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Topic One for the Biologists
Posted 13 Aug 2011 16:31

www . lolbrary . com / random / 5317 / holy-shit-atp-synthase /

I hate my computer - remove the spaces

Topic One for the Biologists
Posted 13 Aug 2011 16:30

Topic What does a man with an 8 inch penis have for breakfast?
Posted 05 Jul 2011 14:56

What does a man with a 9" penis have for breakfast?

Anything he wants........

xx SF

Well in that case i'll have bacon with eggs over easy

Topic New gym machine
Posted 02 Jul 2011 08:00

Sounds like a machine i played sometimes at the arcade - I WON EVERYTIME

Topic The Husband Store
Posted 17 Jun 2011 13:45

Sheer Brilliance

Topic Best place to hide porn
Posted 30 May 2011 04:17

You share a room with your brother you say?

Just put it in the bottom of one of his drawers, so if anyone finds it just blame it on him...that's what I would do...

Even though i share a room with my brother for the past 18 or so years, he's gay so putting the magazines in the bottom of his drawer wouldn't work at all.

Basically all of my room is off limits since i only own the top half of the room, that's right ladies and gents - i've got the top bunk so stashing under the bed is also a problem.

Has anyone had to be really crafty because of spring cleaning?

Topic Best place to hide porn
Posted 29 May 2011 16:30

I live at home with my parents and share a room with my brother and every so often i have to move aaround my collection of 'magazines' around the house so that they aren't found and i thought that this would be a good discussion thread on here, so without further ado:

Where do you hide your porn?

Topic Bad Fuck Tunes
Posted 17 May 2011 16:40

The phantom of the opera song

Topic Bad Fuck Tunes
Posted 17 May 2011 16:38

Any cover song from glee - hate that show

Topic Bad Fuck Tunes
Posted 16 May 2011 11:06

The hits of Gilbert & Sullivan

Topic Bad Fuck Tunes
Posted 14 May 2011 16:12

the bird is the word

Topic Last Post Wins!
Posted 10 May 2011 08:51


Topic Bad Fuck Tunes
Posted 10 May 2011 08:41

Like the good fuck tunes this thread is for those tunes that really ruin the mood when you're doing it.

so all in all this is basically a warning thread

I'm gonna get this ball rolling with this:

More-More Lovers - J-pop

Topic Good Fuck Tunes
Posted 10 May 2011 08:31

This is a thread where you can post what music you think are good to play in teh background when you're having sex.

I'm going to get the ball rolling with this little number:

2 People

Topic How to have a great 1st time
Posted 10 May 2011 08:24

my face has never been more redderr and i'm the one who talks the dirtiest out of my group of friends, i haven't been this embarresed since i was 13 and watching American Pie for the first time with my parents sitting next to me in my front room.

There are porn rules? have i been so sheltered? ha ha

When i said fuck tune i was asking for suggestions for a playlist - i might just make a couple of forum threads for good and bad fuck tunes

I've actually found a song online that can be played on repeat minus the squeky bit at start:

Topic How to have a great 1st time
Posted 09 May 2011 18:08

Also what would be a good 'fuck tune' ?

Topic How to have a great 1st time
Posted 09 May 2011 18:05

OK, first off i'd like to say i never expected a response in under 24 hours

also - oh my days, this is even better advice than i could ever expect - thank you

Would a mid-afternoon 'session' be good enough for the 'night' - i mean i jack off at least once every two days but i've never tried it twice in one night.

I'm no lightweight but i'm not aiming for the iron stomach and i've only really drank socially so unless my fikrst time is an orgy.... he he...

Even though i do watch watch porn i'm not going to take too much from it - in the uk there was a info show about the porn industry and how sex in relationships was becoming more... more... err... hardcore i guess and i just don't want my first time to be of me renembering 'the script' i saw the night beforehand. Not that i watch anything extreme like extreme BDSM or urination.

I would plan something along the lines of that - i've read a lot of manga that touch on the subject.

When you said communicate with your partner i just instantly thought of facebook chat. ha ha

I already know about condoms and have... tried... them.... out..............

I'm half glad that you didn't say - pull out the cigarettes or nicotine gum - i'll never look at jelly and ice cream the same way again. ha ha

WorkAlone - you have a great way with words don't you - almost had to reach for the tissues there. ha ha.

I already don't expect to be a porn star - most of the sotrylines help me to realise that they're not real. he he. I think i'll be able to multitask a bit - i just hope i don't end up fingering the wrong hole because i wasn't looking. ha ha

I've now got this plan of having a mini fridge next to the bed with desserts in it. ha ha

Is it better if the other person has had experience or is it more fun if both people find it to be a learning experience?

Topic I am naked because .....
Posted 09 May 2011 12:16

out of sheer boredom

Topic How to have a great 1st time
Posted 09 May 2011 11:38

Hey, my name's Jack and i'm still a virgin and even though i don't have a girlfriend i just want to know how to lose my virginity in a good way.

By this i mean not cumming after two minutes in the back of my car and that just being that.

Any advice would be apreachiated