38

Fuck what the rest of the world thinks. I have some great friends who are TG. Go with who you are...not simply the physical body with which you were born.

Topic Are You A Different Person When Drunk?
Posted 31 Aug 2012 13:00

Same nice perverted/twisted/lust-filled kind of a guy...just more so. = )

Topic Sexy Redheads....
Posted 28 Aug 2012 14:59


Topic Do you like to sleep naked?
Posted 28 Aug 2012 14:57

Used to...but not so much any more.

Topic Boobs - Can you answer honestly?
Posted 27 Aug 2012 22:22

As long as they are natural, it really doesn't matter to me. However - big boobs are like string to a kitten for me - I will stare and just want to pounce and bat them around!

Topic Is squirting gross or hot?
Posted 27 Aug 2012 22:16

Definitely HOT! Never been with a woman who could squirt...need to add it to my bucket list.

Topic anal
Posted 27 Aug 2012 22:13

Great question - different for everyone. Anal is a real turn-on for me.

My wife hates it - she tried it once and that was more than enough for her.

Had some GFs before marriage who were real anal enthusiasts...good times for all.

Topic Unusual places to have sex?
Posted 27 Aug 2012 22:07

Commercial freezer box (not running at the time) in the back of a bakery.

In a 100-year old cabin in the Badlands of ND on the Missouri River next to a herd of Buffalo!