jennygently's Blog Entries

02 Apr 2015 08:03

Thanks to all Lush friends who have left such lovely message and feedback on my recent burst of stories. There are more to come I'm afraid; I'm only sorry to have been away for so long. Love to you all. Jenny xx

17 Jul 2012 23:25

I've been a busy bee recently and have just loaded 'Claire's Cousin', a new story more along the lines of 'Journey'. I hope you enjoy it. Jenny x

17 Jul 2012 13:30

Hi Everyone. I'm pleased to tell you that The Tangled Web Chapter 4 had just been submitted. With luck it should be on line in a day or so. I hope you're still enjoying the series. Jenny x

12 Jul 2012 12:58

Hi Everyone again. Just ot let you know that The Tangled Web Chapter 3 has been submitted and, barring unexpected problems, should be published in a few days' time. I do hope still enjoy it. Jenny x

08 Jul 2012 08:10

Hi Everyone. Just thought I would let you know that Chapter 2 of The Tangled Web has been published. I do hope you like it. Chapter 3 will be close behind - if work allows this week!

Jenny x

02 Jul 2012 01:39

Apologies to the friends who wanted to chat with me last night. Let's just say I was having a sneaky peek at my messages and wasn't free to chat without being observed by people who shouldn't know about my writing!

I'm not normally that rude and don't deliberately ignore people.

Jenny x

20 Jun 2012 01:19


It's lovely to have so many friends here in my first week! Thanks to you all and for your comments on my stories. In case you haven't noticed, my second story 'Journey into Cuckoldry' has also been published and my first 'incest' story should come out today.

I hope you like them. Jenny x