College Sex(1)


Sex Lessons in Chastity Hall

Learning the forbidden joys of female sexuality

Senior year at Pine Creek Academy. An unfamiliar local number flashes on my cell-phone screen. ”Hi, Mary. It’s Wendy!” Someone has the wrong number. But the voice is pleasantly feminine with a familiar intonation. "Yes. This is Mary,” I tease. "My, what a deep voice you have," Wendy says, quoting Little Red Riding Hood. "All the better to please you with, My Dear,” I...Read On



Foreign Study

Wait, Sarah whispered. I need you to watch.

The odds against an American child growing up to be an NFL Quarterback or Victoria Secret model are on the order of 20 million to one. Most of us live at the median of the bell curve of human possibilities. Average looks. Average physique. Average intelligence. Average motivation. Average sex appeal. Not me. I belong to a subgroup that is blessed–or cursed, depending on your...Read On

First Time(2)


Grinding with Gretchen

''Feel me,'' she whispered, guiding my fingertips between her legs

Junior year I transferred to Pine Creek Academy, a private school where the tuition was more than the average annual income back home. PCA was known for its gothic architecture, serious academics, and liberal outlook. Anyone 16 years old with an honors grade-point-average, for example, was eligible for the mixed-sex dormitory known on campus as Chastity Hall. I was still unpacking when...Read On


The Four Freshmen. Part I: Donna

They had a pact to share everything–including me

They weren't exactly international supermodels. Mary, Patty, Barbara and Donna were Freshman roommates making the best of an overcrowded dorm. I met Donna at a mixer the first weekend of our Freshman year. Within an hour we were naked. Donna was eager and willing, but still very much a virgin. Some guys would have charged ahead. But I couldn't. Not with a girl I'd known for less time than...Read On

Flash Erotica(2)


Fair Trade? Vodka for a Blow Job

''Are you sure?'' she asked. ''I don't mind sucking you off.''

A cheap liquor store like a dozen others in the West Village. Except as I pushed the door open, a small hand reached out and pulled me back onto the sidewalk. "Will you buy me a bottle of Grey Goose?" she asked. "I'll pay you." She was sixteen or seventeen with the kind of ripe, nubile beauty that drives older guys like me wild. "Sorry," I told her and headed for the door. "Please,"...Read On


Fuck, Yeah!

The sexual awakening of a sheltered girl has an unanticipated climax…

“I can’t,” Sally told me. “I promised Fred.” I was confused. Two weeks ago we’d fucked our brains out. “I thought you already auditioned every guy on campus, and found them all wanting.” The campus in question was an obscure New England college that catered to poor students from rich families. Before I could duck, she slugged me. Hard. “Owww… that hurts!” “I sure hope so,” she smirked....Read On



Manda's Massage: Table's Turned

I've seen videos of women who cum like a firehose. For Sis, it's more like a meteorological event.

My little Sister turns the key and swings open the door to her room at State U. I'm astonished by what I see. One wall is devoted to photos that Manda has taken of me--hundreds of them. They're dominated by a poster-sized enlargement, captured in our basement during a drunken game of teen-age strip poker. I'm wearing cotton briefs that leave nothing to the imagination--and a bashful grin. ...Read On



She Milked Me

Nothing prepared me for this...

I was born with an ear for music. Even after football practice derailed my formal flute lessons, I learned a couple of new pieces every year. By the time I turned seventeen, I had a self-taught repertoire ranging from gospel to jazz. So, when an evangelical Korean family rented a Summer cottage near ours, my dear Mother volunteered my services as an unpaid music tutor. Su-Yun was about...Read On


Across the Courtyard

An impromptu musical duet ends with strangers revealing everything across a Paris courtyard

The thing about Paris at 3AM is that there's no place to go where the sidewalks haven't been rolled up for hours. So I count sheep and try practicing scales on my flute. But nothing brings sleep. Then, from the building across the courtyard, comes the faint sound of a cello playing the lush melody of Duke Ellington's "Satin Doll:" Cigarette holder which wigs me Over her shoulder, she...Read On


Marie's Chamber

Marie invites Jason to her Paris dorm where their musical duet builds to another resounding climax

I buzz myself in with Marie's door code. In the lobby, I find the girl whose melon-sized breasts and pouting lips aroused me last night as I watched through her window while she danced topless and alone. She smiles bashfully when I step aside to let her pass--and I feel a small prick of guilt for having violated her privacy. Then again, she must know, they all must know, that the hotel...Read On


Voice Chat with the MSN Virgins

A true story from the early days of MSN voice chat

The conversation was polite but nuanced. At least she was picking up on my double entendres. When we exchanged photos, I nearly fell off my bed. She'd be considered a knockout in any part of the world. I told her exactly that, and asked if she wanted to switch to voice chat. "We are 2 girls here," she replied. "That is photo of my friend Igzi." "Igzi is a dream come true! Want to talk to...Read On



Tracy's Mom

It wasn't Tracy, but Tracy's Mom who watched me intently from the darkness

Our Summer cottage in Western PA was the setting for many of my early erotic adventures. One in particular will be forever etched in my memory. It began the day I overheard my Mom gossiping about the family that had leased the cottage next door. "I hear she's a divorcee with a teen-age daughter," Mom hissed with disapproval. Naturally, when a station wagon arrived next door a few days...Read On


Tommy's Naughty Mommy

A cub and a cougar. But who's seducing who?

"They said, 'Yes!'" I told Tom as we tossed our helmets and pads into lockers and walked to the shower room. To my amazement, my parents had given me the green light to fly to Los Angeles and stay with Tom's family for Thanksgiving. The only hitch, I had to take college admissions tours of UCLA and USC while I was in California. "No problem," Tom told me. "I'll drive you to East LA...Read On


In The House of Forgotten Cameras

You’ve never met a cougar like Jillian. Pray you never do…

"Could you help me with my camera?" she asked. I was trying to pull the fog-shrouded pylons of the Golden Gate Bridge into focus on the ground glass of my old view-camera. As if by magic, Jillian's lithe silhouette emerged from the swirling fog. Even in the inverted image on the camera’s focusing screen, she was most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. "Umm… I guess. Sure." I stammered,...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Manda's Massage

Charlie stops for a massage on the way to visit his foxy next-door neighbor at college.

On the spur of the moment, I decide to make a surprise visit to my next-door neighbor at State U. Partly it's because I haven't seen her since Christmas. But mostly, it's because she's an incredible fox. And so are her friends. She wasn't always so hot. Growing up, she was just the sweet little kid next door. Amanda was pretty, to be sure, but a skinny little tomboy you'd never give a...Read On