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The girl with the rainbow umbrella.

I actually do have one. I'm Scottish and it rains a lot. You either walk in the rain or you don't go out very much. I choose to walk in the rain and I choose to be colourful. Makes me happy.

I love the wind and the rain. I love darkness and the stars at night. I love people in all their forms. I find them fascinating, our differences and our similarities.

I'm happily married and have been for many years. Daily I am reminded of how lucky I am and I try not to take him for granted.

I like poetry that makes me stop and think and stories that arouse me to the point where I have to do something about it, lol.

I like Rachel. She's pretty and lovely but she's very short.

I love erotic pictures, whether they be sensual or hardcore. Please post freely.

Be nice to one another.


Relationship Status:
Taken by sprite
Lost in my own mind, Scotland
Local Time:
16 Oct 2018 04:48
Travelling, reading, photography, cookies
Favorite Books:
Sci-Fi, murder mystery, romance, fantasy. I still love kids/teen/young adult books because of the imagination in them
Favorite Authors:
James Rollins, Lee Child, Piers Anthony, Matthew Reilly, Nora Roberts, Barbara Michaels, Robert Jordan, Alistair MacLean, Christopher Pike
Favorite Movies:
The Goonies, Labyrinth, Back to the Future, Wild Orchid, Overboard, Die Hard, The Avengers
Favourite TV Shows:
GoT, Firefly, Castle, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Big Bang Theory, Banshee, You're The Worst, Modern Family, Stranger Things, izombie, Friends, Big Little Lies, Doctor Who
Favorite Music:
Springsteen, Scandinavian pop/rock and a whole range in between. There's not much I don't like other than jazz. Jazz makes me angry.

Music, flooding my senses in a darkened room while a storm rages outside, is my idea of heaven.


Date Joined:
24 Sep 2011
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36,665 times

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Topic: Awesome Award 10/2/18: Etairay
Posted: 08 Oct 2018 11:41

Many congrats, E. Keep being awesome. Sounds like it comes naturally though <img src="/images/emoticons/bighugs.gif" alt="Big Hugs"> <img src="/images/emoticons/toothy2.gif" alt="toothy2">

Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Awesome Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 25 Sep 2018 15:14

Hello Grace, Welcome to Lush <img src="/images/emoticons/pourwine.gif" alt="Pour Wine">

I'm feeling generous and have gifted you a gold membership so just send in your forum rank request. I hope you're enjoying your time on Lush.

I'll share my generosity and buy all the drinks for everyone who stops in here today. Lemonade, please.

What an absolutely lovely gesture <img src="/images/emoticons/bighugs.gif" alt="Big Hugs">

Topic: Global Earth VS Flat Earth...This may be fun...smiles
Posted: 23 Sep 2018 02:17

Here's the problem trying to convince flat earthers that the earth is actually a globe. If you're silly or ignorant enough to ignore the accepted laws of physics, science and testimony from countless astronauts who have been in space, then you're unlikely to be convinced by rational arguments or pictures.

I haven't yet heard of anyone falling off, so...

Topic: Lush Photographers, Post "Your" Photos Here
Posted: 23 Sep 2018 01:49

On the Isle of Skye, driving south from Dunvegan. I actually tinkered with filters for this one, but in the end I decided I couldn't improve on it, so this is its natural state <img src="/images/emoticons/toothy2.gif" alt="toothy2">


Topic: EP award - Spin - jaded_buddha - 20th September 2018
Posted: 20 Sep 2018 05:01

Fantastic story. Really well done. You could write out a recipe and I'd read it, lol x

Topic: Series Award - The Most Erogenous Zone - Stormdog - 17th Sept 2018
Posted: 18 Sep 2018 13:55




Genuinely, I don't know how SD does it. I struggle to write a flash and he just effortlessly (so it seems) spits out a gazillion-word series, which is interesting and hot and intense and exciting like it's no bother at all. I'm supremely jealous!

I loved this series. I was hooked from the first chapter. The characters are immediately so well defined that you are invested in them and want to know more. The premise is just great and you can tell he had a lot of fun with it.

And the sex? Ooft, off the charts. We got your onesomes, your twosomes, your threesomes... I got tangled up just reading it.

If you fancy getting your teeth into something meaty, then I highly recommend this. A unanimous vote from the panel, and thoroughly well deserved award to one of Lush's most talented and also nicest writers.

Well done <img src="/images/emoticons/toothy2.gif" alt="toothy2">

Topic: Moderator of the Month for August
Posted: 14 Sep 2018 03:49

Aww CG. Love you madly. You're pretty damn awesome <img src="/images/emoticons/bighugs.gif" alt="Big Hugs">

Topic: Moderator of the Month for July
Posted: 14 Sep 2018 03:49

Well done, Jai. You're an absolute delight to have around <img src="/images/emoticons/bighugs.gif" alt="Big Hugs">

Topic: latest movie that you saw or ones you wish to see
Posted: 06 Sep 2018 13:47


Went to see this the other night. It was a bit daft but actually quite entertaining. Quadriplegic gets implanted with an AI chip and goes on a dead-wife-avenging spree.

Topic: Highway "service centres"
Posted: 06 Sep 2018 04:32

is it service station? it's not exactly slang but that's what i've always known them as. petrol stations are the regular ones and then if they're on a motorway, it's a service station. just services? service stop?

Yeah, I'd just call them 'services' or maybe 'motorway services'. Long live Little Chef, lol.

Although we don't necessarily use 'rest stop' I'd say it's pretty universal. 'Service centre' sounds more like a call center to me.

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The bead of sweat hung from her brow for an indecisive second before falling to the floor. Heat was everywhere. Flames licked in the corner hearth, oppressive warmth building in the darkened room. Naked skin glistened as she hung facedown from the ropes, hogtied, legs spread, knees bent back. Her arms were crossed behind her back and tied at the wrists. She swung gently. Too slowly to get...

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Every sinew was stretched. Her back delicately arched and her shoulders screamed with silent tension as they surrendered to the demands of the rope. One limb, one corner. The four poster bed dominated the space. Its place, dead centre, gave the room its purpose. There would be no resting here, no hiding. The perimeter of the room was a walkway around that bed and tonight, she was the exhibit....

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Rear Window: 2

I froze, then slowly closed my eyes and counted to three. Please please please... I creaked one back open. Nope. He still stood there, grinning that familiar smug grin. Shit. Literally caught wet-handed. How was one supposed to react in such a situation? Why was he still so goddam cute? Jesus, Angela, get your mind out your panties. My limbs stayed frozen as he walked slowly towards...

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I shut the laptop with slightly shaky hands. I was wet. Ridiculously so. I could feel my pussy lips smoosh against each other as I scooted back on the couch and replayed his words in my head. He always had this effect on me. It was just words on a screen, but without fail I'd find myself getting wet when he told me what he wanted to do to me. It wasn't everyone I talked to. Just him. He had...

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I met him in a bar, of all places. I had always claimed to be such a good girl, but I lost myself on that dance floor, enthralled by the lazy summer beats and the slumberous passion in his eyes. Four or five shots of jack will loosen the most reluctant of hips, and I was already feeling a growing need by the time he pulled my waist close against his and I no longer remembered to count. I...

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Cade and Eve, Part 1

Her day started off like any other. The morning alarm woke her to the beautiful sight of sun streaming in her window and the tantalising aroma of coffee from the kitchen. Man, she loved programmable coffee makers - one of the only good things to come out of her two-year long relationship with her lousy ex. Well, he was long gone, but in the 6 months she had been single, Eve didn’t think a day...

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The storm was gathering pace. My window panorama showed the trees thrashing about, trying to cling on to the steep cliffs that dropped sharply to the ocean. The cliff-top house creaked and shuddered around me in the gale, 400 feet above a small bay that was being relentlessly pounded by wave after wave of angry, dark-grey water. Just yesterday, I had picked my way carefully down the cliff...

Added 03 May 2014 | Category Reluctance | Votes 23 | Avg Score 4.95 | Views 31,071 | 12 Comments

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