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thanks for adding me
08 Feb 2013 03:59
hi thanks for adding me I look forward to chatting to you soon
19 Nov 2012 10:15
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
27 Apr 2012 02:00
jazzybabe Says "Just made cookies , Mmm Cookies mmmmm nom nom nom what kinda cookies
31 Jul 2011 08:39

Hey, thanks for accepting my request. You seem really interesting and fun so I hope we get to talk some time.
23 Jul 2011 15:56
WOW your eyes are amazing and capitvating......my favorite thing in another person.....they are the gateway to the soul and can speak volumes without a word,,
23 Jul 2011 13:28

hugs and kisses i'm right here!
03 Jul 2011 16:06
08 May 2011 09:26
Happy belated Birthday Sweetie! Hope you had a great day and have a wonderful weekend! Randy
29 Apr 2011 10:17
Hey jazzy I appreciate the add. I look forward to hearing about our shared incest fantasies! Talk to ya soon
02 Dec 2010 11:47
thanxs for the add
27 Oct 2010 07:33

kisses love you lots, sweetie - hope you're doing well!
21 Aug 2010 09:15
Great to be your friend on Lush! Hope to chat up some incest with you sometime. See yah, Reeb
14 Aug 2010 09:08
um um hows come u dont say nothings abouts u teddy fur
08 Aug 2010 20:21

hugs tight thanks for the lovely note, but really, i am SO not a queen... more like umm... the court jester or something! giggles you made my day, btw, so thank you. !
05 Aug 2010 01:02
hey little sis. i miss you call me.
04 Aug 2010 20:35

love you lots, sweetie, and missing you! - hope you're doing well. hugs tight
01 Aug 2010 10:29

well written and horny
29 Jul 2010 13:29
omg what an great story keep it up hunni hugs
29 Jul 2010 03:49

you're an author! hugs tight fantastic! dances you around the room
28 Jul 2010 22:15
aha you guys are so silly hugs both of you and winks at sprite don't listen to daddy you can take me out whenever you want
27 Jul 2010 12:08

10 PM! grumbles that's just... stamps foot SO unfair! just saying! anyways, ok, then... 10 PM a week from today, right?
27 Jul 2010 11:22

shows up on your front step with flower, wearing a crooked tie, and shuffling my feet umm... i've come to ask your Daddy's permission to take you out... giggles and hugs you really are Ms. Sunshine! have a great day - talk to you soon! kisses
27 Jul 2010 08:56

you are so full of sunshine and laughter hugs thank you for sharing it!
26 Jul 2010 23:36

hugs you are SOOO cute! blushes just HAD to tell you!
25 Jul 2010 10:31

hugs it was wonderful meeting you! i hope to get a chance to play again sometime shy smile
24 Jul 2010 01:31