Erotic Poems(5)


Cafe Soleil

An innocent drive But what did I see  A small cafe  Exciting me The name I knew So very well She was mine And hot as hell I had dined At Cafe Soleil And it was such A wonderful day A treat so sweet Served up to me A glutton I was And will always be The juices dripped She said they would I licked them up Took all I could Twas the sweetest feast One could ever want I was such a...Read On



Entangled Minds and bodies Filling needs Filling holes Feeling needs Feeling holes Tied up Vulnerable Exposed but protected Exploring and enjoying Teasing and pleasing Coming together and cumming together Boundaries tested Boundaries pushed Bound Bonded Boned Crawling Balling Sucking  Fucking Sharing Caring Playing Staying Up all night Really tight Wonder Wander Wanton Wild Summer Simmer Hot...Read On


Feast, Fight, and Fuck

A Paleo Dream

Living off the larder of the land Atop the food chain Slaying the beast Enjoying the feast With my goddess Our mouths devouring the fruit of the earth Flesh becoming our flesh Our bellies full Our minds turn To other pleasures Pleasures of another flesh Pleasures of each other's flesh Minds hungering for the feast One appetite sated Another stimulated Alas before that hunger...Read On


Hot Slut I Love Her So

A fantasy slut becomes a real life fuck

She laughs and teases  Her mind flows free My heart she pleases  But there is more to me My heart needs love  And my mind stimulation  But my cock must shove  With deep penetration My heart she captured  Very quickly indeed I was enraptured She filled that need My mind she filled With sex escapades  Her stories they thrilled  Turned me on in spades She learned my kinks  She shared her...Read On


Ode to Soleil

For my love

Smooth and sweet as honey  The sound of her voice itself entices, thrills The words weave a naughty fantasy Her mind is a tangle of thoughts Pleasure and pain and penetration She opens herself to me Not just her body She shares her meandering mind Racy recollections Deep, dark desires She reveals her raw reality Nasty needs Escapades and experimentation She is just as she...Read On

Love Poems(13)



Inspired by two of my great passions

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder I beg to disagree Beauty comes from within It is there for all to see The things that I find beautiful are so very rare They seem so real to me What draws me so to them? They exist so naturally Beauty can be found in people and the natural world Soleil, mountains, rivers They bring my heart such peace And I know my heart is hers What is...Read On



For Soleil, of course

It began in fun, We teased and played, She laughed a lot, She made me smile. We began to share Things we enjoyed, Some in common, Some unique. She made me feel I was not strange, My heart she opened, It all poured out. Still I feared To confess my love, Could this be real Or a web illusion? So full of love, My heart was hers, I confessed my love, Then she...Read On


Dirty Dreams Come True

Inspired by and dedicated to Soleil

More than a year has passed And so much has changed Or is it an illusion? A trick of the brain? I read her profile It sounded so real I wanted to know her If it were but true That first conversation She found one of my kinks Somehow she knew me Her perception was keen We each shared some secrets And our everyday lives We grew closer and closer My love for her thrived More and more...Read On



For Soleil who has set me free

A prisoner and hardly aware Denying and seeking to fit in Feelings of guilt and shame Repressed desires hidden away. She appears on the scene Joining me in my secret Lush hideaway One of a very few who know But somehow she is different. She herself is so free Loving sex unabashedly Not judging but indulging Teasing but not fleeing. My curiosity aroused And much more! Is she real?...Read On


Her Naughty Nature

Inspired by Soleil's Creature of Complexity poem...and most helpfully edited by her

The sun, the moon, the stars She likes honky tonks and bars Little mountain bear cubs She's dancing in strip clubs Spring flowers scent the air She's flirting everywhere Rivers, mountains, trees  She's crawling to me on her knees Oceans, beach and sand She has exploratory hand The elk, the deer, the bear She has lovely pussy hair The squirrel, the fox, the hare She's taking up the dare...Read On


I See Her

Inspired by today's trip

Loading up my camper Looking at my bed I see her Moving down the highway My mind now flowing free I see her Canyons attract my gaze Chaos combined with beauty I see her Mountains loom around me Mysteries hidden in them I see her Dark Clouds on the horizon Depth beyond my vision I see her Raindrops upon my windshield Reminding me her wetness I see her Wind blows...Read On


Past and Present

This poem,first posted to a forum, describes my reaction to a true story from my lover.

John Doe, you know, and Jane A threesome you did share Concerned it might cause pain But no I did not care Indeed I must admit As you have learned by now It aroused me quite a bit And you should take a bow My love, your life before our time together here is nothing to abhor Indeed I hold it dear For all that brought you joy Experiments and more Even treated like...Read On



How she has changed me or freed me... or both

Two paths starting far apart In time and space they do depart One older, wide and straight As if it fears it might be late The other younger, wild and free Just going where it wants to be These different paths one day converge Will they cross or will they merge? The answer now is very clear There is only one path now from here Will the straight and older trail Be the one that...Read On


Piece of My Heart

I gave you a piece of my heart Forevermore You gave me a piece of your heart Such treasure The greatest gift I ever received Then you pulled it back You didn’t tell me I was too blind to see Blinded by a love I had never known before A love I will never forget A love I will never regret You were my dream come true And you were true And real And genuine I came to you across the miles...Read On


Pussy Worship

My heavenly pursuit

Pussy Worship I do worship you Bow down to you On my knees Crawling between your legs Starting from your toes Licking up your legs Sucking your soft inner thighs Your pussy held above for my devotion I make my offering Confessing to you my great need Praying for my sweet redemption Found only in your heavenly pussy Knelt before you, looking up at splendor You place...Read On


The Devil Went Down on Georgia

Inspired by Soleil and Charlie Daniels Band

The Devil Went Down on Georgia He was a smooth talking gent Hanging out in all the right places Where the fine ladies went The ones with alluring faces His lines were all well played Honed over many a year  Practiced where he stayed Delivered without any fear He wore a cowboy hat His hair showed a bit of gray But his body was quite fit Always older than his prey One night in LA Not...Read On


These Things I Know Are True

Sunrise brings a new day. Warmth Promise With Soleil. Sadness Loneliness Without Soleil. The mountains loom above. Inspiring Beautiful Like Soleil. Dark Foreboding Without Soleil. The rivers flow to the sea. Dancing Running free Like Soleil. Drowning Muddy Without Soleil. Flowers carpet the forest floor. Pretty Colorful Like Soleil. Trampled Dying  Without Soleil. The full moon...Read On


Wild Nature

For the one who inspires me and who is always on my mind

Wild Nature Snowflakes falling River flowing  Coyotes howling  Campfire burning  Full moon rising  One thing missing  Juliana  Snowflakes Each one unique  No two the same  Hard to fathom  Fascinating  Just like  Juliana Rivers Making their own path  Flowing freely  Ever changing  Full of life  Just like  Juliana Coyotes Wild at night  Howling with desire  Always there  Not...Read On