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I make images for a living and stories for fun.

I like stories with at least a few crumbs of true experience in them, so most of mine are about half-true.

Constructive criticism, tips, ideas always welcome, and thank you in advance. Nonconstructive criticism should at least be funny and original.

I'm pretty happy to talk about most anything. I'd love to find similar souls to talk about sex or even co-create some interesting stories.

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Open Relationship
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22 Jul 2018 22:22
Hiking and biking in the great outdoors. Reading and writing in the also pretty great indoors. Photography, cooking, abandoned places, musty books, strong drinks, good grammar- especially double contractions I've never seen before.

Sex, of course, and pretty much anything to do with it. Slow burn erotica that turns me on ten minutes before I've realized it; skirts and shoes and everything between them.
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Coetzee, Nabakov, Le Guin, Mieville, Murakami, Fitzgerald, among others.
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witty + irreverent + animated = awesome
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Dispatch, Hozier, Amanda Palmer, Nahko and Medicine for the People, San Fermin, The Strumbellas, Trevor Hall, X Ambassadors.


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Topic: Does anyone know or have advice?
Posted: 13 Jun 2018 07:41

It’s not an in-person thing, but you might want to take a look at xruniversity.com. They have a ton of free (and lengthy) instructional videos of different scenes with a Dom and a Domme talking about what they’re doing, how to safely do it, what to watch out for, etc. They also have a BDSM 101 section with some other resources.

If you’re near a major city, check out the local dungeons or sex shops to see if they might have classes or workshops.

Have fun and best of luck!

Topic: 999 word story not being accepted to Flash Erotica?
Posted: 12 Jun 2018 11:24

This should hopefully be sorted now. Gav has fiddled with an algorithm. God, I love that man. He can fiddle with my algorithms any day of the week <img src="/images/emoticons/drunken_smilie.gif" alt="drunken">

Nice! Thank you! I wish great happiness for you and your algorithms. <img src="/images/emoticons/laughing7.gif" alt="laughing6">

Topic: 999 word story not being accepted to Flash Erotica?
Posted: 11 Jun 2018 13:24

Cut it down to 998 and it went through no problem. My theory? It counts the title. Mine has a one word title, which would have pushed 999 over the limit. No idea, though. <img src="/images/emoticons/dontknow.gif" alt="dontknow">

Thanks to all who answered!

Topic: 999 word story not being accepted to Flash Erotica?
Posted: 11 Jun 2018 12:24

It's been like that for years. The closest I've ever gotten is 998.

Look for contractions - I have to I've, I will to I'll, he had, to he'd - stuff like that. Chances are you'll save a few words that way and make the cut.

Best of luck!

Good advice! Thank you!

Topic: 999 word story not being accepted to Flash Erotica?
Posted: 11 Jun 2018 11:54

I've had this problem too, and never knew if it was the title (I tried cutting the tag line too) or just differing ways of counting words. I think 996 was my magic number.

Thanks for the info! I'll give 996 a try. But if anybody asks, I'm telling them it's 999. <img src="/images/emoticons/happy8.gif" alt="happy8">

Topic: 999 word story not being accepted to Flash Erotica?
Posted: 11 Jun 2018 11:11

Hiya, I've actually had this issue with my last two flash stories. Can you cut a couple of words out and see if that works? I think I went to 996 and it was fine.

I'll send Gav a PM as it sounds like a glitch.

J x

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm sure I can cut a few more words. I just had fun trying to land right at 999! <img src="/images/emoticons/icon_smile.gif" alt="icon_smile"> Thanks for the help!

Topic: 999 word story not being accepted to Flash Erotica?
Posted: 11 Jun 2018 10:50

Anyone know which submission fields contribute to the word count in the Flash Erotica category?

My word count in the story field shows as 999, but it keeps telling me I'm limited to 1000. I tried submitting with and without the one-liner with the same result. Surely not the note to Moderators?

Any ideas?

Topic: Have you fucked or been fucked at Work or on the premise at Work?
Posted: 24 May 2018 11:09

After hours on the boss's desk, in a conference room during a Christmas party, in the stairwell during a fire drill.

Topic: Do you love to finger a woman?
Posted: 24 May 2018 11:04

Absolutely. Back against the wall and plenty of eye contact!

Topic: Bare, trimmed, or bushy?
Posted: 24 May 2018 10:59

Trimmed is nice on the eyes, but bare is nice on the tongue.

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My wife works for a university with a large and well-known art program. She helps students find representation, learn how to advertise themselves, and tries to prepare them for the business side of the art world. She also helps organize the many shows, gallery openings and exhibitions for the college, which means that I am forever getting dragged to an endless series of the horrible things....

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The morning after it happened, I got up, went to class, went to the gym, had lunch, went to class again. It was a completely normal day. It wasn’t until I was halfway through my studio class later that afternoon that I heard the little voice in my head. ...what the hell did I do last night? I pushed the voice aside and focused on my painting. My edges were coming together, but I still...

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We laugh. We flirt. You inch your fingers across the tablecloth towards my hand. I grab your wrist and squeeze and see a tiny flash in your eyes. A glimmer of something inside you. Something you never share. Something alive-- precious and rare and savage. And when, outside, I roughly pull you toward me and press your body to mine, you fall almost limp-- instinctual surrender. But your kiss...

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