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Topic Do people really fall in love on lush?
Posted 01 Aug 2011 02:11

It depends on what you consider love to be. The initial build up of an on going chat with someone doesn't usually last too long. Once you peak with a person sexually on lush, the intrigue tends to leave and it's on to the next little fix. In order to accomplish such a feat as love, you'd have to go beyond the sex so that the peak becomes a fix for the knowlege of the person. That is a rarity on a site like this. Still, emotional connections can happen with a perticularly slow sexual build up so I'm not going to say it's not possible, just very unlikely that you'd find your soul mate here.

Topic stand up?
Posted 01 Aug 2011 01:48

I mean flat out stood up without any explanation or a "sorry, something came up" 2 days later
1 girl stood me up 3 times in a row

Holy Crap! It took you getting stood up more than once to get the clue that she wasn't interested? Nutbag

Topic Bringing a question over from "Ask the Guys": Do you like it when your lover cums on you? Why? And where do you pre
Posted 01 Aug 2011 01:34

I know this is a really odd comparison, but it's like watching a needle go in your arm when you're at the doctor. I personally fear needles, so I have to watch. Even though I know the poke is coming, the little stick of pain never fails to suprise me even as I watch it. The same is true with watching a guy cum. While I'm certainly not afraid of it and in no way does it hurt, I enjoy knowing that he's about too reach climax and so I get down all close, watching and waiting only to be completely surprised at how quick and fast it shoots out, sometimes at how much there is, and almost always about how good it feels when it hits my skin. Since I enjoy watching, I like it on my chest or face. Sometimes I like to catch it in my hand too.
There is something to be said for when he cums deep inside of me, though. I guess it all depends on my mood.

Topic Tattoo's
Posted 13 Jul 2011 00:34

I have 3 tats. I have a very large design on my lower back which I have come to hate because of the "tramp stamp" label of the location. The tattoo itself is cool and I got it on a whim when I belonged to a bellydancing troop some years back. Often forget it's there since I never personally see it.
I have viney flower design on my lower belly that ends with a bumble bee at it's base.
And then I have a tat on my inner, inner thigh. It hurt like a mother, but it's my favorite.
As far as piercings go...I once had the belly button done, but it was kind of a pain in the ass since it would get caught on stuff. I thought about having my lip or eyebrow done, but decided that I enjoy looking goody goody on the surface. A walking contradiction of sorts.

Topic Sexiest Profession
Posted 13 Jul 2011 00:07

Very difficult. You have your office guy with his hot suit and tie ready to sweep away the contents of his desk and have his way. Then there is the good doctor ready for his examination. I'm totally partial to a military man in uniform ready to show his authority. But I never fail to check out the construction workers repairing the road. It's like a buffet of man meat all hot and scruffy and totally worth obeying the extra slow speed limit.

Topic Why do the nice guys always get passed over when girls are looking for a guy?
Posted 12 Jul 2011 23:33

I'm sure it's confusing when you hear women complain that they want romance and sensitivity, but then here we are jumping the bones of the asshole we are complaining about. The truth, the God's honest truth...Nice is boring. No matter how hot the guy is, if he is too perfect, too sweet, and there is no spontaneity, nothing to challenge us and gets our blood boiling a little bit, then he falls into the dreaded "friend zone".
It's known as the "friend zone" just like in the movie, Just Friends. It's hilarious, rent it. Anyway, it explains how a guy can easily make himself into a Mr. Roger's goober by being too nice, too agreeable, and down right needy.