The Hole in One

Fuck my ass, Charlie commanded.

The Hole in One Gerrard was lost in thought as he drove to the course. What had happened? Where had the years gone? What about all the promise he had shown? He knew damn fine what. He’d bottled it, that’s what. Whenever he got the chance he’d lost his nerve. So now he was an aging pro giving lessons to old duffers knowing full well he’d never realised his potential and was doomed to carry...Read On



Tie Me Up, Don't Tie Me Down

Marcy lay hancuffed and blindfolded on the bed and waited for Tom .....

Marcy and Tom checked into the hotel. Tom had a look of excitement on his face that wasn’t shared by his wife. She’d been left at home to look after the children. Marcy, his mistress, didn’t share the look of excitement either. Quite frankly, she was getting somewhat bored by Tom and his idea of a good time. She knew exactly what he had in mind for her. The stockings and suspenders, the...Read On

Group Sex(4)


All in a Day's Work

Jessica loves her work at the BC Research Centre ......

All in a Day’s Work Jessica stepped out of the shower and slowly dried herself. Back in the bedroom she inspected herself in the full-length mirror. God, she looked good. Her long black hair was tied in a tight bun at the back of her head exposing the full length of her slender neck. Her breasts were firm and full and her waist went in sharply from her chest before spreading out towards...Read On


If You Go Down in the Woods

What happens when Michael stumbles across a couple coupling in the woods ....

If You Go Down in the Woods It was a hot day so Michael decided to take his shirt off as he strolled along the bridle path. He took a swig from the bottle of water he was carrying and continued on his way. He’d been walking in the sun for more than an hour and up ahead he could see the path meandering towards the woods and he looked forward to reaching the shade and cooling down a little....Read On


Johny, Penny and Lenny

Where was she going? Johny couldn't resist the urge to follow .......

Jonathan stood up from his desk and wandered to the door. He’d come over all queer. He couldn’t breathe properly and he needed some air. He could feel the others watching him as he went, their eyes burning into the back of his head. Why can’t they just leave him alone and get on with their work? He passed through the door and on to the rear entrance. He was hit by the bright sunlight and...Read On


The Interview

Brendon was nervous as he waited to be interviewed .....

Brendan sat nervously in the waiting room. He wasn’t looking forward to the interview. He had never been any good at them. He fidgeted in his seat and played with the locks of the briefcase he’d brought with him. He jumped a mile when one of the latches suddenly sprang open. Closing it quickly he looked round the room to see if anyone had noticed then realised he was the only one there. The...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


In Car Entertainment

Jack and Jill have a long drive ahead of them .......

In Car Entertainment Jack turned onto the motorway and put his foot down. They’d got a long way to go and the light was fading fast. Not that he minded driving in the dark. In some ways it helped him to concentrate. It was just that Jill usually fell asleep and he got bored. He put a disc into the CD player and turned the volume up. “Too loud,” Jill shouted and immediately turned...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Eating Out

Eddie couldn't keep his eyes off the couple at the table opposite ....

Eating Out Eddie couldn't stop himself from sneaking glances at a couple at another table. From the corner of his eye he caught some movement and watched enthralled as the guy slipped his bare foot from his shoe and pushed it between the knees of the girl sitting opposite. She had let her legs part to accommodate the action but was still sitting demurely as if nothing was happening. ...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


It's Just a Game

Mark starts and on-line game of Scrabble .....

It’s Just a Game Mark arrives home from work and throws his briefcase on the couch. He logs on and checks his e-mails. Nothing important. Nothing that can’t wait. He logs into Facebook and after adding a couple of comments opens up Scrabble. He needs a bit of light relief after the day he’s had:- Game on. Mark FATE 14pts Hi Belinda, do you fancy a quick one? Belinda ...Read On


Le Cirque du Sexe

Max and Martine are in Paris. They've done all the touristy stuff. What will they do next?

Le Cirque du Sexe Max and Martine left the hotel in the Bastille and headed for the Metro. Max clutched the copy of Pariscope they had bought earlier to check out some things to do. Coming across a page devoted to real live sex acts Max had asked Martine if she were interested. “Yeah, why not,” she had said. "Something different.” Neither of them had been to a show like that before...Read On


Train Ride

Charlie wakes up with a start - if he isn't quick he's going to miss his train ....

Train Ride Charlie woke up with a start and looked at his watch. Fuck. Fifteen minutes to get the train. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Jumping out of bed too quickly he bends double as the searing pain runs through his brain. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Hangover. Never again. He throws on the clothes that he’d had the foresight to leave ready before he went out last night and grabs the bag that was all ready...Read On