The Perfect Slave - Part One

Emi is introduced to two strangers by her owner

My house. 20:30. Wear nothing underneath your coat except corset, stockings and high heels.  Be ready to suffer, and expect the unexpected. If you let me down tonight, you will be punished severely. Xxx     Emi read the text message carefully, several times.  Expect the unexpected. She was used to getting orders like this from Birch, there was nothing he required that she hadn’t done before,...Read On


The Perfect Slave - Part Two

Emi discovers exactly what the strangers are waiting for...

Two pairs of eyes turned to study Emi in unison. A man and a younger woman.  The man was dressed casually, but his clothes were good quality and no doubt expensive.  The woman was wearing a long, belted overcoat and high heels.  Emi was reminded that she had very few clothes on, and reflexively moved to cover herself, before remembering Birch’s orders.  She forced her hands to remain by...Read On