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Topic Sex Writing Playlists!
Posted 07 Aug 2009 04:13

I never listen to music when I write sex scenes as I like writing them in the early hours in the morning when it's nice and dark outside and it's peacefull, I just get lost in my own imagination.

When I'm feeling like that I put on Michael Nyman's "The Piano" soundtrack on repeat. It makes a really good sonic backdrop to intense, tumultuous writing.

Topic Sex Writing Playlists!
Posted 07 Aug 2009 04:11

I have Corrine Bailey Rae on a c.d from Joe Wiley Radio 1 live Lounge c.d, there's loads of covers of other people's songs all Live there Great!
I love the Paolo Nutini-Candy, Loving the video and his voice, this song while watching the video made me so emotional loved it.

Oh totally -- have you heard Leona Lewis's Live Lounge cover of Snow Patrol's Run? It's amazing and so much more emotional than the original.

Agree re: the Candy video -- it's just *sexy* and the colours are so beautiful.

Topic Sex Writing Playlists!
Posted 07 Aug 2009 02:17

Great post Jasper. Welcome to the site.

You have an excellent taste in music icon_smile

Thanks, Nicola :D

I saw from another thread that we have quite similar British music tastes!

Topic Sex Writing Playlists!
Posted 07 Aug 2009 02:13

Hi everyone, thought I'd try to compile a playlist of a few of the songs that always inspire me when I'm trying to write sex scenes -- in the hopes that some of you will also offer up some of your favourites! Links are to YouTube. Apologies if there's already a thread for this somewhere, this seemed like a good area to post vids in....

Street Spirit -- Radiohead
Always my number one sex song. There's something about that bassline combined with Thom Yorke's voice that just gets me trance-like, right in the mood.
Listen Street Spirit

505 -- Arctic Monkeys
Great sexy lyrics, lovely little Alex Turner, and his VOICE. Inspiring.
Listen 505

Weapon -- Matthew Goode
There's an edge of danger in this song that *gets* me low and deep.
Listen Weapon

Glory Box -- Portishead
Pretty much any Portishead song would be appropriate here, except maybe The Rip , which is so brilliant it just empties any thought whatsoever from me (or makes me want to write Terminator 2 fanfiction)!
Listen Glory Box

Candy -- Paolo Nutini
I enjoy the wavery, wistful, neediness of this song. It makes me want to be generous, and give him some candy, even though he doesn't deserve it.
Listen Candy

I've Got Your Number -- Elbow
Mmmm Guy Garvey's voice. Elbow are usually about love for me; here it's all pure sex.
Listen I've Got Your Number

I Spy -- Pulp
Okay, don't laugh, but Jarvis Cocker IS sex. It's just WRONG that he is, but it's true. I laughed my ass off when I first heard this song, but then it started to work for me. It's all about Jarvis; he's like a porn mesmerist (or something!) -- he'll get you writing all sorts of nasty things if you let him.
Listen I Spy

The Heart's Filthy Lesson -- David Bowie.
Listen The Heart's Filthy Lesson

SexyBack -- Corinne Bailey Rae
Love this cover, think it's so much more fun and sexier than the original in this jazzy form.
Listen SexyBack

Uno -- Muse
The lyrics and the video always make me want to write very adolescent people being mean and selfish in bed. Also noteworthy is Matthew Bellamy looking very young and edible.
Listen Uno

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 31 Jul 2009 09:24

Right at this second, Black Eyed Peas -- Boom Boom Pow on repeat.

I'm a beast when you turn me on
Into the future cybertron
Harder, faster, better, stronger
Sexy ladies extra longer

LOL! Fun song!

Topic Which bands have you seen Live?
Posted 28 Jul 2009 05:01

Welcome, Jasper. We do have threads about "sexy music", etc., but not about writing to playlists.

Ah cool, I'll search those out. Maybe it's time to put together a playlist to share as well :D

Topic Which bands have you seen Live?
Posted 27 Jul 2009 07:30

Love seeing live music, among others have been to Radiohead, Franz Ferdinand, Elbow, Jarvis Cocker, Blur in the past year! Seeing Muse this November (yay!).

All of the music is very sexy to write to as well and Alex Kapranos (lead singer of Franz Ferdinand) has been very inspiring lately!

Hello, btw, am new :D Just entered a story in the first time competition.

Now I'm wondering -- Is there already a thread on sexy-music-to-write-to playlists??