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If I knew then, what I know now... I wouldn't have had any fun at all

07 May 2013 05:45

28 Apr 2013 14:12

There's something wrong, and there's something right... are you working up to something... would you ever be? would you be?

21 Sep 2011 16:05

It's a long story...

22 Mar 2010 19:35

Been reading an re-reading Lisa's "Desire Awakened" in Masturbation Stories. I'm blown away by the sensitive writing and the complex characters she develops around a masturbation scene in which the motives are not at all what you might expect.


24 Feb 2010 07:40

The new format is very visual, but there's a glitch somewhere in the "Recent Activity" data base.

13 May 2009 05:03