janice gets personal with her family

two stories on one of janice in bed with several family members

We were waiting outside in my car, parked outside number 45. She opened the front door and waved. We hurried over and quietly through the front door. “Into the back room” Janice said. We went into the room, “I have told David not to come downstairs until 12:30” she said. The room was cramped, there was a treadmill with two sun chairs on it and a mattress propped up behind it and the pine...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Janice and Wayne

Wayne shows Janice how to make love in the back of a car and they meet friends

I met Wayne when we both worked at the old Park Lane college in Leeds. We went to the The Craven Heifer Inn on Grassington Road in Skipton. We had arranged it by email; he had sent a lovely invite to my address just after 12 noon. He parked the car then left the car to make a phone call outside round the back of his car. After the call, as we entered the Inn Wayne commented on the...Read On