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I've just passed the fifth and last chapter of Robin's Rage through to the moderators (in the end five chapters seemed to work better than six). I hope it will be published soon and that you will enjoy reading.

Many, many thanks to all my friends who posted comments and sent messages about the previous chapters. I'm taking careful note of everything you say.

I've been surprised to see that this kind of devious story isn't a popular as my previous works, whatever their subject. Although I like intricate plots, perhaps Robyn's nasty side doesn't appeal to Lush readers... advice would be welcome on this as always.

Anyway, it's time to move on to different subjects. I have several storylines in mind, not forgetting to keep the cuckoldry theme hot and spicy too!

Thanks again for all you lovely words and support.

Jenny xx

1 day ago

Good morning everyone.

It's very early on a bright sunny British Sunday morning and I've just posted Chapter 3 of Robin's Rage. I hope it's up to the right standard and that you enjoy it once it's published.

For those who have expressed concern, RR is only six chapters long - not a marathon like Penny's Promiscuity and has a proper ending - but is much, much darker. Don't be fooled by the innocence of Chapter 1; Robin's no pushover!

Thank you for all your lovely comments and sweet messages. Once again, Lush proves itself to be the most supportive, most encouraging story site out there with the nicest members. I'm always particularly pleased to hear your own stories of real life experiences so please continue to send them. I promise absolutely to keep them all confidential. Unless you tell me otherwise of course :-)

Oh, and it seems that, no matter how hard I try, Penny just won't leave me alone so the next instalment of her continuing saga will be out soon.

Love Jenny xx

5 days ago

Hi and many, many thanks to everyone who read, enjoyed and left such lovely comments on my Penny's Promiscuity series.

I'm afraid her adventures aren't yet over - some of the recent comments are well observed and she will be back soon but in the meantime, like Penny, I'm having a short break from her lifestyle.

In Penny's case it's to work on her marriage. In my case it's to work on a few other storylines I've been pursuing. Some are a little on the darkside! I really hope you enjoy them too.

Once again, many thank to all my wonderful friends.

Love Jenny xx

14 days ago

Just time for a quick 'thank you' for all your messages about my new 'Penny' series. I really appreciate your feedback, good or bad, but am very pleased so many of you are enjoying the story as t develops. There is more to come of course.

I'm not going to say how much of the story is autobiographical; unless you are one of the friends I mention in the stories, you'll just have to guess. Sorry but a girl needs to have some secrets 😀

Once again I have to say that the Lush community is the most appreciative, most supportive on the net. It is a real pleasure writing for you. My heartfelt thanks to you all.

Love Jenny xx

24 Jan 2017 14:34

I just wanted to say a big Merry Christmas and / or a Happy Holiday to all my friends and readers. It hasn't been the best of years but here's looking forward to 2017 with a smile on our faces. Lots of love Jenny xx

22 Dec 2016 22:33


I'd just like to thank all of you who have sent me such supportive, reassuring messages after reading the first chapter of Step by Step. Some of them were so sweet they actually reduced me to tears. A lot of me went into the story; it took a long time to write so I was a bit anxious how it would be received.

I'm so pleased you like it. There are some lovely people out there - you know who you are!

Love Jenny xx

13 Oct 2016 23:16

Hi again everyone.

Over the last few months I've had a lot of requests to continue the 'Journey into Cuckoldry' series.

I'm very pleased about this. To be honest, I thought that tale had run its course but the customer is always right so I've been busy writing the next few chapters. I'm happy to tell you that the first of these - Lucky Thirteen - is available now and there are several more in the pipeline.

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Carmen is one of my favourite characters!

Lots of love, Jenny xx

18 Mar 2016 23:46

Hi everyone. Thank you for your patience while I've been off line and thank you so much for all your 'welcome back' messages. After a long break for personal reasons I'm pleased to be back posting stories again. Despite the break, I haven't stopped writing so there are quite a few almost ready to publish. The first - Gaby's Grades - went up yesterday. There are more to follow - I really hope you like them.

Lots of love, Jenny xx

04 Feb 2016 23:18

Thanks to all Lush friends who have left such lovely message and feedback on my recent burst of stories. There are more to come I'm afraid; I'm only sorry to have been away for so long. Love to you all. Jenny xx

02 Apr 2015 08:03

I've been a busy bee recently and have just loaded 'Claire's Cousin', a new story more along the lines of 'Journey'. I hope you enjoy it. Jenny x

17 Jul 2012 23:25

Hi Everyone. I'm pleased to tell you that The Tangled Web Chapter 4 had just been submitted. With luck it should be on line in a day or so. I hope you're still enjoying the series. Jenny x

17 Jul 2012 13:30

Hi Everyone again. Just ot let you know that The Tangled Web Chapter 3 has been submitted and, barring unexpected problems, should be published in a few days' time. I do hope still enjoy it. Jenny x

12 Jul 2012 12:58

Hi Everyone. Just thought I would let you know that Chapter 2 of The Tangled Web has been published. I do hope you like it. Chapter 3 will be close behind - if work allows this week!

Jenny x

08 Jul 2012 08:10

Apologies to the friends who wanted to chat with me last night. Let's just say I was having a sneaky peek at my messages and wasn't free to chat without being observed by people who shouldn't know about my writing!

I'm not normally that rude and don't deliberately ignore people.

Jenny x

02 Jul 2012 01:39


It's lovely to have so many friends here in my first week! Thanks to you all and for your comments on my stories. In case you haven't noticed, my second story 'Journey into Cuckoldry' has also been published and my first 'incest' story should come out today.

I hope you like them. Jenny x

20 Jun 2012 01:19