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Topic What is something about YOU, that has remained the same since you were little.
Posted 08 Feb 2016 10:23

I will not share messy food with people - as a kid I would never lick another kid's ice cream etc. Even now I'm not too keen on dips and stuff.

Topic What is the number one place on earth you want to travel to?
Posted 08 Feb 2016 10:18

China. There are other places too but this one is my current desire to visit. It's proving very difficult to arrange.

Topic What the Dickens?
Posted 08 Feb 2016 09:56

My first encounter with Dickens was as a child. I read The Old Curiousity Shop. As a kid I just couldn't comprehend the end - my social conscience hadn't yet been aroused. By he way there is a new U.K. tv series where all the inhabitants of a street are well known Dickensian characters. It has mixed reviews I believe - though I haven't seen it myself my gut reaction is that it does sound a weird idea.

Topic What song(s) turn you on?
Posted 02 Feb 2016 07:12

Music is my passion but it doesn't work sexually with me - every other emotion romance, anger, defiance etc but not sex - I might acknowledge some performance or other as sexy but I don't get physically turned on by it. I get very excited by music jump around whilst playing solos on top of tables - anything to add drama but never get aroused by just listening to it. I suppose I'm always analyzing it so in the sexual sense it would be distracting especially for my partner.

''Oh Oh are you coming ?

Yes dear in Bb.''

Topic Sexual or non-sexual, what is the last thing you looked up online and where?
Posted 02 Feb 2016 07:07

How to play Stormy Monday in the Allman Brothers arrangement.

Topic Sexual or non-sexual, what is the last thing you looked up online and where?
Posted 15 Jan 2016 17:30

How to bake a frozen chicken pie.

Topic Best dialogs from the movies you seen.....
Posted 05 Jan 2016 04:37

''Don't look at me I'm just a poor corrupt official.'' Claude Rains as Louis the Police Chief in Casablanca.

Topic Would you consider it cheating if your gf/wife had sex with another girl?
Posted 05 Jan 2016 02:26

What about the converse? Is it just me or is it more socially acceptable for women to have sex with other women than ...

Topic What is your favorite romantic movie?
Posted 29 Dec 2015 12:00

An Affair To Remember.

Topic Sexual or non-sexual, what is the last thing you looked up online and where?
Posted 29 Dec 2015 01:42

Bus travel times to Velemin in the Czech Republic going there to booze it up and play guitars for New Year's.

Topic A good midnight snack
Posted 28 Dec 2015 14:01

Fried eggs, bacon, beans, sausages and chips (fries but not stupid skinny ones).

Topic What's your favourite joke?
Posted 05 Dec 2015 18:33

What's better than roses on a piano?

Tulips on an organ.

Ah that's a dialect joke. It would not be funny in the UK.

Topic What's the biggest age difference between you and someone you had sex with?
Posted 01 Dec 2015 08:10

Currently 35 years difference.

Topic Tell Us About Your Group!
Posted 20 Nov 2015 17:31

I've started various groups all musical ones they call them bands now but I always thought of a band as guys with saxes and trumpets etc whereas the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and Credence Clearwater Revival and The Kinks, and Turk Thrust and the Y Fronts were groups - beat groups.

Topic Golden showers
Posted 31 Oct 2015 08:44

The idea makes me feel physically sick but that's just me. What about the practicalities of this indulgence though? Does it always have to happen in the shower or bath? The implication of anywhere else just seems too grotty to contemplate.

Topic Yogi Berra, loveable American icon passed away.
Posted 02 Oct 2015 21:27

Must be a hard one to answer Jack. dontknow Is baseball played in the Czech Republic?

They have teams of girls that play something similar called Softball (again I'm baffled by the terminology as the ball is anything but soft) and also in the U.K there is a game usually played by girls called rounders that is similar to baseball maybe they should be allowed in the World Series.

Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 02 Oct 2015 21:19


(You lot speak ENGLISH!!! Badly, most of the time, granted...)

xx SF

(MEXICAN is NOT a language... SPANISH is. So is Nahutal.)

You're not aware of recent news items then? And were you referring to me when you said ''you lot''? I'm not from the US and also they don't speak English badly so much as they speak an archaic form of it. Their basic accent can be traced to Elizabethan English.

Topic Things Everyone But You Have Done...
Posted 29 Sep 2015 07:02

I've never watched a full episode of Game of Thrones and have no intention of every doing so.

Topic Things Everyone But You Have Done...
Posted 29 Sep 2015 07:00

That's easy...go rent it....giggles....hahhaha


It would also mean committing suicide so I wouldn't dare.

Topic Let Me Ask You This...
Posted 29 Sep 2015 06:56

AGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I get a nasty feeling in the back of my legs at the thought of having my tongue pierced but that's just because I'm an old fogie but as far as keeping it once you've done it goes it sounds a peculiar sort of double standard and downright hypocritical to say there has to be a time when it's not appropriate. I'd hate to think what would happen if the giraffe necked women had to take their rings away once they got older.

Topic Kissing after getting oral
Posted 29 Sep 2015 06:31

Whichever part of her body I've been involved with the thought of where mouths have been is a big turn on

Topic Do you like having your hair pulled during sex?
Posted 29 Sep 2015 06:24

What hair.

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 29 Sep 2015 06:23

Marks and Spencers tea. (It's hard to get good British tea here.)

Topic Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted 29 Sep 2015 06:15

The Wrong Man written by the bass player in the band. I had to revise it for tonight. It's a song he wrote about a true incident in the US where a lawman was wounded and transported by train for medical help but died on the way. Here are the lyrics below maybe some of you who live in the US may have heard about the incident.

The Wrong Man

Katie please if you don't mind.
Take my hand I'm goin' blind.
I see the shadow of my hesitation.

You think it might have to be
I told you when you married me.
I'm the wrong man.
I'm the wrong man.

The train is rumbling through the night.
I wrestle in and screw my sight.
I see the shadow of my apprehension.

If I had only gone for my gun.
The matter would be differently done.
I'm the wrong man.
I'm the wrong man.

A bullet wound is too serious.
They shipped me up to St Louis.
I see the shadow of the gateway city loom.

I see a place uncut with my name.
But that's not why I came.
I'm the wrong man.
I'm the wrong man.

I'll live as an amputee.
My children on my one good knee.
I'll look after sweet Katie.
I can't let them come for me
I'm the wrong man.
I'm the wrong man.
I'm the wrong man.
I'm the wrong man.

Topic Would you accept oral sex from a woman without knowing her sexual history first?
Posted 28 Sep 2015 03:49

I am confused by this question. Are we saying other forms of sex would be ok? Why particularly oral? I would surmise that of all the sexual encounters oral is probably one of the safest - unless the giver bites too hard and draws blood. :) This question may have more significance if it had said anal. Having said that I think the idea of sex with an unknown factor should always be with safety precautions for the sake of both parties.

Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 26 Sep 2015 05:32

Well whoever it is I hope they can speak American.