An introduction

Open the door into a new world of sexual delight.

Diana strutted through the swinging glass doors like she was entering the mall or her favorite coffee shop. In some ways, her mindset was the same. I'm just coming to see what this is all about, that's all, she thought to herself. After all, what could happen? Three steps into the space, her strut become something more like a stutter and then, a complete stop. Before her, instead...Read On



Senataion, tittilation and anticipation in the bedroom.

She'd been there for hours, it seemed. Lying on her back, spread-eagled, wrists and ankles secured to bed posts, blindfolded and isolated. She could hear him rustling around - initially, she'd though he had tied her up and left, but he was there, he would never put her in danger that way. She could smell the musty odor of him - aftershave splashed on hurriedly before the sun crawled above...Read On


Bondage in the urban wasteland

The right spot for some hot bondage.

It wasn't easy to find the right spot - but I looked and looked - it had to be perfect: industrial, abandoned, out in the open, yet secluded. Finally, after three days of driving endlessly through the wasteland of closed factories, chemical plants and cavernous assembly lines at the edges of our metropolis, I found it: a drainage ditch stretching itself from an old tannery long since...Read On


Forest For the Trees

Bondage in the big woods

She trudged on through the endless, winding trail of ankle-scathing brush, eye endangering branches and hot, sweaty summer air, not wanting to think about the man who walked behind her with a buggy whip in his hand. A pack full of ropes and other "toys" weighed down on her shoulders, the pack straps like trails of fire, cutting deep into her flesh, as she continued to labor, seemingly...Read On



Every wonder what you might see if you could see in every home you drove by?

The loops of leather tightly wrapped around her breasts then fastened to the harness she wore caused those breasts to stand out proudly, reddened, just out there for the use and abuse of her Master. The harness was a simple thing, really.  Basically, a "V" running from crotch to shoulders, from front to back.  The bottom was cleverly sewn so that He could have access to her cunt and ass, but...Read On


Punishment and Reward Via Remote control

How do you punish your submissive when she lives half-way across the country?

Jamie lives half the country away. This would be fine, except Jamie is my submissive, is collared to me and is my lover and friend. In order to overcome these difficulties, we manage to use a couple of tools, and use them well. First and foremost, of course, is the airplane. We can scrape the money together to fly, one to the other or vice versa about every other month. It's the days in...Read On



A punishment lovingly delivered by her Dom.

The beginning of our date was centered around negotiations. "You know I didn't intend to upset you, Sir." "I know you didn't. But you did. It's been a few days, I am not upset any longer, but you do understand that, per our agreement, there are consequences, don't you?" "Yes, Sir." "And ultimately, those consequences are rewards, aren't they, dear?" "Oh, yes, Sir. I do like it when you...Read On


Something Old, Something New

They were kinky, but they'd fallen into a rut. He decided to break them free ...

They began as they usually did. It was funny how, even in the unconventional ways that the pair had sex, what once was shocking and adventurous could become the norm. They kissed, he bit. He pulled her hair, she sighed and tried to fight. He knew things were beginning to feel a bit stale, for both of them, so he had already planned a more diverse evening of devious pleasure for them...Read On


You make these sounds

Slut describes how she enjoys Sir's sounds when he enters her.

"I love the sounds you make," she said. "It's like you've entered heaven when you penetrate me. "Did you know that the sounds you make are different for each hole you fuck?" "Are they, my little slut?" "Oh, yes Sir, they are. You moan when you fuck my pussy." "Whose pussy, slut?" "Yours, Sir. I am sorry, Sir." "No need to apologize. I just want to make sure you remember who you...Read On



The wilderness, an afternoon and punishment

She tempted fate by taunting him. Now he punishes her for her transgressions.

She had been giving him little jabs in the ribs all week. A comment here. A carefully aimed barb there. It was part of their game, yes, part of how they bantered, but he had been taking note of her misbehavior and planning the consequences she so deeply desired. When she told him he was a pansy for letting her brat him so much, he decided it was time to teach her a lesson. He didn't take...Read On