janes night in (Part 1)

Fun at home with Lucy, Jane, and Heather

story part 1 As usual on my day off, I was lounging around the house. I was on the pc on Lush after cleaning around the house. I was dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans and a top (no bra) which I do when I’m home. I was feeling rather horny as I always do after being on the pc. My name is Jane. “Hi mom, I am back” shouted Lucy as she came through the door. She...Read On


Janes night in part 2

Part two of janes adventure

After composing myself, I got changed, put on my best red thong and a short skirt with my white blouse, and went downstairs. The girls were sitting on the sofa next to each other. Lucy was in her boob tube, no bra and her short mini skirt. Heather was in jogging bottoms and her V top. Again she was wearing no bra, her perfect 34DD breasts hugging into her top, nipples prominent. The...Read On