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John Doe Nunyer
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I'm here to tell stories and, when I have the time, read some of the excellent stuff other people are writing. Not much else. Like most authors, I love receiving feedback from readers. But I'm not interested in cybersex or exchanging pictures or any of that.
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A Song of Ice and Fire, The Great Book of Amber, Dark Tower, Dresden Files, Harry Potter
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George R.R. Martin, Roger Zelazny, Stephen King, James Butcher, JK Rowling
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Se7en, Memento, Inception, Dark Knight, The Departed, Gone Baby Gone, No Country for Old Men, the Matrix, Harry Potter movies, Silent Hill, Hostel, Quarantine, the Strangers, Team America: World Police
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Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Deftones, Brand New, Hurt


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05 Aug 2011
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Homelands Pt 1 Ch 15-16

I tried locating Mom after that. Itworked much easier than the time I'd spied on Liz. Almost instantly, I sensed who was fucking her. All six of them. Jack and Mark. Vince and Ishmail. Todd and Dom. Letting out a dejected sigh, I severed the link, or dismissed the supernatural connection, or hung up, or whatever the hell the term was. No doubt Iva would know and could make me feel like...

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Homelands Pt 2 Ch 03

All of that flashed through my mind, inperfect detail, in a matter of moments. At least, I knew it had to be mere moments. It felt like it had been hours, or days. But Mom was still sitting in my lap, Brie still standing behind her playing with her hair softly. For a moment, I thought Mom was riding me, Brianna yanking her hair and fucking her ass hard, the way my father had been...

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Homelands Pt 1 Ch 06

Jack, Todd and I popped out of our skisand placed them in the rack outside the mountainside cabin in which we were staying. "How awesome is this?" Todd asked. "Don't have to hike across the parking lot to your car. Just ski right up to the cabin and you're done." Jack and I agreed. I wasn't sure how we'd managed to arrange for our three families to share one of these cabins. They had to...

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Homelands Pt 1 Ch 03

I went back to the suite, feeling like steam should be billowing out of my ears. Naturally, I realized I had no right to be upset. Neither about the fact that the three of them were so cavalier about fucking their family members, against the most basic moral instinct, nor about the fact that Dom had sex with Mom before I did. How could I be appalled that they were proud of what they'd done?...

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Homelands Pt 2 Ch 13

Had it not been for what Grandma had done to me, I could have gotten through the day without sleeping. But that had taken too much out of me, even though Grandma hadn't even been trying to wipe me out. I woke up a little before five. That gave me just enough time for some coffee and a shower that wouldn't need to be rushed. I brewed a pot, which was of course really just a cup. It was stale...

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Homelands Pt 1 Ch 02

The hotel had reserved a room just for us. We had a nice fixed menu with three courses and an open bar. Couldn't ask for much more. But it was hard to focus on dinner, I was so enraptured by the visions of beauty surrounding me. Our ordinary versions were nowhere to be seen. And none of the women wore outfits that were remotely appropriate for a family gathering of any kind, in any season. ...

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Homelands Pt 2 Ch 10

Afterwards, I came back inside and went looking for Iva. Time to end this. As it turned out, my aunt was coming down the stairs into the living room just as I walked in from the kitchen. She wore six inch black stilettos, red fishnet thigh-highs attached to a black satin garter, and a black and red corset that did wonderful things with her big breasts. Yup. It had been unfair of me to...

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Homelands Pt 2 Ch 06

To my great disappointment, Mom shot me down when I made a pass at her. At first, I'd thought that maybe I'd slipped up and laid too heavy a veil over her memories, and had a miniature panic attack as I wondered how she'd react to her son trying to talk her into having sex with him if she really, truly believed we were a normal family. But when she told me I would just have to wait until...

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Homelands Pt 1 Ch 07

My head ached something fierce the nextmorning. It took me a long time to get out of bed, and even longer to shower. It was almost noon when I came out into the sitting room. Mom was in the kitchenette, fixing soup and sandwiches. Only it wasn't Mom. It was the sex kitten my brothers and I had ravaged last night. She wore a gray silk negligee that didn't cover more than a fraction of her...

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Homelands Pt 2 Ch 02

The next few days were torture. I knew what was coming, but I had no idea when. And because I wasn't supposed to know, I couldn't ask. Dom probably would, were he in my shoes. He'd be confident that Mom would forgive him for eavesdropping on her and Dad, and he'd almost certainly be right to do so. But then, I wasn't Dom. Part of me wanted to talk to him about it. Ask what Mom was like. But...

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