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Hi there to all my fans - I am back ONLINE after 18months illness - Have already submitted about 10 stories for your perusal - hope that you enjoy - Have a Happy New Year and more stories coming in the future - thanks for all the support and comments - luv Dee xx (jena121)

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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25 May 2018 11:41
I love Australian Rules Football & Cricket - reading and writing stories - I also read str8 stories by gifted authors - I knit and crochet and also used do volunteer driving for one of our Hospitals 2 days a week -
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I love authors like - John Grisham - John Minchner - Danielle Steele - Barbara Taylor Bradford - and a lot more who write good gritty stories
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Too many to mention
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I think the best movie I have ever seen was Gone with the wind - I also like Roots and its sequel - I don't think I have been to the movies for at least 10 years
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I love Classical - Jazz - and Soul/Rhythm and Blues


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31 Jul 2009
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11 May 2017
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Nan,Mom and Me Pt.9

Nan, Mom and Me Pt.9               A new generation……………… Young JD had now been initiated into the family festivities with his Nan and Mom.  He still had to gain a place with his sister, Gracie.  She was 2 years older than him and had been in the family fun for the last 2 years since she turned eighteen. JD continued servicing both his Nan and Mom for about 12 months.  He told his Dad...

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My Mother Pt.3

My Mother  Ch. 3               An explanation from Mom After the first day that I spent with My Mother and her friend Jane, things around the house only got better. I got to meet the other two bi-sexual friends of Mom’s.  Wendy about 39, who was a tall blonde lady who measured about 38C-26-36; and Gina, about 40 and was about 40–36-38.  Gina was married with 2 daughters who will join in...

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Emily and Mark - It had to happen

Mark drove home after work, singing to himself. He was so happy that Emily had moved into his home while awaiting the birth of her baby. He knew that she had suffered at the hands of her former partner and was ready to support her as much as he could until she had the baby and was ready to sort out her life.  She had given birth about six weeks ago and everything seemed to be going along well....

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Gran's story Ch.2

Gran's Story Ch. 02            A continuation of Ian's journey.......   This is a continuation of Gran's Story –(the tale of a boy and his Gran). It was so well received that I thought I had better get on with it – Thank you to all the people who read and commented and emailed me your personal comments. Let's hope this chapter is received in the same manner, and please don't forget...

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Beth and Sam 2

  Beth and Sam 2         Into the fold   In the first chapter Beth and Sam met at a Social event.  They fell in love and after a matter of months had decided to marry. While sorting out the papers for the wedding certificates, they discovered that Beth was Sam’s Mother.  He had adopted the name of his foster parents . After they married, they settled into a comfortable home,...

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Gran and her boys

Gran and Her Boys by Jena121© This story has quite a lead up to explain the circumstances. Please read through the story and you will be rewarded. I have lived with my Gran since my parents were killed in a plane crash when I was just 15 years old. I was now in my late 30's with a son of my own and back living with Gran. She has made it so easy for me. She gave me all the love that...

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A Grandson visits Nan

I have been in the Forces for 1 year and decided to visit my Nan in her home state.     I called her to confirm that it would be alright and gave her the dates of my arrival. The plane arrived on time and as I left the Customs area I looked around to find Nan standing on the sidelines, waiting for me.   I rushed across to her and grabbed her in a big hug and kissed her lovingly.   I was...

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Nan, Mom and Me Pt.6

Please bear with the start of this chapter as it describes events over the intervening years………….. After a couple of years, Mom and I decided to have another baby before she was too old.  We had a boy this time and named him Joseph Daniel; he was nicknamed JD by the kids at school. When Mom brought him home, our lives continued on the same track.  Whenever Mom would feed JD I was...

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My Mother Pt.5

My Mother Ch. 5.txt  Today’s the day!!!!!!!!!! At last, the day had come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the day that Mom would eventually get together with Gina and her husband, Steve. Mom thought that I had left for college this morning but I was hiding out in my bedroom until the action began.  I had already set up the webcam in Mom’s bedroom so that I could watch everything on my...

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Megan Jason watched as she walked into the bar and every male eye watched her approach. As she looked around the room, a number of patrons shifted in their seats. I stood up knowing that she was looking for me. She really was a vision. A tall, elegant woman with chestnut hair that flowed down her back, sparkling green eyes and a special smile that was directed at me. She stood about 5”...

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
31 Jul 2017 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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27 Feb 2016 01:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
31 Jul 2015 00:20
I am fine after the Earthquake on my Sunday at 3:30am my time . I hope your are boing ok . luv so much your Grandson xxxxxx
25 Aug 2014 18:47
I can't leave massage on facebook so here is my new email address is foxwyndell@yahoo.com. I m sorry you was in the hospital . I hope you get better soon. Your Loving Grandson xxxxxxx
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Happy 79 Brithday. I hope you have a love birthday
Luv Your Sexy Grandson.
01 Aug 2014 11:56
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
31 Jul 2014 00:20
Happy birthday to an awesome and gorgeous LADY!!!!
14 Jul 2014 11:07
Hi My Sexy Nana: I did have a wounderful bday. My Mom & I went out to eat . It was a hot day it was 36.67c here . I would like to have your email address all email got lose when I had get a new email address for facebook so I lose all my pic's of big boy & you . I will send you a bday card to you ok- luv Sexy Grandson xxxxx
03 Jul 2014 05:29
People although I appreciate everyone to their own - please no more lesbian pics - I am not interested in women - at all - thank you
30 May 2014 20:32
Nana go to your Image Callery. I hope you like my new comments I written for you ok. luv Always Babe xxxxx
26 Apr 2014 11:55
24 Mar 2014 04:57
Dee, thank you for your friendship.
05 Mar 2014 01:58
Happy Valentine"s Day LUV SEXY BABY FOX OXOXOX
14 Feb 2014 09:19
22 Dec 2013 03:59
Have a Marry XMas & a Happy Years from Duston
15 Dec 2013 09:37
Get you some Dee!

25 Nov 2013 08:34
thank you for accepting my friend request dee. you've no idea how long i've searched sites such as this to find stories written from the authentic viewpoint of a mature woman such as yourself. if the stories i've read so far are anything to go by then it was well worth the wait, i can't wait to read all of your stories and many more in the future.
your pictures are an amazing bonus too, you certainly are a very sexy woman, age has nothing to do with it, timeless would be my description of you and i'd like to thank you for sharing yourself with the members on here, something i for one greatly appreciate. have a great trip or holiday whatever your plans for the next four weeks and i hope you return refreshed with a batch of new ideas to keep us entertained.

love scott
22 Aug 2013 06:12
Hiya! Thanks for the add. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.
09 Aug 2013 14:16
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