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Thank-you for your friendship, Jenny.

29 Jan 2014 12:02

22 Jan 2014 06:46

21 Jan 2014 13:31
thank-you Jennyxxx, for the add
07 Jan 2014 17:18
Hi Jenn, thanks for the fun tonight!! Sleep well, sweet dreams babe Cx
08 Dec 2013 13:49
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
09 May 2013 00:20
Thanks for the add
07 Apr 2013 12:13
Happy Birthday!

09 May 2012 17:11
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
08 May 2012 23:38
17 Dec 2011 02:15
Pleased to have meet you, Syl
20 Nov 2011 04:12
05 Oct 2011 18:07
thanks for being my friend, hope we can chat sometime xxx
20 May 2011 09:41
16 May 2011 19:18
Hi Jenny, I just split from someone too. Let's lose ourselves in these great stories. take care
30 Mar 2011 16:32
thanks for many good story here
08 Mar 2011 07:00

What are words if you really don't mean 'em when you say 'em?!
28 Feb 2011 05:38

I'm inlove and terrified.
22 Feb 2011 17:32
I’m gonna love you, when the time is right Be thinkin’ of you, every day and every night To thank you so many in this world and someday I’ll make you be my wife So every time we’re not together, I hope you know that you’ll be alright ‘coz I, I’m gonna make you feel that you’re the only girl in the world

Like you’re the only one that I’ll ever love Like you’re the only one who knows my heart Like you’re the only one that’s in command Like you’re the only one who understands How to make me feel like a man

And when you’re lonely, I’ll keep you company Like this world is only make for you and me And when it doesn’t feel right with another I hope you believe That in a world of no lie, I will be the only one that you need
22 Feb 2011 01:44
22 Feb 2011 01:41
sexy_lauren seem to be sooo smooth....i would need to use my tongue to cant trust your eyes....kisssss...lauren
17 Feb 2011 17:37
thanks for the add
17 Feb 2011 05:14

nice to meet you!
23 Jan 2011 09:17