Love Stories(2)


I Need You

Our little private holiday

I love visiting our special place, our private holiday. Just me and you. Where we can be together. The sun is beaming down on us as we lay on the beach, drinking and giggling. You rub suntan cream into my body and I feel little electric shocks tingling through my body whenever you touch me. I can't get enough of you, I love feeling your breath on the back of my neck as you rub my shoulders,...Read On


Trip to the beach

Fun at the beach leads to hot, passionate love making...

We are walking along the beach, the water gently lapping at our feet. You are holding on to me, and I can see the love in your eyes.  You pull me into you and kissed me hard on the lips, I moan slightly as you brush my hair out of my face and run your hands down the side of my body.  I push you and run into the ocean, giggling. You run after me, pick me up and spin me around. These moments...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


A Comics Treat

A sexy treat whilst he is hard at work

A comics treat I walk in to the room and see you at your desk. You are concentrating on your newest comic ideas, and don't even notice me enter. I am dressed fully in leather, just how you like it. My leather suit is crotchless so you can still get to my wet pussy.  I'm soaked in the anticipation of what is about to come. I stand behind you and grab you by your hair, I pull your head...Read On


Waiting for Robbie

No words are needed, he knows what is going to happen

When you pull up in the drive way from football, I am there, dressed in only a silk robe waiting for you. You step into the house and I see you swelling in your shorts instantly, I can see it's aching to be free. I kiss you deeply on the lips, and slowing massage your tongue with mine. I pull your shirt over your head and kiss down your chest. You're enjoying the teasing, but I can tell how...Read On