Night Seeing chapter 2

Mom catches her son using her panties

It was 2 days after I had first cum while wearing my step-mom’s (Ruth) panties. I had taken them out of her laundry to masturbate with, and had completely soaked them with my cum. I hoped she would not notice when she did the laundry, but wondered what she would think if she did discover it. I was lying on my bed, just in my jockeys again looking at Playboy. My cock was in it’s usual...Read On



Night Seeing

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It was a hot summer night and I was alone. My parents were out and I was a typical 16year old…horny. I took the most recent Playboy from its hiding place and began to read it. OK, I wasn’t really reading, I was looking at the pictures. This was many years ago when Playboy was the only place to see naked breasts and airbrushed pubic areas. I was wearing just my Jockey shorts and lying on...Read On