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Topic Is there another story category you'd like to have on Lush?
Posted 04 Nov 2014 07:43

Not quite a reply to the OT but IMHO since so many have decided they possess poetic chops I think it might be a good change to give the preview of entries to that category in the poetic form in which the text is written. In that particular genre, form is often as important as phrasing. Returning to the OT: I think there are already sufficient categories from which to choose...or to confuse me, whichever comes first. The aforementioned preview ought to be enough to allow a reader to filter-out a peice he doesn't desire to peruse.

Topic Body modification and 'suspension'
Posted 29 Oct 2014 06:59

Not going to divulge where this comes from. Trust me, if somebody undertook to hang me up from the skin on my back you'd hear the hollering all the way to the UK. But from what I have been told the phenomenon of body suspension is less to tingle the masochistic nerve we all have on board than it is for erotic effect and to showcase the skill of piercing and/or the body jewelry involved. As repugnant as many of us find the practice it seems there is a highly specialized, very motivated group involved with this "art form".

Topic How childish! Do you get this?
Posted 29 Aug 2014 08:22

As in so many of life's pursuits, what you don't say resounds more loudly than what you do choose to verbalize. Where personalities are allowed to trump honest criticism a system of selecting quality is useless. This, as I only learned through trial and error, is the way Lush works. Get over it, you aren't on a site dedicated to improving authors, you're on a social networking site that utilizes erotic vignettes as a draw.

Topic Sterilisation for Drug Addicts
Posted 25 Oct 2010 16:55

Unless I am sadly mistaken, a not unthinkable conclusion, painful anger can be imputed in the words of one or more of the participants in this topic, empathy in some others, pathos in one or two. In this sterilization scenario, sans the equivocation of temporary this-and-that and the hyperbole generated by emotional involvement, it appears all that's left is to appoint an arbiter of who, and when, a casual user devolves into a hopeless addict and when he or she is to be deprived of his reproductive rights. From amongst which group will you look first, the understanding or the legalistic? Or will the matter be turned-over to what we hope will be the cold calculations of a beneficent government?

Topic Sterilisation for Drug Addicts
Posted 23 Oct 2010 11:43

As is true in the case of yesterday's "sub-human" slave and the disenfranchised woman of the 19th century, societal mores quickly overtake our tardy identification of what, and who, is guilty of aberrant behavior. Are today's drug addicts new appointed subjects for medically oriented social experiment ala Dr. Mengele?

Topic A Mosque at ground zero.
Posted 30 Sep 2010 11:12

I know it will earn few points for popularity but I think that occasionally some are so enamored of instant gratification that they fail to consider what would happen to the freedom to contribute to a site like "Lush" on the off-chance we were someday saddled with the Sharia Law these mosque-building zealots would like to see imposed. Complacency is the proverbial path of least resistance and you can too easily fall victim to an over abundance of a good thing while occupied with assiduously denigrating the opinions of those with whom you disagree.