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I am looking to break up the monotony of everyday life Also to. make new friends and enjoy life.

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What's left of the right coast.
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24 Apr 2018 11:06
Skiing, Snowboarding, Moutain Biking, Scuba Diving Muff Diving, Hiking, being a dad, Gemstone cutting, making custom jewelry, working with my hands, Open wheel auto racing, Ralley Racing, and learning new things.
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Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Cosmos, Origin of Species, Hunt for red October,Lord of the rings, Catcher in the Rye,Short stories:( Harrison Burgeron, Ferinheight 451, Metomorphisis), 1985, Many others, too many to list.
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Paul Adams, JRR Tolkin, George Orwell, Tolstoy, Kafka, Darwin, also too many to list.....
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Blazing Saddles, History of the world Part 2, All you wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask, Avatar, Rollerball, Etc........
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I like most 80's vintage music, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and other Blues bands. Jazz, all types. Very little rap, but a few select artists. Folk and Live music.


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Topic: At least 18 children and 9 others dead in Connecticut school shooting. Does this change your mind ab
Posted: 14 Dec 2012 14:00

I live and have grown up in Connecticut. This state has some of if not the top 3 strictest gun controls in the nation. There are more people in this state that oppose guns than those of us who own them. As with any tragic and horrific event the Monday morning quarterbacks come out of the wood work and cry for control this, or take away that, or critique who did what wrong.
Like it or not 20 families do not have their precious children to raise any more. Also 7 Adult family members are also no longer with us. It is not fair that it was, "their time"... but using events like this to forward an ajenda is wrong, it insults the living survivors and the deceist victims and their families. When you see you loved ones give them a hug tonight, tell them that you love them and reflect on how lucky you are.
Even with all the laws and banning guns altogether things like this will happen reguardless of what laws, rules, or beliefs you have. A person that is not "normal" and willing to die will always, unfortunately do their worst... no matter what is in their way. All you can do is be aware of your surrondings, be compassionate to those who have it worse than you, and value the precious short time we enjoy each day on this planet. Remember no one is guaranteed a new sunrise, so carpe diem.

Topic: Pet names for body parts
Posted: 20 Feb 2012 14:50

Someone christened my boobs Bootsie and Snudge lol

I don't really do pet names for body parts though...

I may refer to body parts as funny names sometimes, but that's just a general thing: Male genitalia - dooglies - ("stop shooglin' yer dooglies"), Undercarraige. Testicles: Pom poms

Breasts: bangers, tits, diddies

Pussy: fanny, pie

(BTW - I don't generally use these, but once I started typing, I found myself thinking of some of the silly names I've heard...)

That could be a whole new thread on it's own, huh?

<img src="/images/emoticons/Lfunny.gif" alt="Lfunny">

This is exactly what I was trying to have people contribute to the thread. The names don't have to be of your own parts, but of love ones, ones you heard that were funny etc.
<img src="/images/emoticons/giggle.gif" alt="giggle">

Topic: Pet names for body parts
Posted: 20 Feb 2012 12:05

I am curious to know people's pet names for their body parts. I bet there are some pretty funny ones out there. For Example, wife's breasts are named Morsel, and the other is named Snack.... sort of a inside joke from when she breast fed.

FYI - I did a forum search prior to posting this and found nothing....soI am looking forward to some creative and funny names people have attached to their body parts.....

Topic: Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted: 09 Feb 2012 20:49

Please put a next (next page) button spaced a few spaces after the last page button on the top of the forums. This would make it easier for those of us with fat thumbs on smart phones to navigate. Also space further to the left the "who's online" hyperlinks on the chat rooms main page list. This will help opening this drop down without accidentially opening the room due to the sacing being to close and having fat thumbs again on a touch screen.


Topic: Wireless Remote Vibrators
Posted: 07 Feb 2012 09:42

<img src="/images/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif" alt="icon_biggrin">

oh, i have a question about these, seeing as how umm... i think my wireless is dying from over use... <img src="/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" alt="Embarassed"> do you have to do the sense motion thing or can you just turn it on and have it vibrate? reason i'm asking is sometimes i like to 'go solo' and keep the remote in my purse.... actually, that brings up another question - if i slip the remote into my boot or something like that, will the motion of my walking control the vibrations too?

btw, Damn you Doll, these things are expensive, but we still swear by our Soraya, so... <img src="/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" alt="Embarassed">

Yes, the hand held controller does have sense motion. You can turn it on and have it just vibrate. To do that you push the center button 3 times to get the hand held controller past the first 2 sense motion settings.

As far as your boot goes, push the center button 2x, this will putit into motion sensing mode. The faster it moves the stronger the vibe.....
In your case running would turn into a new sport. Humm, can she make a mile before she cums??? Would make an interesting wager...

Finally, yes I agree they are very expensive... but we have had a lot of fun with it so far, I think we got our money's worth.

I think I will ask my wife to take up jogging the next time I go for a run <img src="/images/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif" alt="icon_biggrin">

Topic: Swingers club visit
Posted: 06 Feb 2012 15:57

Would you go to a swingers club with your partner, even if neither one of you
have ever done anything like this before?

( In other words neither one of you are presently in the "lifestyle" )
You both are an "average" couple looking for fun........

Topic: What would do with the avatar above you in the shower?
Posted: 31 Jan 2012 23:54

Invite her spouse to help me clean her inside and out, ;-)

Topic: Guilty or Innocent.
Posted: 31 Jan 2012 23:50


Have you ever had sex in a easly seen public place?

Topic: Around the world.
Posted: 31 Jan 2012 23:42

Connecticut USA

Topic: What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted: 31 Jan 2012 23:39

Explore fun carnal escapades.

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