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Topic what kind of seducer are you quiz
Posted 04 Jul 2013 14:33

Sweet Talker
Your seduction technique can be summed up with "charm"
You know that if you have the chance to talk to someone...
Well, you won't be talking for long! ;-)

You're great at telling potential lovers what they want to hear.
It's partially because you're a great listener and good at complementing.
The other part of your formula? Focusing your conversation completely on the other person.

Your "sweet talking" ways have taken you far in romance - and in life.
You can finesse your way through any difficult situation, with a smile on your face.
Speeding tickets, job interviews... bring it on! You truly live a *charmed life*

Comes close to the reality ^^

Topic If you could have one lustful evening with anyone (and they were totally into it) with whom would it
Posted 20 Mar 2013 13:49

either Jennifer Love Hewit or Kate Beckinsale, I haven't made up my mind yet, and apart from celebrities, there some girls I know that are really, really attracive...

Topic Who here is really still a Virgin. I'll Be honest, i will be the first one to admit to it?
Posted 20 Mar 2013 13:44

I'm still a virgin, and ready to wait till the moment is right ^^

Topic What are people's views on Virgins?! Would you prefer one or not?!
Posted 02 Feb 2013 16:52

I'm a virgin, I had a chance to lose my virginety with an ex-girlfriend, but I was a little nervous, and to be honest, she wasn't helping it, just staring at me, waiting for something to happen. I'm 20 and now more than a year and half single, I miss the feeling of loving someone, and knowing I missed my chance makes me feel sad, but at the same time I know I will have an other shot. So I'm just waiting for the right girl to make me happy. It's nice that this toppic came online because I don't really admit to people I'm a virgin...