Group Sex(1)


Not-So-Much Sleep Over

Sleeping over just got more fun.

My first time was not long ago at a friend's house. My friend was a fraternal twin with his nice looking sister. One night they made their parents a deal. Chase (my friend) could have over one friend to spend the night(me), and Lauren (his sister) could have one. Lauren picked a hot friend of hers, Ashley. The 4 of us were all friends and had spent the night over like this before. So we...Read On




Me and my friend camping...

One time me and about 6 other guys went camping. We we're all the same age except for one of my friends who was 2 years younger then me. Well it ended up that me and him tented together. It was late, the other guys had gone on a hike, and we were talking about sex and masturbation. He said he had only done it a few times, but from us talking so much he knew that I did it A LOT. A little...Read On